Some people believe that planet alignments cause strange stuff to happen. One example is related to this 2012 end-of-the-world hoax. In fact, some people even believe that the alignment of the planets will affect the magnetic field of Earth; they believe that the magnetic field would reverse if the planets of our solar system align. Plus, they think this will happen on December 21, 2012. All of this is a bunch of myths!

What happens when planets in a solar system align? Absolutely nothing! In fact, the planets of this solar system have aligned hundreds of times in the past, and none of the planets were affected. Perhaps something happens in a science fiction story, but in reality, it’s nothing too significant. Planet alignment is a rather rare event.

Speaking of alignment, if you could line up all the planets in the solar system together in a row, they could all fit into the Sun’s diameter! Not even Jupiter’s size is close to the Sun’s! I did the math: The sum of the diameters of the planets is 400,698 km. This is less than the Sun’s diameter: 1,392,000 km. This sum of the planets’ diameters is about 28.786% of the Sun’s diameter, leaving about 71.214% of the Sun’s diameter uncovered! The Sun is that BIG! (Pluto was excluded since scientists demoted it to an icy dwarf planetoid, but even if you include Pluto, they would all fit in.)

Here is the corresponding pie chart to the data described in the final paragraph. All the planets in the solar system together are smaller than the Sun!

Here’s a Web page I found the day I typed this blog:

This page tells more about the whole 2012 thing people are scared about, and why we have nothing to worry about.