When it comes to knowing the truth or living in ignorant bliss, I choose to know the truth, no matter how harsh it is. I like to know the truth about anything. Moving on to why this essay has this title, we all have some desires, but in any path of life, you will meet people/potential supporters or opposers. When you meet them, will they decide to oppose you? Well that depends on actions you do, directed at them or not & whether they like or dislike your actions for whatever reasons; their actions may not please you either!

You can’t please everybody; I can’t please everybody & I know it. It makes me cringe sometimes, thinking about how somebody will react to any specific action I do! You know what the root of all criticism is? It’s provocativeness! Some people will judge & criticize you no matter what you do! They find something provocative about an action you did, no matter how innocent it is or why you did it or still do it. However, some actions are good while their opposite actions are evil; it’s worth studying why villains do their evil actions, even if you’re not evil!

Being royal doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. If a princess kills an innocent civilian who lives in her own kingdom, especially on purpose, then guess what: she’s a murderess! (Great power has great responsibilities indeed!)


You know what impeachment is, don’t you? It is what happens to a ruler when he/she abuses his/her power; it’s taken away. Rulers should not use their power to tyrannize their homelands, they should use it for the good of the people. No person is above the law. Even as a ruler, you still have to obey your own laws & commands. If the law is wrong, then the king(or queen) can change it! By the way, the name of the little red character is Archy Micro Ant.

Doing the right action(s) will make people prosper, but doing the wrong action(s) will make people suffer. How do you know that an action is wrong? 1 word: Consequences. All actions have consequences that can make people suffer or prosper.

Finally, dear readers, I don’t want to scare you, but about companionship in general:

When it comes to specific actions you can potentially do to anybody around you, including strangers, you never know when your favorite companions will mentally morph into your worst opposers for whatever reasons, even if they’re related to you by blood! (Lion King Simba has an evil uncle; Scooby-Doo has a formerly good nephew) Be self-defensive, be a fighter & seek for the truth because it’s worth it. Trust me, I’m a mathematician!


In conjunctions, the order of the 2 inputs doesn’t matter; whichever input that’s to the left or right of the ampersand(&; or the word “and”), it’s logically the same, equivalent statement! The 2 characters in the cartoon above are Burger Meat Food(the one on the left) & his super smart friend Dr. John Von Foolish(the one on the right).