Being a loner can be difficult sometimes, especially when your enemies outnumber you! However, there are some advantages to being a loner. For example, an old proverb says: “2 captains will sink a ship”; Similarly, 2 narrators could ruin a story, 2 painters might mess up an art masterpiece…or even 2 gods might destroy a universe!(Especially if they oppose each other) Opposition is annoyingly challenging, especially if you’re a loner; but you can help yourself & this essay will give you some advice about that!

First of all, I’ll teach you what you should do to survive when your enemies outnumber you:

Is it possible for 1 person to beat 8 people? If the lonely person fights dirty, then yes, it should be possible. Fight dirty when you’re outnumbered, if you want to be victorious! It’s already unfair to you when your enemies outnumber you & attack you all at once, so don’t fight back fairly in that case… Even up the odds against you & fight dirty! (I’ll tell you why in the next 2 paragraphs…)

The main character of this picture – Mouse-Bill the Ratypus – used that very hard ruby hammer to kill those 6 cats in self-defense! (Everyone knows that cats eat rats & mice!)

Considering that italicized question in bold in the previous paragraph, I was often outnumbered in my disputes when I got bullied in school due to having such a small circle of friends. For one thing, when you’re outnumbered, fighting fair won’t work at all because you’re facing several opponents at the same time! (Your enemies are already fighting unfairly since they outnumber you!) You could even up the odds if only you could self-duplicate!
Do what it takes to survive; seek victory, not fairness. If your enemies outnumber you, fight dirty because you can’t fight like you’re facing only 1 opponent at a time; focus on all of your opponents, otherwise, several or all of them could tackle you at once & overwhelm you. If 2 or more of them grab you, they could tear you apart! (If their combined strength is enough to tear you apart) Better yet, use attacks or moves that can hit more than 1 enemy simultaneously if possible. Or you can retreat for a little bit & get the threatening crowd to scatter so you can beat each enemy 1-on-1. Also, powerful weapons are very helpful when you’re outnumbered!

Hint: Becoming a 1-man army is necessary for loners with a bunch of enemies!

Returning to my life story, I was lucky enough to not get torn apart by my enemies of the past, despite the many times I was outnumbered. I defeated my enemies by outsmarting them. However, I couldn’t win every fight. I lost some battles but I won the war & winning the war is more important than winning a specific battle.

Another Hint: When you’re out-muscled or outnumbered & the rules say that you can’t hit them back, (probably because you’re a boy & your enemies are girls, considering gynocentrism…) then you have to outsmart them! That’s how you defeat them! That’s how you fight back!

A little warning about outsmarting your enemies: If they’re at least as smart as you are, then they’ll be tougher to trick.

Plenty of people I met in school chose to compete against me instead of cooperate with me. I really dislike having competition because competition is often associated with opposition! (In fact, those 2 words with the suffix “-tion” are synonyms.) Even if it’s just a game, remember that some people are sore losers. Plus, if they wanted to oppose/compete against you in the 1st place, then they’re hypocrites for whining about losing & being defeated by you! If they arrogantly gloat when they win & are disrespectful about it when they end up “defeating” you, then that makes them even more hypocritical! Sometimes, idiots think that they’re winners when they’re actually losers, failing to realize what they missed out on!

Gary Ray, a former friend of my principal character Derek Cyannus Jr., was a hypocritical, over-competitive, arrogant, sore loser. His constant misbehavior cost him Derek’s friendship!

Now you may want to ask me this question: “Would people describe you as a loner?”

I sure count as a loner because I spend most of my time alone. I play video games alone, I draw cartoons alone, there are a lot of things that I do alone. However, I would rather be lonely than with someone who makes me unhappy. My circle of friends is small since I was an unpopular schoolboy. At least some people I met in school liked me a little, but I lost touch with most of them…
Still, bad company is worse than no company at all. If I met better company in my school days, maybe I would have a wider circle of friends. But in elementary school especially, I met all sorts of annoying idiots who drove me crazy! They didn’t make me happy at all!
And so, I became a loner as a result; besides, I decided that being an extrovert just doesn’t suit me. That’s for popular, more attractive people! I am what you can call an introvert. Introverts spend most of their time alone, while extroverts spend most of their time with others.

I think that in school, I tended to have more enemies than friends because for some stupid reasons, plenty of classmates & teachers I had just didn’t really like me…for who I was most importantly! (In fact, they hindered me from achieving my goals; that made them my enemies!)

It’s certainly easy to make new enemies: just offend someone intentionally or not & that’s it, you have a new enemy! Any nitwit can make a new enemy; making a new friend is a bit more challenging. You may want to be the other person’s friend, but if he/she DOES NOT want to be yours, then it won’t work out.

(According to my theory, it’s slightly easier to make new enemies than new friends!)

My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. jokes about the ignorance of his villainous enemy George Peanut-Brain the Number Hater! Ignorance is how idiots make enemies!

Even after making new friends, you might lose touch with them eventually as time goes on…

I was an unpopular schoolboy because during most of my childhood, all those jerks I met in elementary school weren’t thinking: “Derek needs some friends”, they were thinking: “Derek is a so-and-so!” They spent more time picking on me than focusing on being educated & that spoils the purpose of school! Often when I showed my intelligence & knowledge in elementary school, some pea-brain refused to appreciate it & just targeted me! (School bullies usually hunt the smart ones!)

Is it okay not to have friends? Well, it depends…

Some things are just beyond our control, like unpopularity. You can’t control whether other people like you or not, or whether they like what you do or not. Although, people should remember that being a friend does not make you a miracle worker.

Burger Meat Food, my vice principal character, is relatively unpopular in my main cartoon world! Sometimes, I felt this unpopular in school! Goldilocks’ purpose in this cartoon is to simmer down the gun violence in the 2nd panel, because gun violence is considered totally extreme!

Also, as time goes on, things change & people lose touch. It’s very polite to say goodbye before you leave people, because the future doesn’t guarantee when you’ll see & meet them again, if you see & meet them again. Chances are, because of how huge the world is, that you most likely will never meet them again. But unhappiness is worse than loneliness; spend time with people who make you happy & during time you spend alone, focus on a career & chase success!

Alice Pleasance Liddell, the Alice of “Alice in Wonderland”, decides to stop chasing her friend Mr. White Rabbit & chase success instead for more happiness!

Finally, if you try to regain touch with old friends, but you’re not successful about it, don’t blame yourself. People do outgrow each other for some reason or another. On the other hand, some people will be your friends for the rest of your life! Also, be considerate of others’ feelings. That’s the best you can do to make relationships last.

P.S.: If there’s anything I learned from Facebook is that you can’t keep in touch with everyone you meet forever. Plus, the planet’s way too big for an international game of hide-&-seek; no mortal has time for such a long, hapless journey. By pure luck, you find old acquaintances only to find out that they didn’t like you as much as you thought. They may even forget you & all the wonderful times they spent with you in the past & not welcome you back.

Don’t let unfriendly people waste your life away with their hide-&-seek bullcrap! Focus on a career; that will guarantee you more happiness!
Make new friends, but keep as many of the old ones as you can.