Yep, this is a sequel to a previous blog! There is more that I thought about alien calendars. Whether the year were longer or shorter, it would have dramatic effects on history & the space-time continuum.

With more months on the calendar, there would be room for more holidays in the year! However, our planet would have to be further away from the Sun, so it would have a longer orbit, making the year longer. To have a year with less than 12 months, Earth would have to be closer to the Sun, so it would have a shorter orbit, shortening the year. The year would no longer have exactly 365 days(366 on leap years); we would have to add 29.5 days on the average for every extra month, and subtract 29.5 days on the average for every deleted month! A month may not be completely deleted so that only 3 weeks would be deleted from the calendar, or a month may be lengthened to have 3 extra weeks!

There are several problems with moving Earth closer to or further from the Sun. One problem is that Earth would no longer be in the Goldilocks Zone; it would be too hot if it was too close, and too cold if it was too far from the Sun to support life. Another problem is that if holidays are deleted from the calendar because there wasn’t enough room in the year, it would cause all sorts of chaos! Imagine if Christmas was deleted from the year; wouldn’t people feel miserable if they didn’t get any Christmas presents for the current year after being nice? Shortening the year could also delete Thanksgiving!(My favorite holiday of the year. I certainly wouldn’t like that!) Halloween would most likely be the next holiday to get deleted because the months at the end of the year would get deleted first. Making changes in time like this would really confuse people!

So in conclusion, it’s best if Earth’s orbit stays just the way it is. There is an infinite amount of wonderful events waiting to happen in the future for us to celebrate! These events can happen on holidays that already exist, like Christmas; then you have 2 events to celebrate! Here’s a weird fact about calendars: according to, September 14, 1752 was the next day after September 2, 1752! Since our forefathers switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, 11 days were deleted that year, so it only had 355 days! You can click on the link to visit the Website and look for calendars of past years to find out for yourself! In fact, why don’t you click here:

Sabrina Cecilia Pixie hated Halloween so much that she wanted to delete it from history! She asked Dr. John Von Foolish if she could use his time machine to do it, but he warned her that deleting any specific holiday from history would corrupt the space-time continuum.