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I quit Facebook because after 9 years, 4 months & 14 days, I got tired of it. Those jokers at the Facebook company are making a business out of friendship itself! But friendship is not business, it’s pleasure. They are being very irresponsible with this sensitive, bond-related stuff, man! Facebook can’t be trusted because it doesn’t always tell you the truth about your relationships.
It’s a potential bond destroyer. It uses numerical data to manipulate your feelings about personal things about yourself! For example, in telling you how many friends you have or how many people like your images, it might say something like: “Oh you had 100 friends yesterday, but today, you have only 87 friends left; so you lost 13 friends!”. It verbally abuses you! However, true friendship is spiritual, not technological; you may reunite with someone in person & find out that person is still your friend after all… And that Facebook lied to you about the person no longer being your friend!
Also, if you quit Facebook & have your account deleted, it WON’T notify your friends! It’ll just tell them: “Oh this person is suddenly not your friend anymore!”. It gives them no closure. If the friendship requests you send out on Facebook get rejected, you don’t get notified about it; but after a while, you can conclude that your request was denied! If you reject others’ friendship requests, not only you might miss out on making a good new friend, but also the one you rejected probably won’t get any closure because Facebook won’t notify that person. As the one doing the rejecting, I don’t like that!

People can still be friends outside of Facebook, right? Love & friendship are spiritual, not technological. But when people’s names vanish from their “Facebook friend list” & the number on the “friend counter” decreases, it can make people question their relationships. Here are some questions they might ask for example:

• “Why did the name(s) of this person/these people vanish from my Facebook friend list?”
• “Does this mean that my relationship(s) with this person/these people is/are over?”
• “Did someone just unfriend me? Why? I don’t remember upsetting this person!”
• “Is this person/Are these people still my friend(s) even though his/her/their name(s) is/are missing from my Facebook friend list?”
• “How do I know for sure?”

Sometimes, it’s like the “friend list” & the “friend counter” are both telling you that someone you know & who knows you & likes you for who you are is NOT your friend, but that’s NONSENSE! True friends like you for who you are; they love you unconditionally & true love is unconditional! Remember that & you’ll have healthier relationships!

Also, Facebook is a money pit! The Facebook company wanted to sell the popularity of my own cartoons to me so I would have to waste my money to get them advertised; I decided not to pay them a cent! If a company advertises my cartoons, then I want my share of the sales! Popularity itself should have no price. Don’t try to buy popularity, folks; it’s a bad deal that damages your dignity. Besides, the idea of advertising is to make money, not lose money!
Since I quit Facebook, those jokers at the Facebook company probably deleted that Facebook page about my cartoon series before anyone could see the notification that I was quitting Facebook! But screw Facebook! Nobody needs a Facebook account to like my cartoons, right? Those stupid Facebook “like counters” can only count 1 “like” for each Facebook account, but it’ll subtract 1 for each “unlike”; however, there could be a lot of people without Facebook accounts who like your stuff! Plus, they could be your friends, too!

Also, remember the message of the image below:


To the left is Susan Amy Martin of the Photonese Martins & to the right is her ex-boyfriend Buck Hastee.

By the way, I’m NOT tired of having friends, I just got tired of Facebook!

2 days before I typed this essay, the owners & moderators of Quora have temporary blocked me from posting at their Website & deleted a bunch of my answers to questions about subjects that are rather controversial. They took my words out of context! It’s hypocritical of them that they let people ask questions about such subjects at their Website but then punish or banish those who answer such questions just because they misunderstand or dislike the answers & take them out of context. (It’s the same thing with comments!) Apparently, the owners & moderators have bad senses of humor because “jokes” aren’t allowed to be answers either.

I decided that I’ll stop answering questions about controversial subjects there & just focus on ones about math, logic, art & color, when this blocking time period is over; or better yet, maybe I’ll stop answering questions at Quora, period, because Quora is apparently too darn sensitive! Plenty of my followers actually up-voted some of my best answers there, but even a few answers of mine that received up-votes were deleted by the owners & moderators of Quora, out of sheer narrow-mindedness & words taken out of context. So finally, if my followers are wondering why my answers are getting deleted & I haven’t posted any more in a while, it’s because the owners & moderators of Quora have decided to block me for a while & delete some of my answers that they took out of context, claiming that policies were violated.

But you know what? Before I conclude this essay, I just want to say that this world needs more open-mindedness! Narrow-mindedness is frustrating, even to the ones who have to do the explaining! When narrow-minded nitwits are bad listeners, it’s even more frustrating! Instead of being zealous, more people should open up their minds & hearts! Because when they don’t, it just creates more frustration for both the speaker(s) & the listener(s)! Life is frustrating enough without narrow-mindedness! (Don’t forget about danger & death. Besides, people can’t live forever.) Furthermore, if the student is narrow-minded, then the student misses out on learning important lessons & wastes the teacher’s time with ignorance; otherwise, if the teacher is narrow-minded, then the student’s extraordinary ideas get rejected & then the teacher misses out on learning something from the student. (Yes, teachers can learn from their students, too; in fact, you can learn from anybody, even your enemies if you have any.)


Dorothy Gale learns how to grab with her toes & use her feet like hands from Lady Fingersandtoes & Patrick Pixelman. In fact, in the Spanish language, toes are called “dedos del pies”, which literally means: “fingers of the feet”You can click on the comic for a better view.

This subject might be a bit controversial, but sometimes, people may not be happy with their gender. On the other hand, they may be very content with it.

-Am I happy with my gender?

I have a question to answer that question: “Which gender do others want ME to be in?”

It seems that if you don’t want to be beaten up, you must be born female, since boys are told to never hit girls. However, some aggressive, alpha-brutes will pick fights with you & want to beat you up just because you’re another boy! Sometimes when girls get angry, they might & do hit boys; these boys can get into a hell of a lot of trouble for hitting them back! Boys seem to get harsher treatment than girls in this gynocentric society!
By the way, there are plenty of things girls can do that boys are NOT allowed to do because they’re “too girlish”. I’d show you the list, but it’s too large; I want to keep things short.

I ask this theoretical question because:

If you’re a man, then you can’t be happy in a misandristic environment & if you’re a woman, then you can’t be happy in a misogynistic environment.


Pictured above is the truth table of the sexual logic of happiness. (According to your environment) You can click on the table for a better view.

Each gender has strengths & weaknesses that are opposite in the other. But after enough studying, I decided that both genders are equally great, just different & sometimes opposite. It no longer matters to me which gender I’m in, as long as I can live a meaningful life. However, I dislike it when some creep makes a big deal out of my gender! I didn’t get to choose which gender to be born in! Neither did my creepy opponents of the past! (Some things are just beyond our control, like biological nature) By the way, it’s your chromosomes that choose which gender you’re born in.
After being in a gender for a long time, you get used to it. (And so does the rest of the world) If your gender suddenly changed, then it could cause dire consequences to your relationships! (What if that happened while you’re inside a public bathroom that’s reserved for your previous gender?) I don’t know if I can handle such a responsibility. Anyway, whether you’re male or female, you’re always a person!
And another thing: if a girl makes me feel bad about my sexuality & has an unromantic mindset, I’d dump her if she was already my girlfriend, because romance & sexual attraction are both important in a long-term relationship!
P.S.: Sex inversion(or gender-bending) has become science fact via surgery. However, trans-sexuality is not that simple…
And about my theoretical question: “Which gender do others want ME to be in?”, there are 3 possible choices:

  1. Male (My birth gender) 😊
  2. Female (My opposite gender) 😖
  3. Either (This choice will bring the most happiness!) 😊

So the odds of happiness of your choice are in your favor 2:1! (The probability of gender-related happiness is 2/3 versus 1/3 for unhappiness) According to the math, the same will be true for anybody else, no matter which gender you want that person to be in!

Note: The emojis represent how the other person & I would both feel about the other person’s choice since I’m male! And the human body cannot change its gender so easily!


Burger Meat Food(in the top panel) & Dr. John Von Foolish(in the bottom panel) explain the math of the probability of gender-related happiness based on the 3 possible choices to the theoretical question.

I learned a very important lesson; it is about tests, success, failure, & especially intelligence. The lesson is:

Failing a test doesn’t always mean that you’re stupid.

Even the smartest people make mistakes sometimes. (Albert Einstein got a few F’s, too!) In fact, you can learn even more from failure than from success. Although I didn’t do so well in my GE101 tests, I still learned some things from the class, like this lesson.
Difficulty keeps you on your toes, but even too much of that is NOT good for you. Take as much as you can handle. When you can do something the easy way, do it the easy way; make the situation less difficult for you and you will solve more of your problems. Think hard until you figure out a solution. It pays to have a backup plan indeed, and if things don’t work out right away, just keep thinking & trying.
As the proverb goes: “At first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

The title of this essay turns the OR in “Trick or Treat” into an exclusive OR by including the words: “But not both!” (Computers & calculators call the exclusive OR “XOR”; X as in “eXclusive”!) I turned the inclusive disjunction into an exclusive disjunction for a pretty good reason, which I’ll explain throughout this essay. (Disjunctions can either be inclusive or exclusive) Take a look at the truth table below:


Trick or treat? How about trick or treat but not both because tricking someone who treated you (nicely) is absolutely unfair! That’s cheating & cheaters DON’T deserve any candy!

Isn’t it annoying when you get cheated, even on a specific, special day of the year? Christmas is the holiday that counterbalances Halloween. How? Well here’s how these 2 holidays work for people:

Christmas rewards the nice & punishes the naughty.

Halloween sometimes seems to reward the naughty & punish the nice!

So occasionally, these 2 holidays kind of oppose each other!


The character in the middle is Quentin Clockwise the clock man from the Holiday Dimension. He went back there to stop the fight between Ms. Christmas(left) & Mr. Halloween(right) before they destroy each other.

The next 3 paragraphs are about my story in learning what Halloween was about thru school:

None of my elementary school teachers ever told me what Halloween was all about. All my elementary school teachers & classmates did was do all sorts of crap to scare me or each other! I quit trick-or-treating in my early teenage years. Plus, without an explanation about Halloween, I still had no closure about it.

Also, I thought about possible situations that could happen because of trick-or-treating. Then I didn’t think that it was a good idea. For example, due to a lack of experience about life, little kids could get lost if they wonder too far from home; that’s why they need a big brother or big sister or parent or even a babysitter to guide them. And not all children obey their parents; some of them could get greedy & gluttonous so they’ll start eating their Halloween candy before their parents check it to see if it has been tampered with! The thought is a little scary indeed!

When I was 17 years old, I started to lose respect for this specific day of the year. But in my early college years, I looked up what Halloween was about: honoring the dead & past loved ones. But according to the Bible, the dead doesn’t remember a thing of this life & is unconscious. Anyway, if 1 of my elementary school teachers or even a potential childhood friend just explained to me what Halloween is all about, maybe I would have never taken this day of the year too seriously…But what the hell do jokers expect people to think if they do all that scary, mortifying crap?!

(That scary, mortifying crap as I called it is known as Satanism, which is worship of the Devil, as church preachers describe it sometimes!)


A scene from an episode of my cartoon series. This episode is entitled: “How Sabrina Hated Halloween!” (Note: The full episode can be found at my Blueworld Cartoons Website!) She got really scared when her former friend Kooshy played this Halloween prank on her!


Kooshy takes off his werewolf mask & Sabrina Pixie finds out that it was somebody she knows, but out of anger caused by the prank, she stomped on his bare foot! And her shoes gave her more stomping power! (Women’s shoes are harder than men’s shoes, too!)




5 years later, Kooshy ironically gets bitten by a real werewolf, so he becomes one himself! And since werewolves are mean, he turned to the Dark Side & kidnapped Sabrina Pixie for revenge!


Kooshy’s werewolfism prevented him from reasoning, but he still knew right from wrong & decided to stop being nice completely. Even though Sabrina forgave him, he didn’t forgive her! That makes him a hypocrite because he wanted to receive forgiveness, but not give it back in return. Don’t worry, Sabrina was eventually rescued by her friends from this hypocritical, former friend! (This final panel is not even in the same episode! It’s from a sequel!)

As you can see, fear can make people crazy, because fear is illogical! (“Crazy” is the opposite of “logical”)

Fear is my #1 least favorite emotion because it can prevent you from getting some important stuff done. I hated it when bullies did mortifying dogcrap just to frighten me for Halloween! Sometimes, Halloween zealots say seemingly satanic remarks to others that sound very threatening! During the Halloween season, when these zealots use the word “kill” in their remarks, (as in: “We’re going to kill you!”) they do sound like real threats! Clothes can define someone’s character & personality, too; these zealots dress up as monsters or thugs & might act as such! And then they wonder why some people take Halloween too seriously… Why else do they think? “Kill” may not be a curse word, but you still have to be very careful HOW you use it! Although actions speak louder than words, words DO matter & have some power!

Killing an innocent person is murder! That is a crime! Halloween zealots are usually like: “On Halloween, you’re supposed to scare other people!” I don’t give a rat’s ass! If people commit crimes on Halloween, then they should still be arrested! Don’t break the law just to be scary; it’s no excuse.

(By the way, Halloween is NOT all about scaring other people! It’s about honoring the dead & remembering deceased family members.)

In conclusion, readers, about bravery: Being brave doesn’t mean that you’re not scared, it means doing what you need to do to fight back & survive, despite your fears. But seriously, folks, it pays to be nice to others. It costs nothing to be nice & niceness SHOULDN’T cost anything!


Another female character from my cartoon series that isn’t a fan of Halloween either, like Sabrina Pixie was!

You can’t please everybody, but fortunately, you don’t have to; some people AREN’T worth pleasing! About pleasing people, do they really care about you? If not, then they’re not worth pleasing! Only try to please people who really care about you. 😉

Remember: It’s up to you to decide whether someone is worth pleasing or not! The other person’s attitude will help you decide!

If you’re somehow pleasing whomever, then apparently that someone likes you. But that also means that disliking someone means that you’re not pleased with that person for some reason, and there’s nothing nice about that. Unfortunately, not everyone will be nice to you. If people aren’t nice to you, then chances are that they just don’t like you. (You certainly won’t like them either since they’re mean to you!)

Q: How can people be nice about disliking you?

A: They CAN’T!

How do you make people like you? Well, it’s other people’s choice whether to like you or not. However, you can try your best to please them. But unfortunately, like I typed at the beginning of the essay, you can’t please everybody because everybody is a critic! People have opinions about things, positive or negative; some of those things are living things…and people.

Below is a truth table about liking or disliking someone:


What a sassy conditional statement: “If you don’t like me, then you don’t like everybody!” (It’s true that someone doesn’t like me but false that he/she doesn’t like everybody? That’s a contradiction! Contradictions are ALWAYS false!)

When someone dislikes somebody, that means that the person is displeased about that somebody. And there’s nothing nice about disliking somebody! If someone likes you, then that person is pleased about you. How nice!


…And there’s something that’s even worse than just being disliked: Being hated! Being disliked is just displeasure & failing to please another person, but hatred is much worse than that!

Hatred is refusal to understanding. I was once in an elementary school where almost nobody understood me. I tried to help the other people in the school understand me, but they didn’t want to understand me, so they hated me! If people don’t want to understand you, then they hate you; simple logic! Now I may not understand the Chinese language, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to understand it; I would like to understand it, but it takes a lot of studying, great effort & practice to learn a new language. And another thing: hating somebody for being/speaking Chinese is racism! I’m NOT a damn racist!

Below is a truth table about the logic of hatred:


Nobody understands everybody, but misunderstanding people is no excuse to hate them. You can try to help other people understand you, but if they don’t TRY to understand you properly, then logically they hate you. You don’t want to be around people who hate you. So for your safety, get away from them!

It’s impossible to please everybody in the universe. (Sometimes, it may be possible to please everybody in a specific group, but the term everybody is extremely unspecific.) Why is it impossible to please everybody in the universe? Because:

  1. Everybody’s a critic
  2. Not everyone has the exact same positive or negative opinion about something, any specific thing
  3. Nobody likes everybody; in fact, not everyone can get along with each other
  4. Some people are just generally unpleasant for some reason & like to be killjoys!

Killjoys seriously need to find something better to do, because they are so serious & business-like that they’ll judge & criticize someone for doing even the most innocent actions! (For example, a really mean music-hater might lambaste a music-lover just for tapping her foot to the tempo of a tune she’s listening to!) Besides, it pays to be open-minded.

To continue answering the question, here’s a scenario to imagine:

If you do Action A, then you’ll please Person A but not Person B; otherwise, if you do Action B, then you’ll please Person B but not Person A; although both Actions A & B are 2 different, innocent actions! It’s a little bit upsetting to know that you displeased someone with your innocent action, but if the person gets too aggressive about his/her displeasure, then use some self-defense against the aggressor & continue doing your duty, despite his/her hindrance.

As a cartoonist, I’m apparently displeasing cartoon-haters. However, I don’t want to know why they hate cartoons, specifically mine, because who cares? (I don’t need to know why either because it’s not really my problem; it’s THEIRS!) Not everybody is worth pleasing! The people who are worth pleasing are the ones who really care about you; feelings, goals & all. Hecklers are NOT worth pleasing because they don’t really care about whoever they heckle, specifically you! They just want you to do something that will make you extremely unhappy, so don’t do it, whatever their stupid commands are!

In conclusion, dear readers, don’t let hate-filled people define you. Define yourselves thru your own successes & victories. Besides, haters are a waste of time. What haters think of you doesn’t matter. If they don’t care about you & refuse to like you, let alone understand you, then their nasty, negative opinions about you DON’T matter. If idiots do nothing but spew hate upon you, you unfriend them, you leave them, you ghost out, you defend yourself if they get too aggressive with you. Hate-filled idiots aren’t worth your time & time is a very valuable thing that cannot be recovered once it’s gone; don’t let haters waste yours. If jerks decide to hate you, tell them that they can go to Hell! Besides, hating people is a sin.

Did you ever hear this saying: “Out with the old & in with the new”? Average people may eventually get tired of things when they get old, but fortunately, age doesn’t always make something bad. I would like to rephrase it with a better saying: “Value is more important than age.”

Sometimes, things decay & wear out as they get old, but that just shows their age. Plants may turn brown. Animals may slow down & get wrinkly. Machines such as vehicles may rust. However, museums have some of the oldest historical artifacts on display for visitors to see. 1 example is masterpieces of art; the art is proof that an artist existed. Of course that artist is no longer alive because unfortunately, people can’t live forever. (However in a way, death is part of life; it’s the end of it… The end is part of the story, too!)

Speaking of stories, sometimes the end of a story is the beginning of another! Without endings, a story would keep going until:

  • the viewers get tired of watching of it
  • the writers get tired of writing it
  • the readers get tired of reading of it
  • the actors get tired of participating in it

Anyway, breaks are important & necessary! We all need a vacation from something sometime.

Returning to the sentence I typed in the 1st paragraph, if everybody got rid of something just because it was old, then what valuable things would we own? How many treasures would we have? I’ll tell you: NONE! There are coins & dollar bills that are decades older than you. If you got rid of your money just because it’s old, then you could become bankrupt! Economically, that’s a stupid action to do. You can still use old money to buy things you want when you go shopping. As long as something still works, it’s still good to use it, despite its age.

An old machine that still works is better than a new machine that doesn’t work!

Here’s a short story to explain my proverb:

My MAC started to slow down during its startup, but other than that, it worked just fine. But I got tired of a slow startup & decided to do something about it. I figured that maybe it had too much junk somewhere in its system. So in an attempt to eradicate junk from my MAC, I reformatted it. Unfortunately, I also deleted necessary Web widgets from it by mistake! I tried to get those lost widgets back, but Apple stopped supporting my MAC just because it got old, so I couldn’t get all of those lost widgets back onto it. To enjoy the Internet to the fullest again, I got a new MAC. Although the old one still works, the new one has added features that I need to enjoy the Internet. However of course, it cost a lot of money to get this new MAC. My new MAC is new now, but sometime in the future, it’ll get old. Will Apple stop supporting this one, too?

You see, I never liked that “out with the old” attitude! I like things for their value, not just for their age! And have you noticed how TV shows get cancelled, too, when they get old? Collecting them on video is not a bad idea because they’re masterpieces of art. As they get old, they become classic antiques. Treasures. Maybe they can be passed down to your descendants someday, too… Also, you can re-watch them as many times as you want once you have copies in your collection!

Below is a scene from 1 of the epic comic strips of my cartoon series “Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond”. The episode is entitled: “Derek’s Old Age Anxiety”





This is probably how cartoon characters would feel if their shows got cancelled.

It’s the law of history: things get old as time goes on. Jokes lose their punch when they get stale, so people no longer find them so funny. However, they can be represented in a fresh way to bring back the humor! Sometimes, with the right kind of work, old things can be refreshed & rejuvenated! Besides, you don’t want to completely forget the past; how would history classes be like if nobody remembered the past? So the next time you hear someone say “Out with the old & in with the new”, consider the value that an old thing might have!

I heard of plenty of simple-minded people who seem to take fiction too seriously, especially immature idiots! I once seen a video about a woman who wants the fairy-tale “Sleeping Beauty” banned, because she believes that it encourages little boys to kiss girls without their consent! Despite some of the violence & such in classic fairy-tales & nursery rhymes, plenty of generations of people grew up just fine. (Including mine) Although some stupid copycat children might mimic a cartoon character’s actions, a very sane person knows much better than that. (Just because a cartoon character can breathe fire doesn’t mean you can do it, too!) Sometimes, a cartoon character might do something that you shouldn’t do(or can’t do); so kids, don’t mimic the actions of cartoon characters.


This comic shows an example of why you shouldn’t mimic a cartoon character’s actions.

People who take fiction too seriously can be really annoying! I once knew a nutty guy who acted as if fictional characters are real! He had an imaginary friend who he idolized. In other words, he worshiped his imaginary friend like a false god! It’s evil to idolize things & create false gods because somehow, idolization causes bad things to happen as a result. Since this nutty guy idolized his imaginary friend, he became too annoying to stay friends with. Furthermore, he distracted me from learning. Anyway, I had to unfriend him since he ultimately didn’t make a good friend. 1 of the reasons why he lost me as a friend was because he took fiction too seriously! I was willing to give him another chance to be friends with me again, but he picks an imaginary being over a real person like me! Can you believe it?

At amusement parks, hired people dress up as fictional characters. However when you see them there, it does feel like the characters exist in the real world. All sane adults know that they’re people in costumes, but these people in costumes are just there to entertain you. So when you meet them, just enjoy yourself even though the characters aren’t real.

Fictional characters do make things like video games & pictures more interesting, but you CAN’T treat them like real beings. That nutty guy I unfriended seriously needs to stop pretending that fictional characters are real, especially that imaginary friend of his that he idolizes! Treating imaginary beings like real beings as an adult can get you sent to a madhouse! Maybe a kid won’t be committed, but eventually, others will find that kid annoying if he/she keeps acting as if imaginary beings are real, not to mention ranting, raving & misbehaving over fictional characters. Also, don’t idolize them; because like I printed in the previous paragraph, idolization causes bad things to happen. (The 1st 2 commandments of God warn us not to worship or create false gods, too.)

A common topic seen in fiction is that superheroes prevent their evil enemies from taking over the world; in other words, becoming false gods!


The superheroes of this cartoon image are fighting UFO’s from the evil destructive alien Pueblo! The heroes pictured left-to-right respectively are Derek Cyannus Jr., Danielle Lipstick & Crayonman AKA Carlton Marker. Their nemesis Pueblo wants to take over the universe, using pentagonal rainbow gems that he steals from others!


Treating real beings like imaginary beings is just as bad! What’s real is real & what’s imaginary is imaginary. Although, the imagination can be a very fun toy to play with! Having an imagination is the reason why I was able to create my cartoon series! So when it comes to fiction itself, have fun with it; create your own fiction if you have a big, active imagination; check out other people’s fiction, too. But don’t take it too seriously! Because remember: it’s just fiction.

P.S.: Consider a viewer’s point of view, too, about your fiction. And don’t let stupid hecklers discourage you from your dreams!


Have you ever gotten mad at any of your relatives? You’re actually lucky that you have some relatives to get mad at! In fact, I thought about it & decided that at least sometimes, parents are lucky to have children to get mad at. But seriously, it does NOT feel at all, for neither the parent nor the child. The point is that even relatives don’t always agree.

At least disagreements are better than actual wickedness! Unfortunately, not all people have good parents that love their biological children. If you observe the cartoons below, the 1st one is an example of a good parent, but the 2nd one is an example of a bad parent.


Patricia Spider(left) is hugging her daughter Olivia Spider(right), which shows love. Patricia is an example of a good parent.


Shirley Locks called her own biological daughter Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) a mistake, even though Goldie was driving her home! How hateful & verbally abusive! Shirley Locks is an example of a bad parent.

Kids, as a very early youngster especially, you may not always like how your parents have raised you, but what matters more importantly is that they love you & care about your safety & well-being. Besides, if it weren’t for families, just about everybody would be alone in the world. Friends are people who are not related to you by blood but can still trust; distrust usually kills friendships. However, blood relatives are more likely to stick together.

Due to inexperience about life, children tend to make more mistakes that get them into lots of trouble; although, parents might make a few parenting mistakes, too… Plus, children think differently from adults. In other words, a child will have the mindset of a child. What makes an argument between parent & child worse is the child’s immaturity!

The main reason why I’m glad that I’m not a kid anymore is because:

Immaturity = Misery!

In conclusion, God’s 5th commandment(and partially the 7th) is(are) about how important family is; it specifically mentions your parents, but it also means that family members must respect & take care of each other. We should respect all our ancestors & even our descendants because they help continue our legacies! So kids, even though you may not always like how your parents raise you, do consider God’s 5th commandment. As the creator of the universe, God is ALWAYS right!

Some of the images below are part of an epic comic strip from my cartoon series entitled: “Damaged Dad”. Robert Martin Jr.(of the Photonese Martins) tripped over Danielle Lipstick’s foot while she was putting on makeup, which caused the boxed TV set to slip out of Robert’s arms & land on his father’s leg, breaking it! This accident unfortunately caused an argument between father & son!



Will this story end well? Will this argument between father & son have a happy ending? You can read the whole story at my Website to find out!

When I spend money, I prefer to use real money to buy real things & imaginary money to buy imaginary things. You certainly can’t use imaginary money to buy real things, (besides counterfeiting can get you arrested!) but it’s also not a very good idea to use real money to buy imaginary things. (Considering things that exist in Facebook games)

Spending money on imaginary stuff that’s not something solid in the real world is like throwing it all away, into the trash until you’re bankrupt & penniless!Unless the money itself is also imaginary!

There is at least 1 thing that is more important than money: the money’s worth! Was it worth spending $30 to get something that you wanted? And what happens when you don’t get exactly what you wanted after you spent the money? Make sure that you get exactly what you want or need when you spend your money. Now you need some money to shop, but there’s a difference between wanting & needing something. Think about it.

When you go shopping to buy things you need or want, always remember to save as much money as possible instead of wasting it & not having it when you need it later. Every cent matters for the sake of your economical survival. Besides, even if you never get married, you can still use your money to support your relatives, even some of those outside your immediate family, if you’re rich enough.


This cartoon is entitled: “Maryanne’s Money”, hence the main character’s name – Maryanne Maidenson. The other green character is named Bill E-Yon AKA Dollarman. This cartoon tells the differences between the 2 extremes of having money.

Even millionaires must be careful about how they spend their money, because if you have $1,000,000 but you spend $999,999, how much money do you have left? Just $1!

If I had all the money in the world, I would spend 15 sixteenths of it & save the 1 remaining sixteenth. By the way, you don’t need all the money in the world, just some of it…enough of it to pay bills.

Note: According to a video I watched by Vsauce, the world has a total of $75 trillion!(U.S. Dollars)

If there wasn’t enough money in the world for almost everybody to spend or save, the world would economically collapse in a gradually growing catastrophe! If you seen the movie: “Back to the Future: Part II”, then you should remember the scenes when the villain stole the heroes’ time machine & used a sports almanac to always win in sports gambling! As a result, more crimes & war happened since too many people were in poverty!

One last thing: Don’t allow jokers to tease you with their money; if they want to taunt you about how “poor” you are & about the fact that you have less money than they do, then they’re NOT your friends! Besides, the rich should help the poor whenever possible. Although, you can’t always give beggars money.

P.S.: In the Math Section of my cartoon Website, there’s a Web page that has some more mathematical information about money: Dollar Denomination!