This subject might be a bit controversial, but sometimes, people may not be happy with their gender. On the other hand, they may be very content with it.

-Am I happy with my gender?

I have a question to answer that question: “Which gender do others want ME to be in?”

It seems that if you don’t want to be beaten up, you must be born female, since boys are told to never hit girls. However, some aggressive, alpha-brutes will pick fights with you & want to beat you up just because you’re another boy! Sometimes when girls get angry, they might & do hit boys; these boys can get into a hell of a lot of trouble for hitting them back! Boys seem to get harsher treatment than girls in this gynocentric society!
By the way, there are plenty of things girls can do that boys are NOT allowed to do because they’re “too girlish”. I’d show you the list, but it’s too large; I want to keep things short.

I ask this theoretical question because:

If you’re a man, then you can’t be happy in a misandristic environment & if you’re a woman, then you can’t be happy in a misogynistic environment.


Pictured above is the truth table of the sexual logic of happiness. (According to your environment) You can click on the table for a better view.

Each gender has strengths & weaknesses that are opposite in the other. But after enough studying, I decided that both genders are equally great, just different & sometimes opposite. It no longer matters to me which gender I’m in, as long as I can live a meaningful life. However, I dislike it when some creep makes a big deal out of my gender! I didn’t get to choose which gender to be born in! Neither did my creepy opponents of the past! (Some things are just beyond our control, like biological nature) By the way, it’s your chromosomes that choose which gender you’re born in.
After being in a gender for a long time, you get used to it. (And so does the rest of the world) If your gender suddenly changed, then it could cause dire consequences to your relationships! (What if that happened while you’re inside a public bathroom that’s reserved for your previous gender?) I don’t know if I can handle such a responsibility. Anyway, whether you’re male or female, you’re always a person!
And another thing: if a girl makes me feel bad about my sexuality & has an unromantic mindset, I’d dump her if she was already my girlfriend, because romance & sexual attraction are both important in a long-term relationship!
P.S.: Sex inversion(or gender-bending) has become science fact via surgery. However, trans-sexuality is not that simple…
And about my theoretical question: “Which gender do others want ME to be in?”, there are 3 possible choices:

  1. Male (My birth gender) 😊
  2. Female (My opposite gender) 😖
  3. Either (This choice will bring the most happiness!) 😊

So the odds of happiness of your choice are in your favor 2:1! (The probability of gender-related happiness is 2/3 versus 1/3 for unhappiness) According to the math, the same will be true for anybody else, no matter which gender you want that person to be in!

Note: The emojis represent how the other person & I would both feel about the other person’s choice since I’m male! And the human body cannot change its gender so easily!


Burger Meat Food(in the top panel) & Dr. John Von Foolish(in the bottom panel) explain the math of the probability of gender-related happiness based on the 3 possible choices to the theoretical question.