Have you ever gotten mad at any of your relatives? You’re actually lucky that you have some relatives to get mad at! In fact, I thought about it & decided that at least sometimes, parents are lucky to have children to get mad at. But seriously, it does NOT feel at all, for neither the parent nor the child. The point is that even relatives don’t always agree.

At least disagreements are better than actual wickedness! Unfortunately, not all people have good parents that love their biological children. If you observe the cartoons below, the 1st one is an example of a good parent, but the 2nd one is an example of a bad parent.


Patricia Spider(left) is hugging her daughter Olivia Spider(right), which shows love. Patricia is an example of a good parent.


Shirley Locks called her own biological daughter Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) a mistake, even though Goldie was driving her home! How hateful & verbally abusive! Shirley Locks is an example of a bad parent.

Kids, as a very early youngster especially, you may not always like how your parents have raised you, but what matters more importantly is that they love you & care about your safety & well-being. Besides, if it weren’t for families, just about everybody would be alone in the world. Friends are people who are not related to you by blood but can still trust; distrust usually kills friendships. However, blood relatives are more likely to stick together.

Due to inexperience about life, children tend to make more mistakes that get them into lots of trouble; although, parents might make a few parenting mistakes, too… Plus, children think differently from adults. In other words, a child will have the mindset of a child. What makes an argument between parent & child worse is the child’s immaturity!

The main reason why I’m glad that I’m not a kid anymore is because:

Immaturity = Misery!

In conclusion, God’s 5th commandment(and partially the 7th) is(are) about how important family is; it specifically mentions your parents, but it also means that family members must respect & take care of each other. We should respect all our ancestors & even our descendants because they help continue our legacies! So kids, even though you may not always like how your parents raise you, do consider God’s 5th commandment. As the creator of the universe, God is ALWAYS right!

Some of the images below are part of an epic comic strip from my cartoon series entitled: “Damaged Dad”. Robert Martin Jr.(of the Photonese Martins) tripped over Danielle Lipstick’s foot while she was putting on makeup, which caused the boxed TV set to slip out of Robert’s arms & land on his father’s leg, breaking it! This accident unfortunately caused an argument between father & son!



Will this story end well? Will this argument between father & son have a happy ending? You can read the whole story at my Website to find out!