I asked this very good question at Quora.com:

Why is it that a student’s intelligence is so unappreciated in school?

And I had a 3-paragraph comment to go with it:

According to my experiences in school, I was punished by tyrannical teachers for thinking outside the box! Plenty of narrow-minded Nancies see that as not paying attention to the lesson! Thinking outside the box means that you’re an excellent, creative student. It doesn’t mean that you’re not paying attention!

Also, I noticed that when school bullies see any sign of intelligence in others, they want to destroy it. They target smart guys the most! You are sent to school to become smarter, but ironically, your smartness is never really appreciated or glorified. The average school person usually humiliates instead of appreciates geniuses!

Teachers reward you for good behavior. But if you disobey their orders, no matter how stupid their decisions about you are, you get punishments that you don’t necessarily deserve. Schools don’t teach intelligence, they teach obedience! That’s something completely different, besides, true brilliance cannot be taught in a classroom…

Below are some math facts I discovered outside of any classroom:


How did I discover these math facts outside the classroom? Simple, I think outside the box & focus on being educated!

After learning everything that you needed to learn, you don’t really miss school. (No, I don’t miss school because overall, it was a toxic learning environment for me!) Besides, you have to deal with all of these judgmental, unfriendly ignoramuses that you get as classmates, fellow students & teachers.

The proper thing to do in school is to focus on getting educated, but not everybody does that. There are these jokers who do all sorts of bullcrap to distract other innocent people from learning. (The 1st cartoon below is about the 3 Basic Groups of Jerks You Meet in School!) Fortunately, there are ways to learn & stay educated without school, as you’ll find out once you become a mature adult!

(Famous geniuses like Albert Einstein thought outside the box & that’s how they discovered the scientific formulae that they found & published! And they didn’t need school to figure those things out!)

What’s the point to going to school if you get teased & bullied by jerks, you might ask? Excellent question! Kids are sent to school to be educated, not to be teased or bullied; yet, it happens! Jerks are to blame for all the birdcrap that happens in school! However, an education is necessary to get a job to make money & have a successful career.

Here’s a fact about school that they probably won’t teach you in school:


Characters: Derek Cyannus Jr. the Blue Monkey-Man, Burger Meat Food, Bubblepuss AKA Brutus Blubberly, Zoe Badloose & the 3 pairs of female eyes who are the miscellaneous characters. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

I also seen a video that says school has some sinister origins…

According to my experiences & what I witnessed in school, other people will spend more time judging & over-criticizing you than focusing on their own educations. True friends don’t over-criticize or judge each other. When people are mean to you, forgiving is easier than forgetting.(Especially if you have photographic memory) The kinder a person is, the more likely that person will apologize to you.

Buck Hastee tried to tell his judgmental teacher Renata Yum-yum that she cheered him up by giving him those cookies, but once she heard him mention that he currently felt grouchy, she suddenly rescinded the cookies because she doesn’t want to share her cookies with a “grouchy person”! She didn’t even know why Buck felt so grouchy, yet she judged him as soon as she met him! She wouldn’t even ask why he felt that way before judging him! Renata asked Buck what his problem was the next day, but it was too late; she already became part of his problem!

The main command I had to give to my school bullies was “Leave me alone & focus on your own education!”

Conclusively, school is a mental jungle that all born children must face. To have a fighting chance in that struggle for survival & education, develop & study some self-defensive strategies against bullying. You can choose the brawny path or the brainy path.(Or if you happen to be very attractive & popular somehow, the quantity-of-allies path.) Also, good luck with those zero-tolerance policies from misinformed teachers & other types of school staff members, especially if you’re a boy…

(The sexism in school is targeted more towards boys!)