When I spend money, I prefer to use real money to buy real things & imaginary money to buy imaginary things. You certainly can’t use imaginary money to buy real things, (besides counterfeiting can get you arrested!) but it’s also not a very good idea to use real money to buy imaginary things. (Considering things that exist in Facebook games)

Spending money on imaginary stuff that’s not something solid in the real world is like throwing it all away, into the trash until you’re bankrupt & penniless!Unless the money itself is also imaginary!

There is at least 1 thing that is more important than money: the money’s worth! Was it worth spending $30 to get something that you wanted? And what happens when you don’t get exactly what you wanted after you spent the money? Make sure that you get exactly what you want or need when you spend your money. Now you need some money to shop, but there’s a difference between wanting & needing something. Think about it.

When you go shopping to buy things you need or want, always remember to save as much money as possible instead of wasting it & not having it when you need it later. Every cent matters for the sake of your economical survival. Besides, even if you never get married, you can still use your money to support your relatives, even some of those outside your immediate family, if you’re rich enough.


This cartoon is entitled: “Maryanne’s Money”, hence the main character’s name – Maryanne Maidenson. The other green character is named Bill E-Yon AKA Dollarman. This cartoon tells the differences between the 2 extremes of having money.

Even millionaires must be careful about how they spend their money, because if you have $1,000,000 but you spend $999,999, how much money do you have left? Just $1!

If I had all the money in the world, I would spend 15 sixteenths of it & save the 1 remaining sixteenth. By the way, you don’t need all the money in the world, just some of it…enough of it to pay bills.

Note: According to a video I watched by Vsauce, the world has a total of $75 trillion!(U.S. Dollars)

If there wasn’t enough money in the world for almost everybody to spend or save, the world would economically collapse in a gradually growing catastrophe! If you seen the movie: “Back to the Future: Part II”, then you should remember the scenes when the villain stole the heroes’ time machine & used a sports almanac to always win in sports gambling! As a result, more crimes & war happened since too many people were in poverty!

One last thing: Don’t allow jokers to tease you with their money; if they want to taunt you about how “poor” you are & about the fact that you have less money than they do, then they’re NOT your friends! Besides, the rich should help the poor whenever possible. Although, you can’t always give beggars money.

P.S.: In the Math Section of my cartoon Website, there’s a Web page that has some more mathematical information about money: Dollar Denomination!