When it comes to my cartoons, my enemies (if I have any) have 3 special rights:

  1. They have the right to view my cartoons. Any cartoon of mine they choose to dislike/hate is their problem, not mine, and I’m not interested in knowing why!
  2. They have the right to visit my Website. Any visit to the Index Page counts as a hit to my hit counter and will be recorded!
  3. They have the right to change the channel. Any educational message from my cartoons that they ignore only increases their ignorance even more! (Plus, I doubt that they’ll pay attention to my advice now!)

Not everyone has a good eye for art. As an artist, some people will like your artwork, some people will dislike it for some reason(s); but who cares what crappy, heckling art critics think? They make negative comments just to antagonize artists, just to be antagonizing! Constructive criticism is a little helpful, but if it’s filled with insulting remarks, then artists don’t want to waste their time listening to such disrespectful crap!

In fact, below is what I have to say to hecklers:

“I’ll not delete any of my artwork from the Internet just because somebody thinks they’re Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea! I don’t want or need to know why you don’t like my cartoons if you really don’t like them!”

“If you dislike a TV show, then don’t watch it; just shut up & change the channel! Watch something that you do like! Don’t whine to the network like crybabies, because it’s unprofessional, not to mention annoying! There’s nothing the people of the network can do about it if you choose not to like something they’re showing. (That’s right, it’s your choice whether to like something or not!)”

“You art critics need to find better things to do than harass poor artists. Plus, what you say (or type) can & will be used against you! If it’s negative, then it’s better not to say or type it. (You have the right to remain silent for a good reason!)”

“Do something more positive about your displeasure. And finally, don’t bother arguing with the artist about his/her masterpieces. In an argument of an art critic vs. an artist, the artist ALWAYS WINS!”

“And another thing: No hecklers are allowed in my theater!”

If you’re not a heckler, then the red words in quotation marks above are not directed towards you. If you really like my cartoons, then I’m glad that you like them indeed!


The creature heckling in the 1st 2 panels is called a bubbloon. Bubbloons are a hostile species in the world of my characters; they throw bubbles of their spit at people for the heck of it. (Gross, isn’t it?)
Anyway, don’t you think heckling is annoying? It’s a very immature, unprofessional thing to do! Not only do hecklers annoy the performers on stage, but also the other members of the audience who are trying to concentrate on the performance. Look at the 3 figures in shadow sitting behind the heckling bubbloon in the 1st 2 panels. See how annoyed they are with the unconsiderate creature? So Derek, Faye & Sabrina kicked him out!
If you go to the movies & some jerk starts heckling about the movie you’re watching, summon the security guards so they’ll kick him/her out!

How do I deal with hecklers?

I think hecklers should be punished for disorderly conduct! I would call security guards/cops to arrest hecklers in my theater! If they can’t stand the music, then they shouldn’t be in the concert! Besides, disorderly conduct is a felony; felonies are the type of crimes that can surely get somebody arrested. Interrupting scheduled theatrical performances is against the law…& that’s an example of disorderly conduct!

1 type of heckler an artist might have to face sometimes is an art critic. Art critics say all sorts of negative, degrading & insulting remarks about somebody’s art. 1 example of what art critics might say to an artist is: “Your drawings are very ugly! They hurt my eyes, so stop drawing!”. Don’t stop drawing; kick their butts out of your theater! Hecklers say all sorts of crap to creative people just to antagonize them!

Some people need to learn to do more positive actions when they’re displeased about something. Furthermore, it’s very unprofessional & very, very immature for someone to whine to a TV network about a show that he/she just doesn’t like. When a show that I dislike comes on, I simply change the channel or turn off the damn TV! (The remote was invented for a very good reason) I don’t complain to the network saying “I want you to cancel this show because I dislike it”! Besides, there is no law that says you must watch something that you dislike.

To end this essay, don’t let hecklers discourage you from your dreams. Use snappy comeback remarks in verbal self-defense. Mean words can be mentally hurtful, but how you take them depends on how much they hurt you.