Is the phrase “Ladies First” sexist? That’s a good question!

Originally, it was about teaching men & boys specifically to be polite & to consider the fact that ladies are the ones who give birth; however, there’s a major con about it:

Men & boys have to wait until all the ladies get their turns!

Now it’s understandable that people want to consider pregnancy & protect unborn babies, but unfortunately, not everybody is patient! Maybe hasty guys especially find that phrase very irritating! They must get really annoyed when a lady or several ladies take a long time to finish her turn/their turns. How inconvenient for a guy who is in a hurry! Now calling ladies “slow pokes” would certainly be sexist, but some ladies are faster than others! It must be good luck for gentlemen when fast ladies get to go 1st!

I heard of a guy who once asked his teachers: “When do boys get to go 1st?” They said back to him: “Be quiet & wait your turn!” Apparently, the teachers told him that they’ll NEVER let boys go 1st! Now that’s SEXIST!

The thought of this “Ladies First” phrase helped me develop an antihero character for my cartoons – Burger Meat Food – who was jealous of the ladies because they get to go 1st; however, overtime, he receives redemption especially because he was ultimately in favor of gender equality. This hamburger-man character is not known for his patience! He disagrees with that phrase & thinks that the fastest person should always go 1st! (It’s racing logic if you think about it)
Below are a few cartoons of mine where he lost his patience with the ladies:


The hasty hamburger-man couldn’t even explain why he thought that the ladies shouldn’t go 1st, but Dr. John Von Foolish is so smart that he could tell right away that Burger was just jealous of the ladies. By the way, inexplicable means incapable of being explained!


The crayon man Carlton Marker asks which basketball team should go 1st, then Sally Brittany Martin says her team the Brass Ladies should go 1st because they’re ladies, but Burger objects & insists that they play “Fire, Water, Grass” to decide who goes 1st. “Fire, Water, Grass” is a roulette version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Burger won the bet, but then Sally says to Burger that ladies going 1st doesn’t mean that men have to go last!


Burger expected Goldilocks to be slow, but she impressed him with her super speed! The Brass Ladies learned that he likes ladies, well, people in general, to be fast!

Female lives have value, but so do male lives. When mothers survive but not fathers, the mothers & children mourn the fathers. Women cry in funerals, mourning the men they love & who have lost their lives. Also, it’s not always good to be 1st, but it’s not always good to be last either…

Sometimes, order matters; sometimes, it doesn’t. It especially matters in permutations. However, there are also combinations, where order doesn’t matter. This fact helped me develop my Burger Meat Food character, who was jealous of the ladies because they get to go 1st quite often in this often-gynocentric society!


Burger had a lot of trouble understanding etiquette at 1st. Xavier Xtremer – his psychologist – explains to him that order doesn’t matter in combinations. “Ladies & Gentlemen” & “Gentlemen & Ladies” are the 2 permutations that form the 1 gender-neutral & order-neutral combination: “Folks”!


In conjunctions, the order of the 2 inputs doesn’t matter; whichever input that’s to the left or right of the ampersand(&; or the word “and”), it’s logically the same, equivalent statement!

Should people try to force a “Ladies First” rule on men in public? Well…

It would not be a very good idea in the long run. Originally, the “Ladies First” rule wasn’t about treating men unfairly, but rather teaching men to be polite to the ladies since ladies are the ones who give birth; however, I did the math:

If a man had to wait for his turn before 15 ladies & each lady takes 2 seconds to finish her turn, then the man will have to wait for 30 seconds. Now suppose there was an infinite amount of ladies. Then the man would NEVER get his turn!

Multiplying infinity by any number except zero(0) is still infinity! (0 • ∞ is indeterminate)

Weird but interesting stuff happens when you apply infinity to certain physical things! An infinite series of ladies followed by a man would NEVER have a man in it because it simply doesn’t end! If you keep adding ladies to a series forever, then you can never have a man in it…Until you stop expanding it with just ladies & add a man for a change, which breaks the infinitude of ladies! So with infinity toggled on, “Ladies First” converges to “Ladies Only”! (It has the same effect as a girls-only club in the real world.)
The term first isn’t exclusionary, but the term only is! In other words, “Ladies First” doesn’t exclude gentlemen; it just means: “Let the ladies go first”; but “Ladies Only” means: “Let nobody but ladies get in!” which DOES exclude gentlemen! If a series of ladies is infinite, then you can’t ask: “What if it ends with a man?” because there is no end; otherwise, the series would not be infinite.
In the cartoon below, Burger has a nightmare that he was sucked into an interdimensional portal to Hell. There, he finds a portal to Heaven, but a she-demon blocked his way, telling him to let a line of ladies go first. When he asked how many ladies were in the line, she told him that it was an infinite amount so he would have to wait FOREVER to go thru the portal to Heaven!


Infinity isn’t a number! Get the joke to the she-demon’s answer?

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend that people force a “Ladies First” rule on men in public; there’s enough gynocentrism in society already!

By the way, “1st come, 1st serve” beats “Ladies 1st”, because if a man gets to a store clerk before a woman does, then the clerk will serve the man 1st, so the woman will have to wait her turn! It’s proper manners: the costumer who gets to the countertop 1st will be served 1st & the 2nd one will have to wait. Gender doesn’t matter in that case!