You can’t please everybody, but fortunately, you don’t have to; some people AREN’T worth pleasing! About pleasing people, do they really care about you? If not, then they’re not worth pleasing! Only try to please people who really care about you. 😉

Remember: It’s up to you to decide whether someone is worth pleasing or not! The other person’s attitude will help you decide!

If you’re somehow pleasing whomever, then apparently that someone likes you. But that also means that disliking someone means that you’re not pleased with that person for some reason, and there’s nothing nice about that. Unfortunately, not everyone will be nice to you. If people aren’t nice to you, then chances are that they just don’t like you. (You certainly won’t like them either since they’re mean to you!)

Q: How can people be nice about disliking you?

A: They CAN’T!

How do you make people like you? Well, it’s other people’s choice whether to like you or not. However, you can try your best to please them. But unfortunately, like I typed at the beginning of the essay, you can’t please everybody because everybody is a critic! People have opinions about things, positive or negative; some of those things are living things…and people.

Below is a truth table about liking or disliking someone:


What a sassy conditional statement: “If you don’t like me, then you don’t like everybody!” (It’s true that someone doesn’t like me but false that he/she doesn’t like everybody? That’s a contradiction! Contradictions are ALWAYS false!)

When someone dislikes somebody, that means that the person is displeased about that somebody. And there’s nothing nice about disliking somebody! If someone likes you, then that person is pleased about you. How nice!


…And there’s something that’s even worse than just being disliked: Being hated! Being disliked is just displeasure & failing to please another person, but hatred is much worse than that!

Hatred is refusal to understanding. I was once in an elementary school where almost nobody understood me. I tried to help the other people in the school understand me, but they didn’t want to understand me, so they hated me! If people don’t want to understand you, then they hate you; simple logic! Now I may not understand the Chinese language, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to understand it; I would like to understand it, but it takes a lot of studying, great effort & practice to learn a new language. And another thing: hating somebody for being/speaking Chinese is racism! I’m NOT a damn racist!

Below is a truth table about the logic of hatred:


Nobody understands everybody, but misunderstanding people is no excuse to hate them. You can try to help other people understand you, but if they don’t TRY to understand you properly, then logically they hate you. You don’t want to be around people who hate you. So for your safety, get away from them!

It’s impossible to please everybody in the universe. (Sometimes, it may be possible to please everybody in a specific group, but the term everybody is extremely unspecific.) Why is it impossible to please everybody in the universe? Because:

  1. Everybody’s a critic
  2. Not everyone has the exact same positive or negative opinion about something, any specific thing
  3. Nobody likes everybody; in fact, not everyone can get along with each other
  4. Some people are just generally unpleasant for some reason & like to be killjoys!

Killjoys seriously need to find something better to do, because they are so serious & business-like that they’ll judge & criticize someone for doing even the most innocent actions! (For example, a really mean music-hater might lambaste a music-lover just for tapping her foot to the tempo of a tune she’s listening to!) Besides, it pays to be open-minded.

To continue answering the question, here’s a scenario to imagine:

If you do Action A, then you’ll please Person A but not Person B; otherwise, if you do Action B, then you’ll please Person B but not Person A; although both Actions A & B are 2 different, innocent actions! It’s a little bit upsetting to know that you displeased someone with your innocent action, but if the person gets too aggressive about his/her displeasure, then use some self-defense against the aggressor & continue doing your duty, despite his/her hindrance.

As a cartoonist, I’m apparently displeasing cartoon-haters. However, I don’t want to know why they hate cartoons, specifically mine, because who cares? (I don’t need to know why either because it’s not really my problem; it’s THEIRS!) Not everybody is worth pleasing! The people who are worth pleasing are the ones who really care about you; feelings, goals & all. Hecklers are NOT worth pleasing because they don’t really care about whoever they heckle, specifically you! They just want you to do something that will make you extremely unhappy, so don’t do it, whatever their stupid commands are!

In conclusion, dear readers, don’t let hate-filled people define you. Define yourselves thru your own successes & victories. Besides, haters are a waste of time. What haters think of you doesn’t matter. If they don’t care about you & refuse to like you, let alone understand you, then their nasty, negative opinions about you DON’T matter. If idiots do nothing but spew hate upon you, you unfriend them, you leave them, you ghost out, you defend yourself if they get too aggressive with you. Hate-filled idiots aren’t worth your time & time is a very valuable thing that cannot be recovered once it’s gone; don’t let haters waste yours. If jerks decide to hate you, tell them that they can go to Hell! Besides, hating people is a sin.