I specifically typed this essay for vegetarians & vegans to read to hopefully feel better about others eating meat. You refuse to eat meat because you have to kill the animal to eat the meat, right? About God’s 6th commandment, in the King James version of the Holy Bible, it was printed & translated as: “Thou shalt not kill”, but it turns out that God may have actually said: “Thou shalt not murder”. The commandment translated correctly into modern English is: “Do not murder”; murder is illegal or immoral killing. Killing in self-defense is moral, but killing innocent people out of sheer spite is immoral. (And of course immoral action is illegal!)


Dr. John Von Foolish wearing his “Do Not Murder” T-shirt.


To eat meat or not to eat meat? That’s the question. Well, it’s still your choice whether to eat meat or not, but civilized meat-eaters won’t eat every animal they see! As you may have guessed, Robert decided to be a vegetarian, unlike his cousin Sue!


Burger was scared of Don Demonvark when they 1st met because Don just happens to be a carnivore. However, Don says that he only eats meat from “recklessly stupid” species! (And chicken)

Although I will eat meat from a fish that was prescribed in the meat market, I wouldn’t just eat & kill a pet goldfish just to have a meal! It may be a non-human life, but killing a pet animal (especially when it’s NOT in self-defense) is like murder, because that would be mentally hurtful to the pet owner! The hunters that hunt animals such as deer, turkeys, buffalo, etc. are given hunter’s licenses that they must earn for several reasons, which you can look up for yourselves. Not all killing is murder, besides, every time you take a bath, you’re killing trillions of microscopic germs on your body that could otherwise get inside you & make you sick! (That is proper hygiene, not murder.)


Dottie Doll knows that it’s impolite to put your feet on a table since feet spend most of their time on the filthy, germ-covered ground, but she washed her feet so they would be clean…but now they’re wet! Derek & Maryanne say Dottie’s name in anguish.

Now I have a special question for vegetarians & vegans: Suppose you were a cat & you found 2 mice, 1 dead & 1 still alive; which mouse would you eat & why? When polite people pay you a visit into your house, they never tell you to stop eating vegetables, right? Technically, vegetables are pieces of plants, which are also living things just like animals. Part of the plant dies, but at least the entire plant doesn’t die with the vegetable that you eat! To end this essay, remember the omnivore’s motto: Food is food!