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  1. Sportsmanship Is Important
  2. How Many Lives Can A Planet Support?
  3. Rotate-O-Rama
  4. The Science of the 10 Commandments
  5. Multi-Mortality 2: Life Vs. Death
  6. There Are No “Bad” Numbers
  7. Going 1st Vs. Going Last: When to Consider Gender, Speed & Haste or Patience in Taking Turns
  8. A Survival Guide for Loners
  9. Romance Vs. Sexism
  10. Multi-Mortality: A Fantasy That Would Be Useful in a Rough Reality
  11. Why I Quit Facebook
  12. Open-Mindedness Brings Joy, Narrow-Mindedness Destroys
  13. The Sexual Logic of Happiness
  14. Failure Vs. Success
  15. Trick or Treat But Not Both!
  16. To Please Someone or Not to Please Someone?
  17. Value Vs. Age
  18. Fiction is for Fun, Not for Fussing!
  19. “When Relatives Do Not Agree” or “Parenthood Vs. Anger”
  20. The Value of a Dollar: Real or Imaginary
  21. You Vs. School
  22. Companionship Vs. Desires, Truth & Actions
  23. Meat-Eating Is Not Necessarily Murder
  24. The Laws of Logic Say God Exists!
  25. How to Be Sexually Logical
  26. How Many Dimensions Does the Universe Have?
  27. “When Cartoon Characters Do Bad Things” or “Never Judge the Narrator”
  28. My Enemies’ Rights About My Cartoons & What I Have to Say to Crappy, Heckling Art Critics
  29. Tests Make Math Seem Scary!
  30. Planet Alignments
  31. Resizing Planets, Stars, Moons, Etc. via Radii
  32. Alien Calendars 2: Lengthening or Shortening the Year
  33. Relativity & the Speed of Light
  34. Alien Calendars
  35. What If Our Planet Had 2 Moons?
  36. The Universe Changes Its Size
  37. Goldilocks Has A Point
  38. Gravity, Mass, & Weight
  39. If Planets Shared the Same Orbit
  40. Stars and Time Travel