Kids, do you love to play? Well it turns out that playing is actually 1 of life’s 4 main activities, according to my cartoon just below! Playing is more important than you think! Playing games is good for you! In fact, sport games keep you active & allow you to exercise. Exercise is good for you, too! Body, mind & spirit can all be exercised in game-play.

All 4 of these activities must be done everyday in your life to keep you healthy & happy. In the “Working” Panel, Burger lifts up a 1-ton anvil (He has super strength!); in the “Learning” Panel, you can see a bunch of math formulae & facts about numbers, with Brain hovering around them; in the “Playing” Panel, Derek C. Jr. watches as Patience plays with a joker card, shaking it with her prehensile foot (She just finished a game of Poker Solitaire with her feet!); and finally in the “Consumption” Panel, Sabrina eats a piece of apple pie & Tina eats a piece of orange chicken.

When you play games with other people, always remember to be sporty. Seriously, sportsmanship is that important, as the title of this essay says. I explain why below:

Sportsmanship is playing games with others so that they can enjoy playing with you. A person who spoils the fun of the game somehow is either called a spoilsport or a killjoy. If the person breaks the rules of the game, then he/she becomes a cheater.

I once played with a woman who suddenly became a spoilsport/killjoy, causing me to outgrow her since she spoiled the fun of our final game together. She was too business-like, even for our past relationship. I won’t print her name, but she made such a big fuss about having to use her feet! Oh, and since she broke the game’s rules, that also makes her a cheater! Since she cheated, she lost the game by default. If I was her, I would just enjoy playing with my feet & behave myself, besides, it was just a silly game that she took too seriously!

But imagine this if you will:

What if all of the athletes of a soccer game just stood still on the field? When you watch soccer tournaments of the World Cup on T.V., you never hear any of the athletes say: “You know what? I refuse to kick the ball!” You never see that in a professional soccer game of the World Cup! Unlike someone I could mention, professional soccer players simply just use their feet to play the game, to run after the soccer ball, kick it or even lift it up with their feet whenever necessary! Besides, if all of the athletes just stood still on the field & refused to kick the ball, then it wouldn’t be much of a game; there would be no action to see, then the people of the audience would get bored & start booing because they paid good money to see a professional soccer game! If the athletes don’t play, then the audience gets ripped off!

Just another cartoon of mine showing the difference between footballs & soccer balls, as well as their respective sport games.

Being sporty allows your playmates to enjoy playing with you! It keeps them happy & happiness is that necessary to have! Extreme unhappiness can actually be deadly! In fact, extreme unhappiness is complete misery & that has actually made some people suicidal!

In conclusion, it’s never fun to play with spoilsports/killjoys or cheaters. If you don’t like a game, then you don’t like it; but if you already agreed to play it with someone, just keep your word & after the game is over, you don’t have to play it ever again if you dislike it for some reason. Finally, according to some of the previous paragraphs, sportsmanship is that important!