There must be good reasons why sexuality works the way it does for each gender. If the 2 genders cooperated more, there would be more romance & a species could reproduce sufficiently. Extinct species, such as giant dinosaurs & dodo birds, possibly became extinct because their species did not reproduce sufficiently enough. You can look it up for yourself why these animals became extinct; this essay is about how sexism prevents romance.

Below are some important words to consider in this subject:

  • Heterosexual – attracted to one’s opposite gender

  • Homosexual – attracted to one’s own gender

  • Misandry – hatred of men

  • Misogyny – hatred of women

  • Gynocentrism – favoritism of women over men

  • Androcentrism – favoritism of men over women

Perhaps there’s androcentrism in specific environments, but I noticed, as a male, that society usually tends to be more gynocentric! Gynocentrism has caused a lot of inconveniences for men… And in a way, it causes inconvenience for women, too, but some brainwashed women haven’t figured that out yet! They’ve been brainwashed by an ideology of gynocentrism, which has made them somewhat unromantic to the male gender! And without a sense of romance, long-term relationships end or never happen. However, there are unromantic men, too; these are the kind of men that are more likely to objectify women. Yet, some women always feel objectified by men, no matter what the men do! Maybe that’s why some people decide to become trans-sexual, but there’s a surgical procedure to go thru because the human body is NOT designed to just swap between the 2 genders so easily!

Click here to see a special animation at my cartoon Website starring the Connecto Sapiens, an alien species in which its members can switch genders by using a special potion & striped members can switch genders without the potion! (P.S.: You’ll need Flash software on your computer to view it.)

Gynocentrism in our society has allowed women to become very narcissistic & suffer from princess syndrome! Narcissistic women want to look pretty, but they don’t want male attention; they want a boyfriend, but they don’t want him to be a “nerd”; they want to be married, but they don’t want to be wives; you can’t have it both ways in all 3 of these cases, ladies. If you make yourselves look pretty with noticeable sexual displays, then expect men to notice you. After you get a nice potential boyfriend, you must accept him for who he is or he won’t be your boyfriend anymore. And being a loyal wife is part of being married.

Sexism itself is the reason why some people, especially smart ones, do not bother dating!

Dating is hard for men because heterosexuality doesn’t work the same way with women as it does with men. Usually, the women are the attractors & the men are the attracted. A woman can attract a man with her appearance; she can enhance her femininity with cosmetics, cute accessories & sexy clothing, making her even more attractive. Now a man may be attracted to her, but she may not be attracted to him!

Men are naturally programmed to respond sexually to the visual, to the sight of female human flesh. But they can’t sexually attract women to them that easily because women’s heterosexuality just doesn’t work that way. It takes much more than just a man’s appearance to sexually arouse a woman. But if women’s heterosexuality did work the same way, maybe dating would be easier for both genders!


Notice how my female characters are dressed & doing sexy actions with their body parts. These images are alluring because of what my characters do, which gender they’re in & how male heterosexuality just naturally works. Below is the sequel of this comic strip.


Sexiness sells! This job that my female characters are doing is called modeling. Hopefully, more of you women have better understanding of this now! You can click either comic for a better view.

In dating, women can play the passive role, while men usually have to play the active role. Each role has pros & cons:

In the passive dating role:

  • You can attract potential mates. (Pro)
  • You aren’t expected to approach others. (Pro)
  • You might get “catcalled” or sexually harassed. (Con)
  • You have to do more rejecting. (Con)
  • You can wear sexy clothing & cosmetics…without much negative criticism. (Pro)
  • You don’t have to feel the shame of rejection. (Pro)
  • You have no risk of being accused of sexual harassment. (Pro)

In the active dating role:

  • You can ask women out if you want to. (Pro)
  • You have to risk being rejected. (Con)
  • You have to feel the shame of rejection. (Con)
  • You usually don’t get “catcalled” or sexually harassed. (Pro)
  • You can’t attract potential mates. (Con)
  • You can’t wear sexy clothing or cosmetics…without much negative criticism. (Con)
  • You could get accused of sexual harassment if a woman thinks you’re creepy. (Con)

Notice that the passive dating role has more pros than the active dating role. In dating, when men ask women out, the women can choose whether to date the men or not. So usually, the men have to be the choices while the women get to be the choosers!

It’s better to be the chooser than the choice because if you’re the chooser, then you have more choices to choose from! Otherwise, if you’re the choice, then you have to wait to be chosen; so you have less control…or no control at all! So apparently, women have the advantage over men in the dating market!

My source of reference for the listed information above is from 2 videos I seen about sexuality & gender differences. They’re hyperlinked just below:

Street Harassment = Benefits of Being a Privileged Hot Girl (10 Hours of Walking in NYC As a Woman) – from Red Pill Philosophy [This video no longer exists on the Internet, but I got to see it before it was deleted. (I knew YouTube would delete that guy’s account!)]

Men and the Power of the Visual – from PragerU

When it comes to searching for romance, there are 2 “pills” you can take:

If you take the blue pill, then you’ll have to deal with the consequences of the risks that come with looking for a date-mate.

If you take the red pill, then you go your own way, realize that loneliness isn’t so bad & avoid the sexist nonsense that makes dating dangerous!

I’m sure that women have some problems & dangers to face in the dating world, too, (considering rape & intentional sexual harassment) but generalized gynocentrism in society is what makes it even more dangerous for men! And then there’s hatred of either gender! After a lot of bad experiences with people of their opposite gender, some people start hating their opposite gender in general! And that’s not good for our species in the long run, if you think about it.

The infamous Elliot Rodger went on a misogynistic shooting rampage because he kept getting rejected by every woman he met & couldn’t handle his loneliness anymore, according to a video the gunman posted before he committed suicide in the end. Maybe he would have finally gotten a devoted girlfriend if he met a very nice girl & learned from his dating mistakes. On the other hand, if he was so mean & disrespectful to them in the 1st place, then he’s the one at fault. And there’s no excuse for his extremely violent rampage!


Pictured here are the Meters of Sexism(or Hatred of a Gender) Check out the terms for the rating levels! Avoid those who rate up to the higher, more dangerous levels of misandry or misogyny. You can click on these 2 images for a better view.

Plenty of people seem think that the female gender is more important than the male gender since it’s the females that give birth! Males can at least help the females give birth, which makes the male gender important, too; but why do people keep forgetting that? There are even people who hate their own gender!

Below is a cartoon of one of my characters – Burger Meat Food – telling his friend Derek Cyannus Jr. how he defeated his imaginary enemy – Mr. Chivalry:


Have you noticed how Mr. Chivalry hated his own gender? He even tried to convince Burger that he is expendable just because he’s male! You can click on this comic for a better view if you’re having trouble reading some of the word balloons.

What if it was vice versa which gender gives birth? In fact, did you know that it’s the male seahorse that gives birth instead of the female? I don’t think seahorses treat their female members like disposable beings just because of that!

Returning to the paragraph before the previous cartoon, I hate NEITHER gender because both of them are necessary & important in reproduction! It’s just the way biological nature works! Plenty of people make dating mistakes that frustrate them a whole lot! Then, if they’re crazy enough, they might just go on violent rampages because they’re so tired of being so lonely without someone else to date! Maybe there are rather good reasons why someone gets rejected… Furthermore, maybe it’s for the better because some people are just mentally incompatible with each other; they just think too differently & have opposite opinions that prevent them from being good companions! Searching for romance is a risk & these are the kinds of situations you have to go thru sometimes just to be sexually active.

Sexual activity is very risky & dangerous perhaps most of the time; hence, God’s 7th commandment!

What are my views on dating? Well, it is seemingly pointless…most of the time. I don’t make myself available for dating; besides, I’m an introvert because being an extrovert doesn’t suit me! Extroversion is for popular, more attractive people.

I’m decisively sexually inactive. There are several reasons why:

  • Love triangles sting!
  • Hypocritical women dress up themselves to look attractive to men, then when they DO attract a man successfully, they complain about it, which gets the man in trouble!
  • Some females are too business-like with the male sex! You date ’em & give ’em a ride in your car, then they repay you with misandristic bullcrap! Dating is for pleasure, not business!
  • There are deadly double standards against men when they have female opponents.
  • It’s usually more difficult for men to attract women to them than vice versa.
  • Since gay marriage has been legalized, your opponent in a love triangle might be in your opposite sex!
  • “The female of the species is deadlier than the male”, according to that old saying.
  • According to the rules, you can only have 1 mate at a time, otherwise, you’re “cheating”.
  • Bad company is worse than no company at all. It’s better to be alone than with someone who makes you unhappy.

{Smart guys don’t want to waste their time with stupid mind games of boy-bashing bullcrap!}

Also, male heterosexuality works in a funny but natural way; unfortunately however, girls often find guys’ sexual attraction to them annoying instead of complimenting! You could be polite & completely harmless about it…and still, girls will dislike you! Understandably, a girl will get angry if a guy uses the wrong approach on her, but seriously, don’t hate your opposite gender & assume that all guys just want to sexually objectify girls. (A gentleman would never just take away a lady’s free will.)

Long-term relationships require cooperation from both partners. And average girls commonly make the mistake of being lazy & expecting their potential boyfriends to do ALL THE WORK in the relationship! Then their boyfriends have a reason to dump them! Also, having a friend of the other gender doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re “cheating”; as long as you aren’t having an affair, your date mate shouldn’t be jealous… Yet plenty of people get jealous anyway because they see a potential threat to the relationship!

Unromantic mindsets are a BIG turnoff especially for smart guys like me! It can make a guy feel bad about his sexuality when a girl gives him an attitude of insecurity! I know sexuality works differently for each gender, but punishing someone for harmlessness is injustice!


Since his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend didn’t work out, Buck Hastee goes on a dating strike. Observe what his sign says.

Men & women think differently. What a woman thinks is offensive, a man may not think is so offensive. And because of that fact, dating & relationships with those of your opposite gender can sometimes be even more frustrating! However, please don’t be hate-filled towards your opposite gender or even your own birth gender. Some people are homosexual probably because they enjoy their own gender more than their opposite gender, although they may not necessarily resent their opposite gender! (They may be born that way or not) But heterosexuality is heterosexuality; and if a man is at least harmless about it, then women shouldn’t punish him for it.

And finally, about specific statements describing people of either gender(in this case, women), is the statement “some women are gold diggers” misogynistic? No, it’s not misogynistic at all. The statement is describing some women, not all women as gold diggers. Insulting statements that have the word “all” in them are obviously hateful because they generalize every member of the mentioned group, although at least 1 member could be different from the others somehow.

The more romance there is, the fewer disputes there will be between people of opposite genders.


Here are 2 striped connecto sapiens who swapped genders before Burger’s eyes, as they tell him that both genders are equally great!


These images are from the epic comic strip of my cartoon series entitled: “Inversion of the Sexes 2: Gender Bender Mender Galaxy”.