The title of this essay turns the OR in “Trick or Treat” into an exclusive OR by including the words: “But not both!” (Computers & calculators call the exclusive OR “XOR”; X as in “eXclusive”!) I turned the inclusive disjunction into an exclusive disjunction for a pretty good reason, which I’ll explain throughout this essay. (Disjunctions can either be inclusive or exclusive) Take a look at the truth table below:


Trick or treat? How about trick or treat but not both because tricking someone who treated you (nicely) is absolutely unfair! That’s cheating & cheaters DON’T deserve any candy!

Isn’t it annoying when you get cheated, even on a specific, special day of the year? Christmas is the holiday that counterbalances Halloween. How? Well here’s how these 2 holidays work for people:

Christmas rewards the nice & punishes the naughty.

Halloween sometimes seems to reward the naughty & punish the nice!

So occasionally, these 2 holidays kind of oppose each other!


The character in the middle is Quentin Clockwise the clock man from the Holiday Dimension. He went back there to stop the fight between Ms. Christmas(left) & Mr. Halloween(right) before they destroy each other.

The next 3 paragraphs are about my story in learning what Halloween was about thru school:

None of my elementary school teachers ever told me what Halloween was all about. All my elementary school teachers & classmates did was do all sorts of crap to scare me or each other! I quit trick-or-treating in my early teenage years. Plus, without an explanation about Halloween, I still had no closure about it.

Also, I thought about possible situations that could happen because of trick-or-treating. Then I didn’t think that it was a good idea. For example, due to a lack of experience about life, little kids could get lost if they wonder too far from home; that’s why they need a big brother or big sister or parent or even a babysitter to guide them. And not all children obey their parents; some of them could get greedy & gluttonous so they’ll start eating their Halloween candy before their parents check it to see if it has been tampered with! The thought is a little scary indeed!

When I was 17 years old, I started to lose respect for this specific day of the year. But in my early college years, I looked up what Halloween was about: honoring the dead & past loved ones. But according to the Bible, the dead doesn’t remember a thing of this life & is unconscious. Anyway, if 1 of my elementary school teachers or even a potential childhood friend just explained to me what Halloween is all about, maybe I would have never taken this day of the year too seriously…But what the hell do jokers expect people to think if they do all that scary, mortifying crap?!

(That scary, mortifying crap as I called it is known as Satanism, which is worship of the Devil, as church preachers describe it sometimes!)


A scene from an episode of my cartoon series. This episode is entitled: “How Sabrina Hated Halloween!” (Note: The full episode can be found at my Blueworld Cartoons Website!) She got really scared when her former friend Kooshy played this Halloween prank on her!


Kooshy takes off his werewolf mask & Sabrina Pixie finds out that it was somebody she knows, but out of anger caused by the prank, she stomped on his bare foot! And her shoes gave her more stomping power! (Women’s shoes are harder than men’s shoes, too!)




5 years later, Kooshy ironically gets bitten by a real werewolf, so he becomes one himself! And since werewolves are mean, he turned to the Dark Side & kidnapped Sabrina Pixie for revenge!


Kooshy’s werewolfism prevented him from reasoning, but he still knew right from wrong & decided to stop being nice completely. Even though Sabrina forgave him, he didn’t forgive her! That makes him a hypocrite because he wanted to receive forgiveness, but not give it back in return. Don’t worry, Sabrina was eventually rescued by her friends from this hypocritical, former friend! (This final panel is not even in the same episode! It’s from a sequel!)

As you can see, fear can make people crazy, because fear is illogical! (“Crazy” is the opposite of “logical”)

Fear is my #1 least favorite emotion because it can prevent you from getting some important stuff done. I hated it when bullies did mortifying dogcrap just to frighten me for Halloween! Sometimes, Halloween zealots say seemingly satanic remarks to others that sound very threatening! During the Halloween season, when these zealots use the word “kill” in their remarks, (as in: “We’re going to kill you!”) they do sound like real threats! Clothes can define someone’s character & personality, too; these zealots dress up as monsters or thugs & might act as such! And then they wonder why some people take Halloween too seriously… Why else do they think? “Kill” may not be a curse word, but you still have to be very careful HOW you use it! Although actions speak louder than words, words DO matter & have some power!

Killing an innocent person is murder! That is a crime! Halloween zealots are usually like: “On Halloween, you’re supposed to scare other people!” I don’t give a rat’s ass! If people commit crimes on Halloween, then they should still be arrested! Don’t break the law just to be scary; it’s no excuse.

(By the way, Halloween is NOT all about scaring other people! It’s about honoring the dead & remembering deceased family members.)

In conclusion, readers, about bravery: Being brave doesn’t mean that you’re not scared, it means doing what you need to do to fight back & survive, despite your fears. But seriously, folks, it pays to be nice to others. It costs nothing to be nice & niceness SHOULDN’T cost anything!


Another female character from my cartoon series that isn’t a fan of Halloween either, like Sabrina Pixie was!