I quit Facebook because after 9 years, 4 months & 14 days, I got tired of it. Those jokers at the Facebook company are making a business out of friendship itself! But friendship is not business, it’s pleasure. They are being very irresponsible with this sensitive, bond-related stuff, man! Facebook can’t be trusted because it doesn’t always tell you the truth about your relationships.
It’s a potential bond destroyer. It uses numerical data to manipulate your feelings about personal things about yourself! For example, in telling you how many friends you have or how many people like your images, it might say something like: “Oh you had 100 friends yesterday, but today, you have only 87 friends left; so you lost 13 friends!”. It verbally abuses you! However, true friendship is spiritual, not technological; you may reunite with someone in person & find out that person is still your friend after all… And that Facebook lied to you about the person no longer being your friend!
Also, if you quit Facebook & have your account deleted, it WON’T notify your friends! It’ll just tell them: “Oh this person is suddenly not your friend anymore!”. It gives them no closure. If the friendship requests you send out on Facebook get rejected, you don’t get notified about it; but after a while, you can conclude that your request was denied! If you reject others’ friendship requests, not only you might miss out on making a good new friend, but also the one you rejected probably won’t get any closure because Facebook won’t notify that person. As the one doing the rejecting, I don’t like that!

People can still be friends outside of Facebook, right? Love & friendship are spiritual, not technological. But when people’s names vanish from their “Facebook friend list” & the number on the “friend counter” decreases, it can make people question their relationships. Here are some questions they might ask for example:

• “Why did the name(s) of this person/these people vanish from my Facebook friend list?”
• “Does this mean that my relationship(s) with this person/these people is/are over?”
• “Did someone just unfriend me? Why? I don’t remember upsetting this person!”
• “Is this person/Are these people still my friend(s) even though his/her/their name(s) is/are missing from my Facebook friend list?”
• “How do I know for sure?”

Sometimes, it’s like the “friend list” & the “friend counter” are both telling you that someone you know & who knows you & likes you for who you are is NOT your friend, but that’s NONSENSE! True friends like you for who you are; they love you unconditionally & true love is unconditional! Remember that & you’ll have healthier relationships!

Also, Facebook is a money pit! The Facebook company wanted to sell the popularity of my own cartoons to me so I would have to waste my money to get them advertised; I decided not to pay them a cent! If a company advertises my cartoons, then I want my share of the sales! Popularity itself should have no price. Don’t try to buy popularity, folks; it’s a bad deal that damages your dignity. Besides, the idea of advertising is to make money, not lose money!
Since I quit Facebook, those jokers at the Facebook company probably deleted that Facebook page about my cartoon series before anyone could see the notification that I was quitting Facebook! But screw Facebook! Nobody needs a Facebook account to like my cartoons, right? Those stupid Facebook “like counters” can only count 1 “like” for each Facebook account, but it’ll subtract 1 for each “unlike”; however, there could be a lot of people without Facebook accounts who like your stuff! Plus, they could be your friends, too!

Also, remember the message of the image below:


To the left is Susan Amy Martin of the Photonese Martins & to the right is her ex-boyfriend Buck Hastee.

By the way, I’m NOT tired of having friends, I just got tired of Facebook!