If our planet had 2 moons, we could see 2 moon phases at the same time! These phases would be opposite to each other most likely. For example, if 1 moon is in the waxing gibbous phase, the other would be in the decrescent(or waning crescent) phase, especially if these moons are in the same orbit around Earth, on opposite sides, and equidistant from Earth. We could switch between the moons by looking at opposite directions in the nighttime sky.

However, the Moon’s gravity pulls on Earth’s seas, causing tidal waves. The gravity of 2 moons would create twice as much tidal waves as 1, and the waves would be twice as large! Floods would be more likely to happen! So maybe just 1 moon is enough. Then again, if the moons were different sizes, one moon would have stronger gravity than the other, so the bigger one would make higher tides.

If 1 of these moons was in a lunar eclipse, the other moon would be in a solar eclipse! That’s because with the 2 moons on opposite sides of their orbit, they both can’t be in Earth’s shadow at the same time. Plus, the other moon would be in front of the Sun.