Here’s an interesting question to answer:

“What would you do if you had more than 1 life to live?”

Do you have an answer for it? Well I have an answer for my own question!

If I had more than 1 life to live, I would surely feel more confident about facing danger because after dying once, I could come back from the dead if I had another life left! Depending on how many extra lives I have left, if I had a large number of lives left, then I would take more deadly risks because I would have a lot of backup extra lives to use! If I had a small number of lives left, then I would be more careful about taking deadly risks. And of course, if I had only 1 single life left, then I wouldn’t take any chances with danger. I would try to get what I need to have more extra lives first before facing more danger. (Like those green “1up mushrooms” from the Universe of Super Mario(TM) or a bottle of “mortonium” from my cartoon series: “Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond”)


Archy Ant is holding a bottle of mortonium in this image. This special liquid gives my characters extra lives. It takes a quarter of a liter to revive a common character.

Having more than 1 life to live shall be called multi-mortality. Since we don’t have that superpower in reality, we must be extremely careful about danger, whether it’s from nature or violently crazy people(human or non-human). Unfortunately, no person is multi-mortal or immortal(which means they can’t be killed so they can live forever), so we must protect these only lives we have because once they’re broken, they can’t be fixed to ever work again! Life may sometimes feel like a video game, but it’s not!

In fact, an early fraction of my life can relate to my subject:

For me, standing up against my bullies was like going to war…I felt like I was in a violent video game! I was usually the lonely main character of the video game I imagined myself in, where I had to fight for my life against monsters! (I considered my bullies the video game monsters) Now in video games, if your character gets caught by the monsters, your character loses a life; video game characters have what you can call multi-mortality(Having more than 1 life to live), but in reality, people get only 1 life to live, just 1 single life for each person.


They were called Game Boys(tm) by the way! This image is used on 1 of my greeting cards, which you can find at my cartoon Website. Look for the greeting cards in the Extra Section: “More Stuff” hyperlink on the Index Page.

Some of my bullies had the nerve to threaten my life over bullcrap & that’s why I felt like I was in a violent video game! Because of that, I wished that I had more than 1 life to live. Now 1 life is enough to make your dreams come true, but it’s not enough when you happen to get murdered!(Not to mention that danger itself naturally exists…) 1 of my bullies who used to be a friend actually said this to me: “I always wanted a friend who plays video games, not one who wants to BE in video games!” I think it would be great to have more than 1 life to live so that if any of my bullies killed me, then I would have an extra life as backup & another chance to pursue my dream goals! Unfortunately, reality is NOT that flexible; multi-mortality is a fantasy, my favorite fantasy!


T.V. Man’s screen in the 1st panel shows that same video-game-themed image with Derek C. Jr. in color!(Instead of just many shades of green) The blonde fairy Sabrina Pixie mentions those hand-held devices known as Game Boys(tm).

Why did these school bullies of mine threaten my life or bullied me in the 1st place? Because of all sorts of bullcrap! Bullcrap, in which mortality itself didn’t even have to be brought into! My disputes with my bullies weren’t so serious that mortality or death had to be brought into the situation! But the bullies made it that serious; and because of how overly aggressive they were, I had to defend myself!

By the way, bullies HATE smart people, the kind of people who can be counted on to solve tough problems & puzzles most of all! (Without geniuses, how would we have all of this convenient technology today?) Furthermore, intelligence itself is NOT really appreciated in schools!

Students should be made to realize that schools DON’T teach intelligence exactly, but rather obedience. If you’re very clever, smart & knowledgeable…and you show it in school, your teachers & classmates WON’T care, unless they’re truly your friends. By the way, true brilliance can’t be taught in a classroom…

Usually in school, teachers teach you how to be obedient instead of how to be intelligent!

• This is teaching obedience: “Don’t do this; don’t do that; if you do this or that, then you’ll be punished!”

• This is teaching intelligence: “You have a very good idea! That will solve the problem! Water douses fire, so you should use water to put out the flame on your shirt!”

See the differences?

You know you’re intelligent when you can think for yourself & use your knowledge to get important tasks done! But unfortunately, most of the people you will meet in school will be narrow-minded, genius-hating nitwits! In other words, idiots outnumber geniuses. Plus, they won’t care how many facts you know; they won’t even appreciate it, no matter how much you learn. (Bullies are unreasonable!) Beware, because often whenever I showed my intelligence in school, especially elementary school, some jerk(s) lambasted me for it! For example, it’s like when a brute punishes or attacks someone just for saying a fact like “1 + 3 = 4”! Being bad at math is NO excuse for hurting someone else who is good at math!

Before I return to the topic about multi-mortality, teachers/staff members don’t always punish the right person. If they think you’re the troublemaker & you look guilty to them somehow, then prepare to be unfairly punished; but hopefully, your innocence will be proven eventually. If fair trails were given in schools, then fewer innocent students would be unfairly punished… Or better yet, NONE at all!

Both intelligence & obedience should be taught in school, but nowadays, they’re focusing more on obedience! In order for people to be really educated & think for themselves, intelligence needs to be taught more! (Although obedience is necessary in right-from-wrong) And the knowledge that they get from the lessons should be put to good, time-worthy, constructive use; besides, what good is knowledge if you don’t get to use it?

Since plenty of my school bullies had the nerve to threaten my life over bullcrap, I have an imperative sentence for them: “Join the Army!” (Or the Navy, or the Air Force, or any other branch of the Military!) because apparently, these specific school bullies of mine have the right kind of mentality to be soldiers! Then if they get drafted & have to go to war, then they’ll have lots of enemies to kill; and legally during wartime, a soldier can kill an enemy soldier! However, soldiers do that to serve their home countries, to fight for the freedom of civilians; or contrary-wise, they could be on the wrong side…

Anyway, that’s how bullies turn schools into war zones: By mortifying their innocent targets!

Returning to multi-mortality, speaking of soldiers, if they each had some extra lives before getting killed at least once, they could come back from the dead to try conquering an obstacle or an enemy again. But if the enemies had extra lives, too, they could do the same thing! When 1 army runs out of extra lives, the enemy of that army would officially win the war.


Lady Fingersandtoes is right: It is more fun to play a video game than to fight for survival in a video game, despite how many lives you have. She’s the character playing the video game on T.V. Man’s screen. Candy Stripes(the blonde) observes how her video game clone appears & makes a comment about it. The difference between reality vs. video games is that when people die in reality, there are no extra lives for the exact same people! But video games give the characters in them several chances to survive a challenge! (1 chance for each extra life) You can click on this image for a better view.

But the most important fact to remember about mortality is that death itself picks no favorites. The Grim Reaper doesn’t have a favorite person; he favors nobody! Even if multi-mortality was real, once you run out of extra lives, you’ll stay dead most likely forever. (GAME OVER!) But like I typed at the end of the 2nd paragraph, life itself ISN’T really a game! Sometimes, it’s a challenge; okay, maybe often, it’s challenging but it’s also a gift to us from God. It’s the Devil that creates all the drama from evil; in fact, the Devil is the main source of evil! (Have you noticed that the word “evil” is part of the word “devil”? Delete the D & you’ll see it!) If it weren’t for the existence of evil, life would be paradise. But since evil exists, we must find ways to deal with it; although, people don’t always get what they deserve. With evil came death. Fortunately though, our loving God always has a backup plan for when things don’t work out for humankind! Besides, as the creator of the universe, He cares about His creation!

In the meantime, until people can live forever in eternal paradise, just remember to take care of yourself & protect your only life. Do defend yourself against aggressors. Don’t let yourself get murdered. Also, whenever possible, avoid hazards that you might face in any of your trips. However though, if you were multi-mortal & had a few extra backup lives, you would have less to lose; but with only 1 single life, you have much more to lose…TOO MUCH MORE!


Grover Ravel AKA Groundman wanted Smokey the Genie to undo his wish of immortality because he was tired of feeling “itchy footsteps”. Unfortunately, Grover’s wish to cancel the previous one couldn’t be granted. Smokey turned Grover into a ground-like being with specific weaknesses, just in case Grover uses his wish of immortality for personal gain. Perhaps there are some reasons why death itself just can’t & doesn’t choose favorites… If you were immortal but miserable, that would be worse than being dead!


Finally, readers, to end this essay, remember this old proverb: “Don’t take life or death too seriously”