The title of this essay asks an excellent question! However, we may never know the exact number of lives that our planet Earth(or any other Earth-like planet) can support due to organisms being mortal. But do consider the question below & my answer to it:

Is the world overpopulated?

No, I do not think that the world is overpopulated. In fact, if it was, then the entire surface area of the planet would have collapsed by now under everybody’s weight! Besides, if we ever find another planet that can support life, then some people can move there to prevent this planet from getting overloaded; and I’m sure that the universe itself is infinite in size!

(Here’s a fact I just remembered about the universe: It gradually increases in size; it is larger today than it was yesterday!)

Everyday, at least 1 death happens somewhere in the world for some reason. But also, at least 1 birth happens each day to prevent world underpopulation. So tell murderers not to pull B.S. saying “the world’s overpopulated”! Birth & death can & do counterbalance each other! To describe it mathematically, xy + y = x, no matter what the 2 values are!

I disagree with anyone who says that the world is overpopulated, because x + y – y = x; x could be equal to the number of currently living people in the world; +y = the number of births & -y = the number of deaths. (You mathematicians know how addition & subtraction work with positive numbers.) Like I printed in the previous paragraph, birth & death counterbalance each other; plus, they both happen everyday! Most importantly, God said: “Do not murder”, so murder is wrong! Exclamation point!

My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr.(the blue one) told his former friend Al to shut up, because Al apparently thinks that murder should be legalized to prevent world overpopulation; however, murder is NOT the solution to that! It would just cause a lot more misery.

A planet’s density should also be considered. The higher the density, the stronger the surface. I seen tiny marbles that are strong enough to handle the weight of people who are at least 100 times bigger & heavier than the marbles! The planet could be dense enough to handle the weight of a whole googol of people per square megameter! (10^100 or 10 duotrigintillion over 1 million (10^6) meters! That’s a ratio of 10^94 or 10 trigintillion!) I’m not saying that it is, but it could be! (Maybe a googol is an overstatement…)

At the opposite extreme, if the world was underpopulated, then it would be an even lonelier place! The world is lonely enough with all of the violence, distrust & crimes! Furthermore, more babies would have to be born to repopulate the Earth! Sure, people would have much more breathing space, but with fewer people around, that also means fewer friends! (On the upside, it would also mean fewer enemies, but people mayn’t stay your enemies forever…) Also, when a species goes extinct, it has a dramatic impact on the world somehow!

In reference to Star Trek(TM), a planet that can support life is called a Type-M planet. The number of lives that gas planets, like Saturn & Jupiter, can support is zero(0)! Such planets have poisonous, dangerous atmospheres that are too hostile for supporting life, unlike Earth.

In conclusion, the number of living organisms in the world, non-humans included, should be just fine. Besides, species come in different sizes & weights. As long as the planet’s surface can handle the weight of every organism living on it & species keep reproducing sufficiently, then the world should neither be overpopulated nor underpopulated.

If you want to see exactly how many people are living in the world right now, click here:

P.S.: The next alien world we find somewhere in space might not be a planet at all; in fact, it could also be a moon! There are moons out there that can support life, too! Scientists have determined that some of Jupiter’s & Saturn’s moons could possibly be places to live!