I heard of plenty of simple-minded people who seem to take fiction too seriously, especially immature idiots! I once seen a video about a woman who wants the fairy-tale “Sleeping Beauty” banned, because she believes that it encourages little boys to kiss girls without their consent! Despite some of the violence & such in classic fairy-tales & nursery rhymes, plenty of generations of people grew up just fine. (Including mine) Although some stupid copycat children might mimic a cartoon character’s actions, a very sane person knows much better than that. (Just because a cartoon character can breathe fire doesn’t mean you can do it, too!) Sometimes, a cartoon character might do something that you shouldn’t do(or can’t do); so kids, don’t mimic the actions of cartoon characters.


This comic shows an example of why you shouldn’t mimic a cartoon character’s actions.

People who take fiction too seriously can be really annoying! I once knew a nutty guy who acted as if fictional characters are real! He had an imaginary friend who he idolized. In other words, he worshiped his imaginary friend like a false god! It’s evil to idolize things & create false gods because somehow, idolization causes bad things to happen as a result. Since this nutty guy idolized his imaginary friend, he became too annoying to stay friends with. Furthermore, he distracted me from learning. Anyway, I had to unfriend him since he ultimately didn’t make a good friend. 1 of the reasons why he lost me as a friend was because he took fiction too seriously! I was willing to give him another chance to be friends with me again, but he picks an imaginary being over a real person like me! Can you believe it?

At amusement parks, hired people dress up as fictional characters. However when you see them there, it does feel like the characters exist in the real world. All sane adults know that they’re people in costumes, but these people in costumes are just there to entertain you. So when you meet them, just enjoy yourself even though the characters aren’t real.

Fictional characters do make things like video games & pictures more interesting, but you CAN’T treat them like real beings. That nutty guy I unfriended seriously needs to stop pretending that fictional characters are real, especially that imaginary friend of his that he idolizes! Treating imaginary beings like real beings as an adult can get you sent to a madhouse! Maybe a kid won’t be committed, but eventually, others will find that kid annoying if he/she keeps acting as if imaginary beings are real, not to mention ranting, raving & misbehaving over fictional characters. Also, don’t idolize them; because like I printed in the previous paragraph, idolization causes bad things to happen. (The 1st 2 commandments of God warn us not to worship or create false gods, too.)

A common topic seen in fiction is that superheroes prevent their evil enemies from taking over the world; in other words, becoming false gods!


The superheroes of this cartoon image are fighting UFO’s from the evil destructive alien Pueblo! The heroes pictured left-to-right respectively are Derek Cyannus Jr., Danielle Lipstick & Crayonman AKA Carlton Marker. Their nemesis Pueblo wants to take over the universe, using pentagonal rainbow gems that he steals from others!


Treating real beings like imaginary beings is just as bad! What’s real is real & what’s imaginary is imaginary. Although, the imagination can be a very fun toy to play with! Having an imagination is the reason why I was able to create my cartoon series! So when it comes to fiction itself, have fun with it; create your own fiction if you have a big, active imagination; check out other people’s fiction, too. But don’t take it too seriously! Because remember: it’s just fiction.

P.S.: Consider a viewer’s point of view, too, about your fiction. And don’t let stupid hecklers discourage you from your dreams!