2 days before I typed this essay, the owners & moderators of Quora have temporary blocked me from posting at their Website & deleted a bunch of my answers to questions about subjects that are rather controversial. They took my words out of context! It’s hypocritical of them that they let people ask questions about such subjects at their Website but then punish or banish those who answer such questions just because they misunderstand or dislike the answers & take them out of context. (It’s the same thing with comments!) Apparently, the owners & moderators have bad senses of humor because “jokes” aren’t allowed to be answers either.

I decided that I’ll stop answering questions about controversial subjects there & just focus on ones about math, logic, art & color, when this blocking time period is over; or better yet, maybe I’ll stop answering questions at Quora, period, because Quora is apparently too darn sensitive! Plenty of my followers actually up-voted some of my best answers there, but even a few answers of mine that received up-votes were deleted by the owners & moderators of Quora, out of sheer narrow-mindedness & words taken out of context. So finally, if my followers are wondering why my answers are getting deleted & I haven’t posted any more in a while, it’s because the owners & moderators of Quora have decided to block me for a while & delete some of my answers that they took out of context, claiming that policies were violated.

But you know what? Before I conclude this essay, I just want to say that this world needs more open-mindedness! Narrow-mindedness is frustrating, even to the ones who have to do the explaining! When narrow-minded nitwits are bad listeners, it’s even more frustrating! Instead of being zealous, more people should open up their minds & hearts! Because when they don’t, it just creates more frustration for both the speaker(s) & the listener(s)! Life is frustrating enough without narrow-mindedness! (Don’t forget about danger & death. Besides, people can’t live forever.) Furthermore, if the student is narrow-minded, then the student misses out on learning important lessons & wastes the teacher’s time with ignorance; otherwise, if the teacher is narrow-minded, then the student’s extraordinary ideas get rejected & then the teacher misses out on learning something from the student. (Yes, teachers can learn from their students, too; in fact, you can learn from anybody, even your enemies if you have any.)


Dorothy Gale learns how to grab with her toes & use her feet like hands from Lady Fingersandtoes & Patrick Pixelman. In fact, in the Spanish language, toes are called “dedos del pies”, which literally means: “fingers of the feet”You can click on the comic for a better view.