I asked this very good question at Quora.com:

Why is it that a student’s intelligence is so unappreciated in school?

And I had a 3-paragraph comment to go with it:

According to my experiences in school, I was punished by tyrannical teachers for thinking outside the box! Plenty of narrow-minded Nancies see that as not paying attention to the lesson! Thinking outside the box means that you’re an excellent, creative student. It doesn’t mean that you’re not paying attention!

Also, I noticed that when school bullies see any sign of intelligence in others, they want to destroy it. They target smart guys the most! You are sent to school to become smarter, but ironically, your smartness is never really appreciated or glorified. The average school person usually humiliates instead of appreciates geniuses!

Teachers reward you for good behavior. But if you disobey their orders, no matter how stupid their decisions about you are, you get punishments that you don’t necessarily deserve. Schools don’t teach intelligence, they teach obedience! That’s something completely different, besides, true brilliance cannot be taught in a classroom…

Below are some math facts I discovered outside of any classroom:


How did I discover these math facts outside the classroom? Simple, I think outside the box & focus on being educated!

The proper thing to do in school is to focus on getting educated, but not everybody does that. There are these jokers who do all sorts of bullcrap to distract other innocent people from learning. (The 1st cartoon below is about the 3 Basic Groups of Jerks You Meet in School!) Fortunately, there are ways to learn & stay educated without school, as you’ll find out once you become a mature adult!

(Famous geniuses like Albert Einstein thought outside the box & that’s how they discovered the scientific formulae that they found & published! And they didn’t need school to figure those things out!)

What’s the point to going to school if you get teased & bullied by jerks, you might ask? Excellent question! Kids are sent to school to be educated, not to be teased or bullied; yet, it happens! Jerks are to blame for all the birdcrap that happens in school! However, an education is necessary to get a job to make money & have a successful career.

Here’s a fact about school that they probably won’t teach you in school:


Characters: Derek Cyannus Jr. the Blue Monkey-Man, Burger Meat Food, Bubblepuss AKA Brutus Blubberly, Zoe Badloose & the 3 pairs of female eyes who are the miscellaneous characters. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

I also seen a video that says school has some sinister origins…

According to my experiences & what I witnessed in school, other people will spend more time judging & over-criticizing you than focusing on their own educations. True friends don’t over-criticize or judge each other. When people are mean to you, forgiving is easier than forgetting.(Especially if you have photographic memory) The kinder a person is, the more likely that person will apologize to you.

Buck Hastee tried to tell his judgmental teacher Renata Yum-yum that she cheered him up by giving him those cookies, but once she heard him mention that he currently felt grouchy, she suddenly rescinded the cookies because she doesn’t want to share her cookies with a “grouchy person”! She didn’t even know why Buck felt so grouchy, yet she judged him as soon as she met him! She wouldn’t even ask why he felt that way before judging him! Renata asked Buck what his problem was the next day, but it was too late; she already became part of his problem!

The main command I had to give to my school bullies was “Leave me alone & focus on your own education!”

Conclusively, school is a mental jungle that all born children must face. To have a fighting chance in that struggle for survival & education, develop & study some self-defensive strategies against bullying. You can choose the brawny path or the brainy path.(Or if you happen to be very attractive & popular somehow, the quantity-of-allies path.) Also, good luck with those zero-tolerance policies from misinformed teachers & other types of school staff members, especially if you’re a boy…

(The sexism in school is targeted more towards boys!)

When it comes to knowing the truth or living in ignorant bliss, I choose to know the truth, no matter how harsh it is. I like to know the truth about anything. Moving on to why this essay has this title, we all have some desires, but in any path of life, you will meet people/potential supporters or opposers. When you meet them, will they decide to oppose you? Well that depends on actions you do, directed at them or not & whether they like or dislike your actions for whatever reasons; their actions may not please you either!

You can’t please everybody; I can’t please everybody & I know it. It makes me cringe sometimes, thinking about how somebody will react to any specific action I do! You know what the root of all criticism is? It’s provocativeness! Some people will judge & criticize you no matter what you do! They find something provocative about an action you did, no matter how innocent it is or why you did it or still do it. However, some actions are good while their opposite actions are evil; it’s worth studying why villains do their evil actions, even if you’re not evil!

Being royal doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. If a princess kills an innocent civilian who lives in her own kingdom, especially on purpose, then guess what: she’s a murderess! (Great power has great responsibilities indeed!)


You know what impeachment is, don’t you? It is what happens to a ruler when he/she abuses his/her power; it’s taken away. Rulers should not use their power to tyrannize their homelands, they should use it for the good of the people. No person is above the law. Even as a ruler, you still have to obey your own laws & commands. If the law is wrong, then the king(or queen) can change it! By the way, the name of the little red character is Archy Micro Ant.

Doing the right action(s) will make people prosper, but doing the wrong action(s) will make people suffer. How do you know that an action is wrong? 1 word: Consequences. All actions have consequences that can make people suffer or prosper.

Finally, dear readers, I don’t want to scare you, but about companionship in general:

When it comes to specific actions you can potentially do to anybody around you, including strangers, you never know when your favorite companions will mentally morph into your worst opposers for whatever reasons, even if they’re related to you by blood! (Lion King Simba has an evil uncle; Scooby-Doo has a formerly good nephew) Be self-defensive, be a fighter & seek for the truth because it’s worth it. Trust me, I’m a mathematician!


In conjunctions, the order of the 2 inputs doesn’t matter; whichever input that’s to the left or right of the ampersand(&; or the word “and”), it’s logically the same, equivalent statement! The 2 characters in the cartoon above are Burger Meat Food(the one on the left) & his super smart friend Dr. John Von Foolish(the one on the right).

I specifically typed this essay for vegetarians & vegans to read to hopefully feel better about others eating meat. You refuse to eat meat because you have to kill the animal to eat the meat, right? About God’s 6th commandment, in the King James version of the Holy Bible, it was printed & translated as: “Thou shalt not kill”, but it turns out that God may have actually said: “Thou shalt not murder”. The commandment translated correctly into modern English is: “Do not murder”; murder is illegal or immoral killing. Killing in self-defense is moral, but killing innocent people out of sheer spite is immoral. (And of course immoral action is illegal!)


Dr. John Von Foolish wearing his “Do Not Murder” T-shirt.


To eat meat or not to eat meat? That’s the question. Well, it’s still your choice whether to eat meat or not, but civilized meat-eaters won’t eat every animal they see! As you may have guessed, Robert decided to be a vegetarian, unlike his cousin Sue!


Burger was scared of Don Demonvark when they 1st met because Don just happens to be a carnivore. However, Don says that he only eats meat from “recklessly stupid” species! (And chicken)

Although I will eat meat from a fish that was prescribed in the meat market, I wouldn’t just eat & kill a pet goldfish just to have a meal! It may be a non-human life, but killing a pet animal (especially when it’s NOT in self-defense) is like murder, because that would be mentally hurtful to the pet owner! The hunters that hunt animals such as deer, turkeys, buffalo, etc. are given hunter’s licenses that they must earn for several reasons, which you can look up for yourselves. Not all killing is murder, besides, every time you take a bath, you’re killing trillions of microscopic germs on your body that could otherwise get inside you & make you sick! (That is proper hygiene, not murder.)


Dottie Doll knows that it’s impolite to put your feet on a table since feet spend most of their time on the filthy, germ-covered ground, but she washed her feet so they would be clean…but now they’re wet! Derek & Maryanne say Dottie’s name in anguish.

Now I have a special question for vegetarians & vegans: Suppose you were a cat & you found 2 mice, 1 dead & 1 still alive; which mouse would you eat & why? When polite people pay you a visit into your house, they never tell you to stop eating vegetables, right? Technically, vegetables are pieces of plants, which are also living things just like animals. Part of the plant dies, but at least the entire plant doesn’t die with the vegetable that you eat! To end this essay, remember the omnivore’s motto: Food is food!


Observe the truth table below:


The type of reasoning used to prove the truth is Modus Tollens. (It’s a Latin phrase meaning: “mode that denies by denying”.) It’s also proof by the contrapositive. (A process of elimination) Also, know that the word true can also mean: “not falsified”. (In other words, proven to not be false.)

Before you start reading this essay, just know that it is a little bit PG-13…

The 2 sexes – male & female – need each other to reproduce; however unfortunately, they don’t always get along or agree. In fact, they think differently. You may be attracted to your opposite sex or to your own, but it pays to have self-control about it. Besides, getting a date can be extremely challenging & even dangerous. (For either gender)


Having someone to date can be nice, but you have to be careful about it & choose your mate wisely, because the dating market can be a very hostile environment. Plus, try not to seem “creepy” to whoever is in your opposite gender. On the other hand, you can be happy alone; balance the time you spend alone & with others.

You may be willing to get a spouse who will give you biological children & it’s natural that you would like to help the human species reproduce sufficiently, but the possibly stupidest question you can ever ask a woman (or even another man for that matter) is: “Will you have sex with me?”; you know why? Because adultery is WRONG! You morally can’t ask that stupid question to every woman you see; for all you know, the next one you ask could already be married! (Besides, the only one you’re supposed to have sex with is your girlfriend/wife) And even if she is unmarried, she won’t trust you if she just doesn’t know you. And of course that would be sexual harassment! So according to sexual logic, just don’t bother asking it!

If a sex-crazed man goes around asking every woman he sees to have sex with him, the women will almost always…(Wait a minute, delete the word “almost”!)…they’ll ALWAYS say “NO!” to such a stupid question!


Adultery is a sin that seriously complicates things in civilization. First of all, love triangles sting! The rules say that you can have only 1 girlfriend to date at a time. And of course, there are jealous types who are insecure about another guy stealing their girlfriends. (These types exist in both sexes) And whether a heterosexual couple is married or not, you can still be friends with both partners of the couple if they know you. However, do not violate the holiness of their marriage by doing you-know-what or you’ll lose the friendship of the couple BIG TIME! Even if they’re not married yet, you can still lose their trust!

According to my love triangle cartoon, lovesickness can put you at the loneliest angle of a love triangle; it feels mentally sharp! Lovesickness is a disease, but love is a necessity. When you’re in a long-term relationship, make sure that it’s true love first before you get married. It would be extremely heartbreaking if you get divorced after your partner seemed so nice & romantic before getting married. About 50% of all marriages end in divorce & that’s relatively big for the whole thing!

There are also the responsibilities of parenthood, if you get children. Divorce will tear your family apart & force you to pay child support, especially if you’re a man! If you can’t afford to pay the fees of child support, then you could get locked up for it! Is it really worth it to lose your freedom like that? Some currently living children in this world are already orphans, because:

  1. Their biological parents are dead.
  2. They have no family.
  3. Somebody probably committed adultery!

Yes, somehow, adultery causes more orphanhood. And without a proper education, some of these orphans can grow up to mistreat people of their opposite sexes! They’ll most likely become catcallers, rapists or prostitutes. To prevent this, children must be taught how to treat others with respect. However, indoctrination will spoil the purpose!

The goblinoids catcalled the Brass Ladies; the 4 seen in this cartoon are Danielle Lipstick, Chantelle Lipstick, Patience Muffet & Michelle Lipstick. Michelle is the one who was slung into the goblinoids’ unfinished building. Her kick of momentum & invincibility caused the structure to tumble down onto the catcalling goblinoids. She took a bite of the super spinach leaf in Chantelle’s hand to become invincible. Guess the goblinoids should have kept their mouths shut instead of catcalling! You can click on this image for a better view.

And another thing about dating: never try to date more than 1 girl at a time; it causes lady-irritating chaos! After you date your partner, you both can agree to have snoo-snoo, but it’s a reserved action that you can’t legally do in a public place! Make sure to use birth control if you’re not quite ready for parenthood yet. Sexual attraction is important in such a relationship, but if your partner is disloyal, that’s when it can become RAPE!

This is a scene from 1 of the episodes of my cartoon series when David Pressed got “fresh” with Danielle Lipstick. Eventually, they made up with each other after this, as you can see in some of the images above this one.

Society already knows that the disloyal males either tackle their victims or drug them to sleep first; but the disloyal females use even trickier tactics, like lying about using birth control! Then comes the pregnancy, the birth of the child and the dreaded complicated consequences! And the family courts tend to practice bias against the men!

Men & boys just don’t have the glamorous powers that women & girls have; (Which is why males usually have to play the more active dating role, while the females can play the more passive dating role) however, women & girls don’t want a guy who likes them just for how they look! If you seem that way to them, it will creep them out! Do have some self-control about your sexuality. Study their personalities & let them get to know you as you meet them. But if the girl you date or befriend still refuses to do her part, then maybe she’s unromantic! Don’t let her waste any more of your time with her bullcrap! Abstinence is safer anyway!

Q: Is it possible to be happy without having sex?

A: Fortunately yes, besides, there are plenty of other ways to find happiness! Having sex is just 1 way to be happy, but it must be done responsibly; otherwise, guess who’s in trouble!

In conclusion, you can still be happy as a lifelong bachelor (or maiden) as long as you have a loving family & good friends. There are plenty of ways for a gentleman to be happy, other than sex. So if you don’t want to be labeled a catcaller or such, just be charming, polite & gentlemanly…and remember, whenever you meet any specific woman, just don’t bother asking that stupid question!

Do you ever wonder how many dimensions the universe has? If you ask me, it has at least 5. The 5 dimensions are:

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Height
  4. Spacetime
  5. Dreamtime

The first 3 are the spatial dimensions; the last 2 are the time-related dimensions. The spatial dimensions determine the size of physical objects & show distance. Spacetime is how long an event is; this dimension can determine which events happened before or after one another. Dreamtime determines how many possibilities there are, depending on a decision or probability.

The link below will show an animated example of how dreamtime works! Tonka the Jeep & Michelle Lipstick the driver are the 2 characters featured.



To conclude this subject, there could be more than 5 dimensions in the universe, but surely the 5th one can allow us to travel to many different parallel universes also known as alternate histories! These alternate histories have mutually exclusive events to this universe’s history; some events may be similar but slightly different to this one. There is something even bigger than the universe called the multiverse, which contains every possible universe we can imagine!

Sometimes, narrators or story-tellers get critics that may judge them just because of the rather violent stories they tell or create. But that doesn’t necessarily make the narrators bad people, morally. Fortunately, most people know the difference between right & wrong. When the right action is done, good things happen; when the wrong action is done, bad things happen.

A narrator’s story is supposed to show why you should or should not do specific good or bad actions. Sometimes, characters in a narrator’s story do morally bad things & such characters are called villains, especially if the character has an extremely selfish excuse, meaning that he/she doesn’t care what trouble it will cause. On the other hand, the character could be just morally confused & finding a way to get even with an opponent; such a character is called an antihero.


The character in the left panel – Burger Meat Food – is an antihero who’s morally confused about double standards between the 2 sexes, but the character in the right panel – Drake the Tyrannosaurus – is a full-pledged, misogynistic villain!


Sometimes, antiheroes are judged as harshly as villains. (Either by the other characters of the story or the audience viewing the story) However, an antihero is less likely to do something unforgivable. If you want your character(any specific one that you imagined) to get some love from your audience, don’t have him/her do any action that would make that character too detestable. Alternatively, if you want that character to be a full-pledged villain, then you can have him/her do something very detestable!

Finally, as a member of a narrator’s audience, please remember that just because a character or several characters in the narrator’s story or stories is/are evil, it does NOT mean that the narrator is also evil. Good narrators imagine evil characters for a noble reason: to show viewers the results of wicked actions. When the villain(s) of the story get(s) punished before it’s over, it makes a good story that has a moral to it. Stories with morally negative messages are usually unacceptable; for example, if the villain is rewarded for his/her evil action at the end of the story, then it morally obligates people to do evil! Such a story would be hated, plus, it makes the narrator seem too evil! A good narrator would never want to publish such a story.

I, the one who typed this post, have plenty of narration experience…


Apparently, Patience Muffet is the antiheroine of this cartoon; she’s morally confused about bugs! Since, technically, bugs are tiny living things(or organisms) & she’s so much bigger than they are, she sometimes wonders if she’s still a good person, although she sometimes kills bugs for various reasons. She would never want to kill another human, but sometimes she will kill a bug & sometimes she won’t, depending on her mood. In human governments, she is technically not a murderess, but in the bug government of this cartoon world, she’s considered a monster. (The word “murder” has a special definition about killing…)

When it comes to my cartoons, my enemies (if I have any) have 3 special rights:

  1. They have the right to view my cartoons. Any cartoon of mine they choose to dislike/hate is their problem, not mine, and I’m not interested in knowing why!
  2. They have the right to visit my Website. Any visit to the Index Page counts as a hit to my hit counter and will be recorded!
  3. They have the right to change the channel. Any educational message from my cartoons that they ignore only increases their ignorance even more! (Plus, I doubt that they’ll pay attention to my advice now!)

Not everyone has a good eye for art. As an artist, some people will like your artwork, some people will dislike it for some reason(s); but who cares what crappy, heckling art critics think? They make negative comments just to antagonize artists, just to be antagonizing! Constructive criticism is a little helpful, but if it’s filled with insulting remarks, then artists don’t want to waste their time listening to such disrespectful crap!

In fact, below is what I have to say to hecklers:

“I’ll not delete any of my artwork from the Internet just because somebody thinks they’re Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea! I don’t want or need to know why you don’t like my cartoons if you really don’t like them!”

“If you dislike a TV show, then don’t watch it; just shut up & change the channel! Watch something that you do like! Don’t whine to the network like crybabies, because it’s unprofessional, not to mention annoying! There’s nothing the people of the network can do about it if you choose not to like something they’re showing. (That’s right, it’s your choice whether to like something or not!)”

“You art critics need to find better things to do than harass poor artists. Plus, what you say (or type) can & will be used against you! If it’s negative, then it’s better not to say or type it. (You have the right to remain silent for a good reason!)”

“Do something more positive about your displeasure. And finally, don’t bother arguing with the artist about his/her masterpieces. In an argument of an art critic vs. an artist, the artist ALWAYS WINS!”

“And another thing: No hecklers are allowed in my theater!”

If you’re not a heckler, then the red words in quotation marks above are not directed towards you. If you really like my cartoons, then I’m glad that you like them indeed!


The creature heckling in the 1st 2 panels is called a bubbloon. Bubbloons are a hostile species in the world of my characters; they throw bubbles of their spit at people for the heck of it. (Gross, isn’t it?)
Anyway, don’t you think heckling is annoying? It’s a very immature, unprofessional thing to do! Not only do hecklers annoy the performers on stage, but also the other members of the audience who are trying to concentrate on the performance. Look at the 3 figures in shadow sitting behind the heckling bubbloon in the 1st 2 panels. See how annoyed they are with the unconsiderate creature? So Derek, Faye & Sabrina kicked him out!
If you go to the movies & some jerk starts heckling about the movie you’re watching, summon the security guards so they’ll kick him/her out!

How do I deal with hecklers?

I think hecklers should be punished for disorderly conduct! I would call security guards/cops to arrest hecklers in my theater! If they can’t stand the music, then they shouldn’t be in the concert! Besides, disorderly conduct is a felony; felonies are the type of crimes that can surely get somebody arrested. Interrupting scheduled theatrical performances is against the law…& that’s an example of disorderly conduct!

1 type of heckler an artist might have to face sometimes is an art critic. Art critics say all sorts of negative, degrading & insulting remarks about somebody’s art. 1 example of what art critics might say to an artist is: “Your drawings are very ugly! They hurt my eyes, so stop drawing!”. Don’t stop drawing; kick their butts out of your theater! Hecklers say all sorts of crap to creative people just to antagonize them!

Some people need to learn to do more positive actions when they’re displeased about something. Furthermore, it’s very unprofessional & very, very immature for someone to whine to a TV network about a show that he/she just doesn’t like. When a show that I dislike comes on, I simply change the channel or turn off the damn TV! (The remote was invented for a very good reason) I don’t complain to the network saying “I want you to cancel this show because I dislike it”! Besides, there is no law that says you must watch something that you dislike.

To end this essay, don’t let hecklers discourage you from your dreams. Use snappy comeback remarks in verbal self-defense. Mean words can be mentally hurtful, but how you take them depends on how much they hurt you.


The green character Brain is right about multiplication! The red character School Box Man AKA Yorkie Marker is very confused about how to solve this math problem! By the way, the answer to the math problem in this cartoon is 5,332,114.

Do you really dislike math? If you do, the design of American math tests could be to blame! They are purposely designed to confuse students in math classes, plus students are getting ridiculously over-tested nowadays. It’s even damaging to the health, hearts & brains of both the students & teachers! Because of this, the students start to lose interest in the subject or fear it. What a shame, because mathematics is actually something beautiful. Math is everything, and we need to use it to solve everyday problems.

There is more to math than just number-crunching! It is also about shapes, logic, reasoning, space and theories. However, some textbooks are ineffective in students’ education. Good teachers make math exciting & enjoyable despite seemingly boring textbooks, but bad teachers don’t become better ones just because of how a textbook is written. Textbooks are important & necessary for studying & learning math, but the most important factor in school effectiveness is the teacher(s). Because of how ineffective & damaging some textbooks are to students’ education, some teachers have even given up teaching!

The context that is chosen in the questions of the math tests confuse young learners. They use terms that English Language Learners may not know; female math students, those from low-income homes & minority cultural groups are particularly damaged by the strange context & complicated language of the tests. In other countries, contexts are minimized since they create barriers that prevent some students from understanding the questions properly. Some multiple-choice questions have answers to choose from, but the way that the answers are printed create more confusion!

Sometimes, math classes turn into psychological prisons because of this phenomenon! Some students start to believe that they’re stupid because they failed a math test, yet, these same students may have did well in math in the past. The tests are actually being too comparative to the students, not to mention harsh, instead of assessing mathematical understanding. Some states have laws that forbid calculators in math tests; however, even a genius needs a calculator to keep track sometimes! The systems of some schools are designed to label kids about how well they can do math. Fellow math students may categorize each other as smart or stupid, quick or slow. Although, not everyone learns about something the exact same way.

Girls in math classes like to know why a method works, where it comes from and how it relates to previous methods they learned. It helps when they can see why the method works. On the other hand, when they don’t know how they got the right answers, it spoils the purpose of the lessons. Also, most students who drop math classes are girls, although they may be highly suited for math.

It’s the misrepresentation of mathematics that’s creating the problem; it even pulls students & teachers away from important mathematical activities & learning opportunities! To encourage kids to do mathematics, it should be represented in a more enjoyable way! Have your students play games that are related to mathematics. Let them do puzzles and play with toys. Encouraging kids to play with building blocks is a good start. Other good examples are jigsaw puzzles, dice & Rubik’s Cubes, anything that involves fitting objects together or rotating them. Make the puzzles interesting, too, so they won’t get bored but instead get some enthusiasm!

The 2 girls Candy(left) & Fudge(right) are building a pyramid of legoes with their toes! Legoes can help improve a child's spatial thinking skills.

The 2 girls Candy(left) & Fudge(right) are building a pyramid of legoes with their toes! Legoes can help improve a child’s spatialization skills.

My source of reference for this essay is a book entitled “What’s Math Got To Do It?” by Jo Boaler. I recommend reading it for more information about how to help American children learn to love mathematics.

Some people believe that planet alignments cause strange stuff to happen. One example is related to this 2012 end-of-the-world hoax. In fact, some people even believe that the alignment of the planets will affect the magnetic field of Earth; they believe that the magnetic field would reverse if the planets of our solar system align. Plus, they think this will happen on December 21, 2012. All of this is a bunch of myths!

What happens when planets in a solar system align? Absolutely nothing! In fact, the planets of this solar system have aligned hundreds of times in the past, and none of the planets were affected. Perhaps something happens in a science fiction story, but in reality, it’s nothing too significant. Planet alignment is a rather rare event.

Speaking of alignment, if you could line up all the planets in the solar system together in a row, they could all fit into the Sun’s diameter! Not even Jupiter’s size is close to the Sun’s! I did the math: The sum of the diameters of the planets is 400,698 km. This is less than the Sun’s diameter: 1,392,000 km. This sum of the planets’ diameters is about 28.786% of the Sun’s diameter, leaving about 71.214% of the Sun’s diameter uncovered! The Sun is that BIG! (Pluto was excluded since scientists demoted it to an icy dwarf planetoid, but even if you include Pluto, they would all fit in.)

Here is the corresponding pie chart to the data described in the final paragraph. All the planets in the solar system together are smaller than the Sun!

Here’s a Web page I found the day I typed this blog: http://www.4thdayalliance.com/files/2012.html

This page tells more about the whole 2012 thing people are scared about, and why we have nothing to worry about.