Did you ever hear this saying: “Out with the old & in with the new”? Average people may eventually get tired of things when they get old, but fortunately, age doesn’t always make something bad. I would like to rephrase it with a better saying: “Value is more important than age.”

Sometimes, things decay & wear out as they get old, but that just shows their age. Plants may turn brown. Animals may slow down & get wrinkly. Machines such as vehicles may rust. However, museums have some of the oldest historical artifacts on display for visitors to see. 1 example is masterpieces of art; the art is proof that an artist existed. Of course that artist is no longer alive because unfortunately, people can’t live forever. (However in a way, death is part of life; it’s the end of it… The end is part of the story, too!)

Speaking of stories, sometimes the end of a story is the beginning of another! Without endings, a story would keep going until:

  • the viewers get tired of watching of it
  • the writers get tired of writing it
  • the readers get tired of reading of it
  • the actors get tired of participating in it

Anyway, breaks are important & necessary! We all need a vacation from something sometime.

Returning to the sentence I typed in the 1st paragraph, if everybody got rid of something just because it was old, then what valuable things would we own? How many treasures would we have? I’ll tell you: NONE! There are coins & dollar bills that are decades older than you. If you got rid of your money just because it’s old, then you could become bankrupt! Economically, that’s a stupid action to do. You can still use old money to buy things you want when you go shopping. As long as something still works, it’s still good to use it, despite its age.

An old machine that still works is better than a new machine that doesn’t work!

Here’s a short story to explain my proverb:

My MAC started to slow down during its startup, but other than that, it worked just fine. But I got tired of a slow startup & decided to do something about it. I figured that maybe it had too much junk somewhere in its system. So in an attempt to eradicate junk from my MAC, I reformatted it. Unfortunately, I also deleted necessary Web widgets from it by mistake! I tried to get those lost widgets back, but Apple stopped supporting my MAC just because it got old, so I couldn’t get all of those lost widgets back onto it. To enjoy the Internet to the fullest again, I got a new MAC. Although the old one still works, the new one has added features that I need to enjoy the Internet. However of course, it cost a lot of money to get this new MAC. My new MAC is new now, but sometime in the future, it’ll get old. Will Apple stop supporting this one, too?

You see, I never liked that “out with the old” attitude! I like things for their value, not just for their age! And have you noticed how TV shows get cancelled, too, when they get old? Collecting them on video is not a bad idea because they’re masterpieces of art. As they get old, they become classic antiques. Treasures. Maybe they can be passed down to your descendants someday, too… Also, you can re-watch them as many times as you want once you have copies in your collection!

Below is a scene from 1 of the epic comic strips of my cartoon series “Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond”. The episode is entitled: “Derek’s Old Age Anxiety”





This is probably how cartoon characters would feel if their shows got cancelled.

It’s the law of history: things get old as time goes on. Jokes lose their punch when they get stale, so people no longer find them so funny. However, they can be represented in a fresh way to bring back the humor! Sometimes, with the right kind of work, old things can be refreshed & rejuvenated! Besides, you don’t want to completely forget the past; how would history classes be like if nobody remembered the past? So the next time you hear someone say “Out with the old & in with the new”, consider the value that an old thing might have!