The Circle of Life can seem complicated sometimes, but it turns out that death is the part that you have to go thru before you can get to the 3rd & final step of this circle: Rebirth! However, you still want to live a full, meaningful life. That would be much easier if you could have extra lives to spare.

Like I typed in the prequel of this essay, extra lives would certainly come in handy because unfortunately, we live in a world filled with dangers. Danger naturally exists. You know where to find it, don’t you? But also, for 1 reason or another, some jerk(s) might decide to become your enemy(ies)…then you’ll have someone to look out for! Enemies are people you usually have to fight or argue with because they’re against you & they don’t agree with you.

When should you fight an enemy?

You should especially fight someone if they keep insulting you or pose a great threat to you. Enemies are people who hinder each other from accomplishing their goals since their goals are practically opposite to each other. (For example, 1 person wants to succeed, but the other person wants the 1st person to fail) And then, there are mortal enemies, who have to resort to killing each other just to accomplish their opposing goals; or in other words, survive. (Like the relationship between a predator & its prey)

Calvin Roxwell the Caveman is running from his predatory arch-nemesis Drake the Tyrannosaurus in this picture. These 2 characters are mortal enemies because of their predator-prey relationship! If Calvin at least had an extra life to spare, then he would have less to lose after getting eaten by Drake once! You can click this image for a better view.

Plenty of my stupidest enemies of the past became my mortal enemies over extreme bullcrap! My disputes with them were not so serious that mortality itself had to be brought into the situation! However, my ignorant enemies made it that serious by threatening my life! They just hated me for all sorts of stupid reasons! The zealots over-dramatized their disputes with me! I was forced to defend myself, so I did. And yes, at least 3 of them actually tried to kill me…and nearly succeeded!

If I had to fight any of my stupidest enemies of the past to the death, now that I think about it, it would be a sad, bad ending either way! (Whether I die or my enemy does from the fight) Even if I win & my enemy dies, then I would surely & eventually have to face the wrath of my enemy’s family. How could I explain to my enemy’s relatives that I had to kill my ignorant enemy in self-defense? I doubt that they would accept that excuse! Besides, I would still have to go to jail even though I killed my enemy in self-defense. But I do have the right to defend myself, right? It would be the same thing for my enemies if it was vice versa! Did any of them think about this before they just threatened my life like that? Apparently not!

The title of this cartoon of mine is: “Freedom’s Requirement”. Freedom comes from moral self-control, as I printed in the final panel. The villainess Shirley Locks killed her own husband by drugging him with an alcoholic drink, so he would crash behind the steering wheel! The heroic characters sent Shirley to the planet Misandristica after she lied about her crimes after her arrest, as Dottie Doll suggested. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

Of course the family of my enemy values my enemy’s life more than I do, but still, after all these years, I hope that my stupidest enemies of the past have learned to watch what they say to other people! Besides, a life has value indeed; in fact, it is more valuable than cash & coins. Broken lives CANNOT be fixed! If any of my stupidest enemies died after getting into an unnecessary dispute with me, not only would it be a tragedy for their families, but it would also be a tragedy for me as well, that I had to end the life of another human who wouldn’t listen to reason, just to defend my own life! It would be a tragedy for my family, too! (I wouldn’t be at home to live with my family, I would have to be in jail to pay a debt to society!)

All actions have consequences that can make people suffer or prosper. If the consequences of an action made someone innocent suffer, then that action was wrong! Otherwise, if it brought prosperity, then it was the right thing to do! Finally, ignoramuses who do the wrong actions to the innocent may eventually have to face their own bad karma!

Although it’s technically moral to kill in self-defense, (considering all the germs you kill when you wash yourselves) murder is wrong 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & during every holiday of the year, including Halloween! (October 31st may be reputed as the scariest day of the year, but still, murder is always wrong & always will be because God says so!) Below is a truth table explaining my point:

If you’re having trouble reading the text, you can click on the truth table for a better view. To read more factual & logical stuff that I typed about Halloween, see the essay entitled: “Trick or Treat But Not Both!”

Although murder is wrong, you can’t live forever anyway. Go figure. And all good people hate it when an innocent person’s life is rudely cut short. But again, I do value & have some respect for life, although I’m not a pacifist; you can value life without being a pacifist. A pacifist is someone who won’t kill another person, even in self-defense or for the defense of another innocent person’s life. (Pacifists won’t even eat meat since it comes from animals!) However, murderers are reckless killers who neither value nor respect life; they’re the ones who should be in jail! By the way, legal killing is called execution, when criminals are sentenced to death by the judge in court when they’re found guilty of a very serious crime, like massive murder.

Groundman AKA Grovel Ravel burrows a history book from Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins & as he reads it, he finds out what happened to his bullies of the past. They were executed for murdering his entire family! (That’s a type of genocide, which is the worst type of murder!) Grover’s bullies wanted to kill him just because he had a relatively big nose & they assumed that he was a fibber because of it! The extremism of his bullies was so dangerous that they practically died from it! You can click on this comic strip for a better view.

The only case when death is natural is when it’s by senescence(old age) or a deadly disease.

After having a conversation with Groundman AKA Grovel Ravel, Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) asks “what makes death so natural anyway?”, so she suddenly receives a letter from the Grim Reaper. Derek Cyannus Jr. gives her the letter. These are some scenes from an episode of my cartoon series entitled: “Mortality Vs. Immortality”. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

What’s worse than dying?

Living forever in misery is worse than dying! I heard of fiction where characters become immortal somehow, but then something very depressing happens to them, like losing a body part, and then the immortal characters become suicidal! But as immortals, they can’t commit suicide anymore! (If you could live forever but can’t be happy about it, then what’s the point to it?)

Is there life after death?

I kind of hope so. But the Bible says that the deceased doesn’t remember anything about their lives. (I guess you can’t take memories with you into the afterlife, either!) Anyway, Heaven must be interdimensional; it’s not only away from this world in space, but also in time, millions & billions & trillions of years into the future. Rebirth, if it exists, must also be part of the cycle of life. Finally, in a way, death is part of life, too; it’s the end of it. (The ending is part of the story, too!)

To end this essay, what you can do about having only 1 single life to live is to enjoy it, make your dreams come true. 1 life is enough to make your dreams come true; it’s not enough when you happened to get murdered! So don’t get murdered. Take care of yourself to the best of your self-defensive abilities. Also, the love of many friends can conquer the hate of several enemies. So use the love of your friends (& family) for protection from hate-filled homicidal enemies. (Don’t forget about natural dangers either.)

Speaking of enemies, by pure luck, if my former enemies of the past have hopefully redeemed themselves from bullying & such meanness, they can still receive some forgiveness from me; however, to get into my circle of friends now after how much time has passed, they must follow this simple condition: