Kids, do you love to play? Well it turns out that playing is actually 1 of life’s 4 main activities, according to my cartoon just below! Playing is more important than you think! Playing games is good for you! In fact, sport games keep you active & allow you to exercise. Exercise is good for you, too! Body, mind & spirit can all be exercised in game-play.

All 4 of these activities must be done everyday in your life to keep you healthy & happy. In the “Working” Panel, Burger lifts up a 1-ton anvil (He has super strength!); in the “Learning” Panel, you can see a bunch of math formulae & facts about numbers, with Brain hovering around them; in the “Playing” Panel, Derek C. Jr. watches as Patience plays with a joker card, shaking it with her prehensile foot (She just finished a game of Poker Solitaire with her feet!); and finally in the “Consumption” Panel, Sabrina eats a piece of apple pie & Tina eats a piece of orange chicken.

When you play games with other people, always remember to be sporty. Seriously, sportsmanship is that important, as the title of this essay says. I explain why below:

Sportsmanship is playing games with others so that they can enjoy playing with you. A person who spoils the fun of the game somehow is either called a spoilsport or a killjoy. If the person breaks the rules of the game, then he/she becomes a cheater.

I once played with a woman who suddenly became a spoilsport/killjoy, causing me to outgrow her since she spoiled the fun of our final game together. She was too business-like, even for our past relationship. I won’t print her name, but she made such a big fuss about having to use her feet! Oh, and since she broke the game’s rules, that also makes her a cheater! Since she cheated, she lost the game by default. If I was her, I would just enjoy playing with my feet & behave myself, besides, it was just a silly game that she took too seriously!

But imagine this if you will:

What if all of the athletes of a soccer game just stood still on the field? When you watch soccer tournaments of the World Cup on T.V., you never hear any of the athletes say: “You know what? I refuse to kick the ball!” You never see that in a professional soccer game of the World Cup! Unlike someone I could mention, professional soccer players simply just use their feet to play the game, to run after the soccer ball, kick it or even lift it up with their feet whenever necessary! Besides, if all of the athletes just stood still on the field & refused to kick the ball, then it wouldn’t be much of a game; there would be no action to see, then the people of the audience would get bored & start booing because they paid good money to see a professional soccer game! If the athletes don’t play, then the audience gets ripped off!

Just another cartoon of mine showing the difference between footballs & soccer balls, as well as their respective sport games.

Being sporty allows your playmates to enjoy playing with you! It keeps them happy & happiness is that necessary to have! Extreme unhappiness can actually be deadly! In fact, extreme unhappiness is complete misery & that has actually made some people suicidal!

In conclusion, it’s never fun to play with spoilsports/killjoys or cheaters. If you don’t like a game, then you don’t like it; but if you already agreed to play it with someone, just keep your word & after the game is over, you don’t have to play it ever again if you dislike it for some reason. Finally, according to some of the previous paragraphs, sportsmanship is that important!

The title of this essay asks an excellent question! However, we may never know the exact number of lives that our planet Earth(or any other Earth-like planet) can support due to organisms being mortal. But do consider the question below & my answer to it:

Is the world overpopulated?

No, I do not think that the world is overpopulated. In fact, if it was, then the entire surface area of the planet would have collapsed by now under everybody’s weight! Besides, if we ever find another planet that can support life, then some people can move there to prevent this planet from getting overloaded; and I’m sure that the universe itself is infinite in size!

(Here’s a fact I just remembered about the universe: It gradually increases in size; it is larger today than it was yesterday!)

Everyday, at least 1 death happens somewhere in the world for some reason. But also, at least 1 birth happens each day to prevent world underpopulation. So tell murderers not to pull B.S. saying “the world’s overpopulated”! Birth & death can & do counterbalance each other! To describe it mathematically, xy + y = x, no matter what the 2 values are!

I disagree with anyone who says that the world is overpopulated, because x + y – y = x; x could be equal to the number of currently living people in the world; +y = the number of births & -y = the number of deaths. (You mathematicians know how addition & subtraction work with positive numbers.) Like I printed in the previous paragraph, birth & death counterbalance each other; plus, they both happen everyday! Most importantly, God said: “Do not murder”, so murder is wrong! Exclamation point!

My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr.(the blue one) told his former friend Al to shut up, because Al apparently thinks that murder should be legalized to prevent world overpopulation; however, murder is NOT the solution to that! It would just cause a lot more misery.

A planet’s density should also be considered. The higher the density, the stronger the surface. I seen tiny marbles that are strong enough to handle the weight of people who are at least 100 times bigger & heavier than the marbles! The planet could be dense enough to handle the weight of a whole googol of people per square megameter! (10^100 or 10 duotrigintillion over 1 million (10^6) meters! That’s a ratio of 10^94 or 10 trigintillion!) I’m not saying that it is, but it could be! (Maybe a googol is an overstatement…)

At the opposite extreme, if the world was underpopulated, then it would be an even lonelier place! The world is lonely enough with all of the violence, distrust & crimes! Furthermore, more babies would have to be born to repopulate the Earth! Sure, people would have much more breathing space, but with fewer people around, that also means fewer friends! (On the upside, it would also mean fewer enemies, but people mayn’t stay your enemies forever…) Also, when a species goes extinct, it has a dramatic impact on the world somehow!

In reference to Star Trek(TM), a planet that can support life is called a Type-M planet. The number of lives that gas planets, like Saturn & Jupiter, can support is zero(0)! Such planets have poisonous, dangerous atmospheres that are too hostile for supporting life, unlike Earth.

In conclusion, the number of living organisms in the world, non-humans included, should be just fine. Besides, species come in different sizes & weights. As long as the planet’s surface can handle the weight of every organism living on it & species keep reproducing sufficiently, then the world should neither be overpopulated nor underpopulated.

If you want to see exactly how many people are living in the world right now, click here:

P.S.: The next alien world we find somewhere in space might not be a planet at all; in fact, it could also be a moon! There are moons out there that can support life, too! Scientists have determined that some of Jupiter’s & Saturn’s moons could possibly be places to live!

Scroll thru these 10 frame-by-frame images of my Silly Snake cartoon character. Can you guess what he is doing? He’s rotating like a tire!

Silly Snake rotates 40 degrees per panel since he finishes making 1 full rotation(360 degrees) in the 10th/final panel. Because 360 ÷ 9 = 40. (You must subtract 1 from 10 because in the 1st panel, Silly Snake has rotated 0 degrees so far!)

Somebody I stopped following on Quora told people that complex numbers don’t rotate. Correction: Anything can rotate, including numbers!

Rotation is a curvy motion. It technically happens everywhere all the time! Even the planet Earth itself is rotating; it rotates 15 degrees each hour, bringing everything on its surface with it. Why do you think we have day & night? The entire solar system is rotating, too; the planets revolve around the Sun & even spin on their own axes. (Spinning counts as rotation, too! So does revolution!) As an artist & a mathematician, I always knew that images can rotate. Image-wise, you can rotate anything you examine by changing your point of view, even if the rotation is not physical! Being on the planet Earth, you may not feel like you’re rotating & it mayn’t seem like your house is rotating, but actually, the planet’s forces are rotating you & your house along with it!

It was kind of unimaginative for that guy to conclude that complex numbers don’t rotate. (I won’t use his name publicly!) Who says that complex numbers can’t rotate? If complex numbers don’t or can’t rotate, then what do you call THIS?:

All complex numbers have angles in respect to the origin. (The origin is the point marked (0,0) or 0 + 0i) Each complex number is a specific point on the complex plane. The angle of a complex number is measured by starting to the right of the origin on the real number line. Positive angles go counter-clockwise & negative angles go clockwise.

When you multiply or divide complex numbers, you’ll either change the magnitude(also known as absolute value) or the angle of your reference point. As long as you changed the angle, you rotated something; angle change is rotation! For example, if you multiply the complex number 1 + i by i, then you get -1 + i. The angle of 1 + i is 45º; The angle of -1 + i is 135º; since you multiplied by i, you rotated your reference point 90º counter-clockwise! (Division rotates clockwise; multiplication rotates counter-clockwise) Any complex number in the unit circle causes a rotation without changing the magnitude!

Pictured below is a graph of 12 complex numbers; these are the same 12 that are tagged in the animation above. (Although, only the names of 3 are printed in it.) Points in the same color have the exact same magnitude, but their angles are different in respect to the origin:

Even the calculations themselves count as rotation because you technically change the number(s) of degrees(or radians) of an angle or several angles!

45º + 30º = 75º

You can also multiply an angle by a number of your choice to change the angle! For example:

45° × 5 = 225°

If you convert to radians:

π/4 r × 5 = 5π/4 r

Initially, the angle was 45 degrees, but if you add 30 degrees to it, then it becomes 75 degrees. You changed the angle & like I typed just now, angle change is rotation! Finally, 1 last thing as I conclude this essay: If the number of degrees(or radians) of an angle is positive, then the rotation is counter-clockwise; if the number of degrees(or radians) is negative, then the rotation is clockwise. Mathematicians just decided that it should normally be that way, although you could switch that around if you want to!

If you have seen enough religious stuff, then you should be very familiar with the 10 Commandments. However, some verses in the Holy Bible aren’t meant to be taken too literally… There’s 1 specific verse that says that if your eyes cause you to sin(or do something bad), then poke them out; but you won’t just go ahead & poke your eyes out immediately, would you? Then you would be blind! Obviously! But that specific verse means that it’s better to be in Heaven with an incomplete body than in Hell with a complete body! (Heaven is eternal paradise; Hell is eternal misery) But surely, God can repair your body parts for you while you’re in Heaven, right?

Anyway, here are the 10 Commandments in easy-to-understand English:

Dr. John Von Foolish wearing his “Do Not Murder”
  1. Put God 1st in everything you do
  2. No false gods (Also known as idols)
  3. Don’t misuse God’s name (Be positive & respectful, not negative or disrespectful)
  4. Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy (Take vacations whenever necessary; even God Himself says that vacations are important!)
  5. Honor your parents (This commandment specifically mentions your parents, but it also means that all members of a family should respect each other)
  6. Don’t murder
  7. Don’t commit adultery (You’re allowed to have only 1 spouse at a time)
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t fib; in other words, tell the truth
  10. Don’t covet (When others own neat things that you don’t own, don’t let that be a source of your bad feelings or seek to take what they have without their permission)

Considering these 10 commandments, 2 or more of them can be combined into other moral commands. For example:

  • #6 & #8 can be combined to say: “Don’t destroy your neighbor’s property”
  • #1 & #4 can be combined to say: “You always need to know what time it is & today’s date; don’t forget that” (Sometimes, #2 can be included in this sum!)
  • #7 & #8 can be combined to say: “Don’t kidnap people; specifically, their spouses”
  • #1 & #2 are very related to each other! Together, they mean: “Don’t create or worship false gods”
  • #6 & #7 can be combined to say: “Don’t rape”
  • #5, #7 & #8 can all be combined to say: “Don’t kidnap people; specifically, their children or their parents” (Children are more likely to be kidnapped by crooks however!)
  • #3 & #10 can be combined to say: “Don’t tease people with your property”
  • The last 5 together (#6, #7, #8, #9 & #10) are all about how you treat other people
Maryanne Maidenson, the White Rabbit’s maid, reminds her supervisor that the current date in this cartoon is a Saturday while she was mopping his kitchen!
God Himself invented weekends so we could have a day to rest from work. Saturday is called the Sabbath in the Christian Religion since it’s the 7th & final day of the week. God created the world in 6 days & rested on the 7th, which is why we have 7 days in a week.
Where does Sunday fit into this? Why do we rest on Sundays, too? Well, some other religions believe that Sunday is the Sabbath. The arguments about Saturday or Sunday being the Sabbath led to both days of the week being weekly holidays! So it’s actually like we get 2 Sabbaths per week! But who’s complaining?

Are we allowed to pick a favorite commandment? Well, even if you pick a favorite, you still have to obey all 10!

I decided that my favorite commandment is #3: Don’t misuse God’s name. It’s my favorite because names are technically words, which have some power & meaning. It does matter how use someone else’s name. (Especially God’s) The way you use a word (especially a vulgar one) can & will get you criticized by whoever is in your audience.

When I was in middle school, this music-hating jerk excessively called out my name without respect, over every petty, little action I did around him! (Whether the action was important or just for fun) Even during free-time, he whined out my name about whatever I did! It was extremely disruptive & very annoying because when somebody calls out your name for you to hear, you can’t ignore it; you can’t ignore your own name; you must respond to the caller somehow!

I used grawlixes to censor Zoe Badloose’s foul mouth when she misused God’s name, because even as the cartoonist, I wanted to make sure that I don’t print(and therefore use) God’s name in vain. Grawlixes are the name of those random symbols that are used to censor vulgar language & cursing in comic strips. Derek points his finger at God’s name in the 2nd panel, plus it’s in bold letters. Misusing God’s name coincides with cursing, by the way. You can click on this image for a better view.

I filed a complaint about it but the staff of the school ignored my complaint. Now that I think about it, my complaint really shouldn’t have been ignored because something had to be done about that jerk’s constant whining & misuse of my name. In fact, he was stupid enough to commit disorderly conduct! Maybe he’s in jail right now for committing that crime in a theater somewhere. If my complaint wasn’t ignored, then I could have got an opportunity to warn my whiny foe about the consequences of committing disorderly conduct & find a consensus to solve his problem, then maybe he would stop whining about everything I do! (My complaint was about his misbehavior, too. Not just about him using my name!)

What if that music-hating jerk misused God’s name instead of mine? Then it could bring great misfortune to the entire school! That’s what happens when God’s name is misused: great misfortune! The Titanic sank because its builders said that God couldn’t sink it, so He proved them wrong! They dared Him, the almighty creator of the universe, to sink their ship, so guess what happened. It’s questionable that the ship hitting the iceberg caused the tragedy, but still, the builders shouldn’t have mocked God; that cursed the ship!

Seriously, respect matters & that’s what God’s 3rd commandment is all about: respect!

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” – Exodus 20:7

Don’t you think it was rude of Zoe Badloose to mock God like that in my cartoon? After she got magically zapped, the principal of the school that she worked in fired her for practicing witchcraft on school grounds!

When people sin or commit crimes, it somehow turns people into miserable slaves. And God hates slavery! Furthermore, evil brings nothing but trouble, even to the troublemakers! Believe me, I know that for sure because quite often when I got too revengeful in elementary school & retaliated against my school bullies, I was punished, too, for offending them! My elementary school teachers thought that I was a troublemaker, when actually, I was just a lonely schoolboy who was defending myself! Almost no person would help me with my bullies at the time, so I had to rely on supernatural help. God is supernatural. I prayed for His help & He helped me!

What if God gave an 11th commandment, what would it be?

I think God would say, as His 11th commandment: “You may rephrase the previous 10 commandments in your own words, but your words must coincide with mine.”

Or maybe all 10 of the commandments can be combined to form an 11th compound commandment, that says: “Communicate carefully & morally with people who receive your messages.” (And you’re always communicating, whether you know it or not!) But anyway, that’s just my theory. In conclusion, God’s 10 commandments tell you what you must do to be a morally good person.

The villainess of this cartoon – Shirley Locks – lied about killing her own husband; she thought that she could fool the lie detector but to her surprise, it worked after all! After her confession, the heroes of the cartoon brought her to justice. Dottie Doll even suggested that they send her to the planet Misandristica since Shirley was so misandristic! You can click on this image for a better view.

The Circle of Life can seem complicated sometimes, but it turns out that death is the part that you have to go thru before you can get to the 3rd & final step of this circle: Rebirth! However, you still want to live a full, meaningful life. That would be much easier if you could have extra lives to spare.

Like I typed in the prequel of this essay, extra lives would certainly come in handy because unfortunately, we live in a world filled with dangers. Danger naturally exists. You know where to find it, don’t you? But also, for 1 reason or another, some jerk(s) might decide to become your enemy(ies)…then you’ll have someone to look out for! Enemies are people you usually have to fight or argue with because they’re against you & they don’t agree with you.

When should you fight an enemy?

You should especially fight someone if they keep insulting you or pose a great threat to you. Enemies are people who hinder each other from accomplishing their goals since their goals are practically opposite to each other. (For example, 1 person wants to succeed, but the other person wants the 1st person to fail) And then, there are mortal enemies, who have to resort to killing each other just to accomplish their opposing goals; or in other words, survive. (Like the relationship between a predator & its prey)

Calvin Roxwell the Caveman is running from his predatory arch-nemesis Drake the Tyrannosaurus in this picture. These 2 characters are mortal enemies because of their predator-prey relationship! If Calvin at least had an extra life to spare, then he would have less to lose after getting eaten by Drake once! You can click this image for a better view.

Plenty of my stupidest enemies of the past became my mortal enemies over extreme bullcrap! My disputes with them were not so serious that mortality itself had to be brought into the situation! However, my ignorant enemies made it that serious by threatening my life! They just hated me for all sorts of stupid reasons! The zealots over-dramatized their disputes with me! I was forced to defend myself, so I did. And yes, at least 3 of them actually tried to kill me…and nearly succeeded!

If I had to fight any of my stupidest enemies of the past to the death, now that I think about it, it would be a sad, bad ending either way! (Whether I die or my enemy does from the fight) Even if I win & my enemy dies, then I would surely & eventually have to face the wrath of my enemy’s family. How could I explain to my enemy’s relatives that I had to kill my ignorant enemy in self-defense? I doubt that they would accept that excuse! Besides, I would still have to go to jail even though I killed my enemy in self-defense. But I do have the right to defend myself, right? It would be the same thing for my enemies if it was vice versa! Did any of them think about this before they just threatened my life like that? Apparently not!

The title of this cartoon of mine is: “Freedom’s Requirement”. Freedom comes from moral self-control, as I printed in the final panel. The villainess Shirley Locks killed her own husband by drugging him with an alcoholic drink, so he would crash behind the steering wheel! The heroic characters sent Shirley to the planet Misandristica after she lied about her crimes after her arrest, as Dottie Doll suggested. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

Of course the family of my enemy values my enemy’s life more than I do, but still, after all these years, I hope that my stupidest enemies of the past have learned to watch what they say to other people! Besides, a life has value indeed; in fact, it is more valuable than cash & coins. Broken lives CANNOT be fixed! If any of my stupidest enemies died after getting into an unnecessary dispute with me, not only would it be a tragedy for their families, but it would also be a tragedy for me as well, that I had to end the life of another human who wouldn’t listen to reason, just to defend my own life! It would be a tragedy for my family, too! (I wouldn’t be at home to live with my family, I would have to be in jail to pay a debt to society!)

All actions have consequences that can make people suffer or prosper. If the consequences of an action made someone innocent suffer, then that action was wrong! Otherwise, if it brought prosperity, then it was the right thing to do! Finally, ignoramuses who do the wrong actions to the innocent may eventually have to face their own bad karma!

Although it’s technically moral to kill in self-defense, (considering all the germs you kill when you wash yourselves) murder is wrong 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & during every holiday of the year, including Halloween! (October 31st may be reputed as the scariest day of the year, but still, murder is always wrong & always will be because God says so!) Below is a truth table explaining my point:

If you’re having trouble reading the text, you can click on the truth table for a better view. To read more factual & logical stuff that I typed about Halloween, see the essay entitled: “Trick or Treat But Not Both!”

Although murder is wrong, you can’t live forever anyway. Go figure. And all good people hate it when an innocent person’s life is rudely cut short. But again, I do value & have some respect for life, although I’m not a pacifist; you can value life without being a pacifist. A pacifist is someone who won’t kill another person, even in self-defense or for the defense of another innocent person’s life. (Pacifists won’t even eat meat since it comes from animals!) However, murderers are reckless killers who neither value nor respect life; they’re the ones who should be in jail! By the way, legal killing is called execution, when criminals are sentenced to death by the judge in court when they’re found guilty of a very serious crime, like massive murder.

Groundman AKA Grovel Ravel burrows a history book from Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins & as he reads it, he finds out what happened to his bullies of the past. They were executed for murdering his entire family! (That’s a type of genocide, which is the worst type of murder!) Grover’s bullies wanted to kill him just because he had a relatively big nose & they assumed that he was a fibber because of it! The extremism of his bullies was so dangerous that they practically died from it! You can click on this comic strip for a better view.

The only case when death is natural is when it’s by senescence(old age) or a deadly disease.

After having a conversation with Groundman AKA Grovel Ravel, Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) asks “what makes death so natural anyway?”, so she suddenly receives a letter from the Grim Reaper. Derek Cyannus Jr. gives her the letter. These are some scenes from an episode of my cartoon series entitled: “Mortality Vs. Immortality”. You can click on the comic strip for a better view.

What’s worse than dying?

Living forever in misery is worse than dying! I heard of fiction where characters become immortal somehow, but then something very depressing happens to them, like losing a body part, and then the immortal characters become suicidal! But as immortals, they can’t commit suicide anymore! (If you could live forever but can’t be happy about it, then what’s the point to it?)

Is there life after death?

I kind of hope so. But the Bible says that the deceased doesn’t remember anything about their lives. (I guess you can’t take memories with you into the afterlife, either!) Anyway, Heaven must be interdimensional; it’s not only away from this world in space, but also in time, millions & billions & trillions of years into the future. Rebirth, if it exists, must also be part of the cycle of life. Finally, in a way, death is part of life, too; it’s the end of it. (The ending is part of the story, too!)

To end this essay, what you can do about having only 1 single life to live is to enjoy it, make your dreams come true. 1 life is enough to make your dreams come true; it’s not enough when you happened to get murdered! So don’t get murdered. Take care of yourself to the best of your self-defensive abilities. Also, the love of many friends can conquer the hate of several enemies. So use the love of your friends (& family) for protection from hate-filled homicidal enemies. (Don’t forget about natural dangers either.)

Speaking of enemies, by pure luck, if my former enemies of the past have hopefully redeemed themselves from bullying & such meanness, they can still receive some forgiveness from me; however, to get into my circle of friends now after how much time has passed, they must follow this simple condition:


How would life be like without numbers?

Without numbers, people wouldn’t know how to count or measure. There would be many important things we wouldn’t know if it weren’t for numbers. For example, what time it is or what day of the week it is. We wouldn’t even know that God gave 10 commandments for us to live by! In other words, we wouldn’t know how many there are. And His 4th commandment: “Remember the Sabbath”, how the hell could we obey that commandment if we didn’t know what day of the week it is? Numbers help us remember the current day of the week!
So you see, numbers should be respected. A long time ago, I met someone who used to have no respect for numbers! This villain character of mine is based on him; his name is George Peanut-Brain the Number Hater:


Adding (or subtracting) zero(0) from a number doesn’t change the sum, so you can’t increase your score by adding 0 points to it, but does that make 0 a bad number? NO. It’s just the number of additive identity.

1 is the smallest natural number. All of the other natural numbers (2, 3, 4, etc.) are greater than 1, but does that make 1 a bad number? NO. Size doesn’t make a number “bad”!

During pandemics of the past, hundreds of thousands of people died from diseases since there was no cure or vaccine yet for those diseases when they 1st broke out into the world! Despite how many people died from the disease, is the number itself bad? NO. It just tells you how many people that the terrible disease has killed. And you wouldn’t know that if it weren’t for numbers!

Despite the number 666 being called “the Mark of the Beast”, the number itself isn’t bad, although it scares some people. If you have 666 things, then that’s just a coincidence; it doesn’t mean that you’re cursed! (That goes double for the number 13, which is usually considered unlucky.)

The 1st 6 letters of the English Alphabet(A, B, C, D, E & F) are used as digits in the Hexadecimal System. [BAD] in hexadecimal = [2989] in decimal, but that doesn’t make 2,989 a “bad” number!

Note: In case you don’t know, the Hexadecimal System is Base 16. The Decimal System(Base 10) is the commonly used number-printing system!

Numbers commonly appear in mathematics. If you know how to calculate correctly, then you can solve the toughest mathematical problems! Yet however, even average-thinking people have some trouble with problem-solving, even in math!

Why is mathematical problem-solving so difficult?

Problem-solving is not that simple because most things are more complex than you think. Simple-minded idiots think that killing people that they dislike will solve all their problems. NO! There are consequences to actions you do & as the action-doer, you’ll eventually have to pay for those consequences, especially because your action made somebody suffer. You have to use the right approaches to a problem & analyze the facts related to the situation. In other words, if you put the puzzle pieces in the right places, then you’ll solve the puzzle.

My adopted character Patience Muffet wearing her jungle outfit, solving a puzzle & gripping the puzzle pieces with her prehensile toes!

Some people hate numbers & apparently math! (Like this person I once met!) They are the kind of people who prefer to be incorrect & do things their way! They chose to be incorrect instead of doing things correctly! The main goal in education is to do things correctly, but these people proudly do things incorrectly & assume that everything that they think is true. Assume & you’ll make more mistakes! Also, this essay of mine tells you why you shouldn’t hate numbers.

This person that I met a long time ago made some mistakes that were obviously incorrect & he even tried to indoctrinate me into thinking that they were correct, but I’m not that stupid! For example, he once asked me: “What’s 1 + 1?”; I gave him the correct answer(2), but then he set me up & said: “No, 1 + 1 = 11 because when you put 2 1’s together, you get 11, see?” Obviously, that was a joke, but it was also a trick; tricks are unfair in mathematics! Besides…

This is the incorrect way to do addition:
(That isn’t addition, that’s digit arrangement!)
This is the correct way to do addition:

1 + 1 = 2 because if you have 1 apple in your left hand & another 1 in your right hand, then you’re holding a total of 2 apples; that’s a premise! (A premise is an obvious logical fact)

At least you can learn from your mistakes, but you still want to make as few as possible because mistakes can be very messy! You should try to correct them as soon as possible, too, because of that. Messes lead to drama, so mistakes can & quite often do cause drama!

This person was an example of a simple-minded idiot, who couldn’t solve a super-complex problem if his life depended on it because he refused to understand the science of problem-solving! And as long as he chooses to be incorrect about everything, specifically morals, he’ll have an infinite amount of consequences to pay & receive countless punishments for the rest of his life for his asinine actions! Unless this person has changed from this foolish way. (Fortunately, people do change as they grow up…hopefully for the better.)

If it makes non-mathematicians feel better, needing a calculator to solve a math problem DOESN’T mean that you’re stupid! (At least you know how to use a calculator, right?)

Are all numbers important to us? The answer is YES! In fact, every type of number is important to us somehow; for example, negative numbers.

Negative numbers measure penalties, positive numbers measure bonuses. A negative number can also be used to measure debt, as in money. For example, if you owe someone $25 but only have $11 to give, then that means you’re $14 in debt(-$14). Both positive & negative numbers represent absolute value except that a negative number means you’re below, behind or slower, while a positive number means you’re above, ahead or faster. Surely, if you consider the adjectives I used, you get the idea.

There’s no biggest or smallest number. Adding 1 to a sum over & over & over will just make the total bigger & bigger. This is known as infinity.

Adding any number to infinity is still infinity!

∞+1=∞; ∞+2=∞; but 1≠2.

By the way, infinity(∞) is NOT a number; it is the concept of endlessness. Since it never ends, it’s not finite & therefore not a number since all numbers are finite. In the realm of the infinite, strange things happen when infinity is applied to physical things! (For example, an endless line of A’s can’t have a B in it)
Also, you can’t compare endless things. In other words, you can’t say that 1 endless thing is bigger or smaller than another. 2 infinities most likely won’t be the same since neither one ever ends. Adding any number to infinity is still infinity because it’s endless. However, it’s still true that 1≠2 because:

𝑥+1≠𝑥+2, no matter what number x is. And remember: infinity(∞) is NOT a number!

Does (Infinity + 1) – Infinity = 1?

∞+1=∞, but ∞−∞ is undefined, so (∞+1)−∞ is also undefined.

Furthermore, you can’t compare infinity with infinity (size-wise) since it’s endless. You can compare real numbers but infinity(∞) ISN’T a number!

For more information about why we need numbers, you can visit this specific Web page in the Math Section of my cartoon Website: Why Numbers Are Important

To conclude this essay, anybody can become a mathematician! Math isn’t that difficult; in fact, it’s logical. Unfortunately, not everyone is a big fan of it. Some people misunderstand plenty of mathematical symbols & other such things related to math. But if you focus on being educated, you can learn what those symbols mean, understand formulae and figure out solutions to problems.

Is the phrase “Ladies First” sexist? That’s a good question!

Originally, it was about teaching men & boys specifically to be polite & to consider the fact that ladies are the ones who give birth; however, there’s a major con about it:

Men & boys have to wait until all the ladies get their turns!

Now it’s understandable that people want to consider pregnancy & protect unborn babies, but unfortunately, not everybody is patient! Maybe hasty guys especially find that phrase very irritating! They must get really annoyed when a lady or several ladies take a long time to finish her turn/their turns. How inconvenient for a guy who is in a hurry! Now calling ladies “slow pokes” would certainly be sexist, but some ladies are faster than others! It must be good luck for gentlemen when fast ladies get to go 1st!

I heard of a guy who once asked his teachers: “When do boys get to go 1st?” They said back to him: “Be quiet & wait your turn!” Apparently, the teachers told him that they’ll NEVER let boys go 1st! Now that’s SEXIST!

The thought of this “Ladies First” phrase helped me develop an antihero character for my cartoons – Burger Meat Food – who was jealous of the ladies because they get to go 1st; however, overtime, he receives redemption especially because he was ultimately in favor of gender equality. This hamburger-man character is not known for his patience! He disagrees with that phrase & thinks that the fastest person should always go 1st! (It’s racing logic if you think about it)
Below are a few cartoons of mine where he lost his patience with the ladies:


The hasty hamburger-man couldn’t even explain why he thought that the ladies shouldn’t go 1st, but Dr. John Von Foolish is so smart that he could tell right away that Burger was just jealous of the ladies. By the way, inexplicable means incapable of being explained!


The crayon man Carlton Marker asks which basketball team should go 1st, then Sally Brittany Martin says her team the Brass Ladies should go 1st because they’re ladies, but Burger objects & insists that they play “Fire, Water, Grass” to decide who goes 1st. “Fire, Water, Grass” is a roulette version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Burger won the bet, but then Sally says to Burger that ladies going 1st doesn’t mean that men have to go last!


Burger expected Goldilocks to be slow, but she impressed him with her super speed! The Brass Ladies learned that he likes ladies, well, people in general, to be fast!

Female lives have value, but so do male lives. When mothers survive but not fathers, the mothers & children mourn the fathers. Women cry in funerals, mourning the men they love & who have lost their lives. Also, it’s not always good to be 1st, but it’s not always good to be last either…

Sometimes, order matters; sometimes, it doesn’t. It especially matters in permutations. However, there are also combinations, where order doesn’t matter. This fact helped me develop my Burger Meat Food character, who was jealous of the ladies because they get to go 1st quite often in this often-gynocentric society!


Burger had a lot of trouble understanding etiquette at 1st. Xavier Xtremer – his psychologist – explains to him that order doesn’t matter in combinations. “Ladies & Gentlemen” & “Gentlemen & Ladies” are the 2 permutations that form the 1 gender-neutral & order-neutral combination: “Folks”!


In conjunctions, the order of the 2 inputs doesn’t matter; whichever input that’s to the left or right of the ampersand(&; or the word “and”), it’s logically the same, equivalent statement!

Should people try to force a “Ladies First” rule on men in public? Well…

It would not be a very good idea in the long run. Originally, the “Ladies First” rule wasn’t about treating men unfairly, but rather teaching men to be polite to the ladies since ladies are the ones who give birth; however, I did the math:

If a man had to wait for his turn before 15 ladies & each lady takes 2 seconds to finish her turn, then the man will have to wait for 30 seconds. Now suppose there was an infinite amount of ladies. Then the man would NEVER get his turn!

Multiplying infinity by any number except zero(0) is still infinity! (0 • ∞ is indeterminate)

Weird but interesting stuff happens when you apply infinity to certain physical things! An infinite series of ladies followed by a man would NEVER have a man in it because it simply doesn’t end! If you keep adding ladies to a series forever, then you can never have a man in it…Until you stop expanding it with just ladies & add a man for a change, which breaks the infinitude of ladies! So with infinity toggled on, “Ladies First” converges to “Ladies Only”! (It has the same effect as a girls-only club in the real world.)
The term first isn’t exclusionary, but the term only is! In other words, “Ladies First” doesn’t exclude gentlemen; it just means: “Let the ladies go first”; but “Ladies Only” means: “Let nobody but ladies get in!” which DOES exclude gentlemen! If a series of ladies is infinite, then you can’t ask: “What if it ends with a man?” because there is no end; otherwise, the series would not be infinite.
In the cartoon below, Burger has a nightmare that he was sucked into an interdimensional portal to Hell. There, he finds a portal to Heaven, but a she-demon blocked his way, telling him to let a line of ladies go first. When he asked how many ladies were in the line, she told him that it was an infinite amount so he would have to wait FOREVER to go thru the portal to Heaven!


Infinity isn’t a number! Get the joke to the she-demon’s answer?

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend that people force a “Ladies First” rule on men in public; there’s enough gynocentrism in society already!

By the way, “1st come, 1st serve” beats “Ladies 1st”, because if a man gets to a store clerk before a woman does, then the clerk will serve the man 1st, so the woman will have to wait her turn! It’s proper manners: the costumer who gets to the countertop 1st will be served 1st & the 2nd one will have to wait. Gender doesn’t matter in that case!

Being a loner can be difficult sometimes, especially when your enemies outnumber you! However, there are some advantages to being a loner. For example, an old proverb says: “2 captains will sink a ship”; Similarly, 2 narrators could ruin a story, 2 painters might mess up an art masterpiece…or even 2 gods might destroy a universe!(Especially if they oppose each other) Opposition is annoyingly challenging, especially if you’re a loner; but you can help yourself & this essay will give you some advice about that!

First of all, I’ll teach you what you should do to survive when your enemies outnumber you:

Is it possible for 1 person to beat 8 people? If the lonely person fights dirty, then yes, it should be possible. Fight dirty when you’re outnumbered, if you want to be victorious! It’s already unfair to you when your enemies outnumber you & attack you all at once, so don’t fight back fairly in that case… Even up the odds against you & fight dirty! (I’ll tell you why in the next 2 paragraphs…)

The main character of this picture – Mouse-Bill the Ratypus – used that very hard ruby hammer to kill those 6 cats in self-defense! (Everyone knows that cats eat rats & mice!)

Considering that italicized question in bold in the previous paragraph, I was often outnumbered in my disputes when I got bullied in school due to having such a small circle of friends. For one thing, when you’re outnumbered, fighting fair won’t work at all because you’re facing several opponents at the same time! (Your enemies are already fighting unfairly since they outnumber you!) You could even up the odds if only you could self-duplicate!
Do what it takes to survive; seek victory, not fairness. If your enemies outnumber you, fight dirty because you can’t fight like you’re facing only 1 opponent at a time; focus on all of your opponents, otherwise, several or all of them could tackle you at once & overwhelm you. If 2 or more of them grab you, they could tear you apart! (If their combined strength is enough to tear you apart) Better yet, use attacks or moves that can hit more than 1 enemy simultaneously if possible. Or you can retreat for a little bit & get the threatening crowd to scatter so you can beat each enemy 1-on-1. Also, powerful weapons are very helpful when you’re outnumbered!

Hint: Becoming a 1-man army is necessary for loners with a bunch of enemies!

Returning to my life story, I was lucky enough to not get torn apart by my enemies of the past, despite the many times I was outnumbered. I defeated my enemies by outsmarting them. However, I couldn’t win every fight. I lost some battles but I won the war & winning the war is more important than winning a specific battle.

Another Hint: When you’re out-muscled or outnumbered & the rules say that you can’t hit them back, (probably because you’re a boy & your enemies are girls, considering gynocentrism…) then you have to outsmart them! That’s how you defeat them! That’s how you fight back!

A little warning about outsmarting your enemies: If they’re at least as smart as you are, then they’ll be tougher to trick.

Plenty of people I met in school chose to compete against me instead of cooperate with me. I really dislike having competition because competition is often associated with opposition! (In fact, those 2 words with the suffix “-tion” are synonyms.) Even if it’s just a game, remember that some people are sore losers. Plus, if they wanted to oppose/compete against you in the 1st place, then they’re hypocrites for whining about losing & being defeated by you! If they arrogantly gloat when they win & are disrespectful about it when they end up “defeating” you, then that makes them even more hypocritical! Sometimes, idiots think that they’re winners when they’re actually losers, failing to realize what they missed out on!

Gary Ray, a former friend of my principal character Derek Cyannus Jr., was a hypocritical, over-competitive, arrogant, sore loser. His constant misbehavior cost him Derek’s friendship!

Now you may want to ask me this question: “Would people describe you as a loner?”

I sure count as a loner because I spend most of my time alone. I play video games alone, I draw cartoons alone, there are a lot of things that I do alone. However, I would rather be lonely than with someone who makes me unhappy. My circle of friends is small since I was an unpopular schoolboy. At least some people I met in school liked me a little, but I lost touch with most of them…
Still, bad company is worse than no company at all. If I met better company in my school days, maybe I would have a wider circle of friends. But in elementary school especially, I met all sorts of annoying idiots who drove me crazy! They didn’t make me happy at all!
And so, I became a loner as a result; besides, I decided that being an extrovert just doesn’t suit me. That’s for popular, more attractive people! I am what you can call an introvert. Introverts spend most of their time alone, while extroverts spend most of their time with others.

I think that in school, I tended to have more enemies than friends because for some stupid reasons, plenty of classmates & teachers I had just didn’t really like me…for who I was most importantly! (In fact, they hindered me from achieving my goals; that made them my enemies!)

It’s certainly easy to make new enemies: just offend someone intentionally or not & that’s it, you have a new enemy! Any nitwit can make a new enemy; making a new friend is a bit more challenging. You may want to be the other person’s friend, but if he/she DOES NOT want to be yours, then it won’t work out.

(According to my theory, it’s slightly easier to make new enemies than new friends!)

My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr. jokes about the ignorance of his villainous enemy George Peanut-Brain the Number Hater! Ignorance is how idiots make enemies!

Even after making new friends, you might lose touch with them eventually as time goes on…

I was an unpopular schoolboy because during most of my childhood, all those jerks I met in elementary school weren’t thinking: “Derek needs some friends”, they were thinking: “Derek is a so-and-so!” They spent more time picking on me than focusing on being educated & that spoils the purpose of school! Often when I showed my intelligence & knowledge in elementary school, some pea-brain refused to appreciate it & just targeted me! (School bullies usually hunt the smart ones!)

Is it okay not to have friends? Well, it depends…

Some things are just beyond our control, like unpopularity. You can’t control whether other people like you or not, or whether they like what you do or not. Although, people should remember that being a friend does not make you a miracle worker.

Burger Meat Food, my vice principal character, is relatively unpopular in my main cartoon world! Sometimes, I felt this unpopular in school! Goldilocks’ purpose in this cartoon is to simmer down the gun violence in the 2nd panel, because gun violence is considered totally extreme!

Also, as time goes on, things change & people lose touch. It’s very polite to say goodbye before you leave people, because the future doesn’t guarantee when you’ll see & meet them again, if you see & meet them again. Chances are, because of how huge the world is, that you most likely will never meet them again. But unhappiness is worse than loneliness; spend time with people who make you happy & during time you spend alone, focus on a career & chase success!

Alice Pleasance Liddell, the Alice of “Alice in Wonderland”, decides to stop chasing her friend Mr. White Rabbit & chase success instead for more happiness!

Finally, if you try to regain touch with old friends, but you’re not successful about it, don’t blame yourself. People do outgrow each other for some reason or another. On the other hand, some people will be your friends for the rest of your life! Also, be considerate of others’ feelings. That’s the best you can do to make relationships last.

P.S.: If there’s anything I learned from Facebook is that you can’t keep in touch with everyone you meet forever. Plus, the planet’s way too big for an international game of hide-&-seek; no mortal has time for such a long, hapless journey. By pure luck, you find old acquaintances only to find out that they didn’t like you as much as you thought. They may even forget you & all the wonderful times they spent with you in the past & not welcome you back.

Don’t let unfriendly people waste your life away with their hide-&-seek bullcrap! Focus on a career; that will guarantee you more happiness!
Make new friends, but keep as many of the old ones as you can.

There must be good reasons why sexuality works the way it does for each gender. If the 2 genders cooperated more, there would be more romance & a species could reproduce sufficiently. Extinct species, such as giant dinosaurs & dodo birds, possibly became extinct because their species did not reproduce sufficiently enough. You can look it up for yourself why these animals became extinct; this essay is about how sexism prevents romance.

Below are some important words to consider in this subject:

  • Heterosexual – attracted to one’s opposite gender

  • Homosexual – attracted to one’s own gender

  • Misandry – hatred of men

  • Misogyny – hatred of women

  • Gynocentrism – favoritism of women over men

  • Androcentrism – favoritism of men over women

Perhaps there’s androcentrism in specific environments, but I noticed, as a male, that society usually tends to be more gynocentric! Gynocentrism has caused a lot of inconveniences for men… And in a way, it causes inconvenience for women, too, but some brainwashed women haven’t figured that out yet! They’ve been brainwashed by an ideology of gynocentrism, which has made them somewhat unromantic to the male gender! And without a sense of romance, long-term relationships end or never happen. However, there are unromantic men, too; these are the kind of men that are more likely to objectify women. Yet, some women always feel objectified by men, no matter what the men do! Maybe that’s why some people decide to become trans-sexual, but there’s a surgical procedure to go thru because the human body is NOT designed to just swap between the 2 genders so easily!

Click here to see a special animation at my cartoon Website starring the Connecto Sapiens, an alien species in which its members can switch genders by using a special potion & striped members can switch genders without the potion! (P.S.: You’ll need Flash software on your computer to view it.)

Gynocentrism in our society has allowed women to become very narcissistic & suffer from princess syndrome! Narcissistic women want to look pretty, but they don’t want male attention; they want a boyfriend, but they don’t want him to be a “nerd”; they want to be married, but they don’t want to be wives; you can’t have it both ways in all 3 of these cases, ladies. If you make yourselves look pretty with noticeable sexual displays, then expect men to notice you. After you get a nice potential boyfriend, you must accept him for who he is or he won’t be your boyfriend anymore. And being a loyal wife is part of being married.

Sexism itself is the reason why some people, especially smart ones, do not bother dating!

Dating is hard for men because heterosexuality doesn’t work the same way with women as it does with men. Usually, the women are the attractors & the men are the attracted. A woman can attract a man with her appearance; she can enhance her femininity with cosmetics, cute accessories & sexy clothing, making her even more attractive. Now a man may be attracted to her, but she may not be attracted to him!

Men are naturally programmed to respond sexually to the visual, to the sight of female human flesh. But they can’t sexually attract women to them that easily because women’s heterosexuality just doesn’t work that way. It takes much more than just a man’s appearance to sexually arouse a woman. But if women’s heterosexuality did work the same way, maybe dating would be easier for both genders!


Notice how my female characters are dressed & doing sexy actions with their body parts. These images are alluring because of what my characters do, which gender they’re in & how male heterosexuality just naturally works. Below is the sequel of this comic strip.


Sexiness sells! This job that my female characters are doing is called modeling. Hopefully, more of you women have better understanding of this now! You can click either comic for a better view.

In dating, women can play the passive role, while men usually have to play the active role. Each role has pros & cons:

In the passive dating role:

  • You can attract potential mates. (Pro)
  • You aren’t expected to approach others. (Pro)
  • You might get “catcalled” or sexually harassed. (Con)
  • You have to do more rejecting. (Con)
  • You can wear sexy clothing & cosmetics…without much negative criticism. (Pro)
  • You don’t have to feel the shame of rejection. (Pro)
  • You have no risk of being accused of sexual harassment. (Pro)

In the active dating role:

  • You can ask women out if you want to. (Pro)
  • You have to risk being rejected. (Con)
  • You have to feel the shame of rejection. (Con)
  • You usually don’t get “catcalled” or sexually harassed. (Pro)
  • You can’t attract potential mates. (Con)
  • You can’t wear sexy clothing or cosmetics…without much negative criticism. (Con)
  • You could get accused of sexual harassment if a woman thinks you’re creepy. (Con)

Notice that the passive dating role has more pros than the active dating role. In dating, when men ask women out, the women can choose whether to date the men or not. So usually, the men have to be the choices while the women get to be the choosers!

It’s better to be the chooser than the choice because if you’re the chooser, then you have more choices to choose from! Otherwise, if you’re the choice, then you have to wait to be chosen; so you have less control…or no control at all! So apparently, women have the advantage over men in the dating market!

My source of reference for the listed information above is from 2 videos I seen about sexuality & gender differences. They’re hyperlinked just below:

Street Harassment = Benefits of Being a Privileged Hot Girl (10 Hours of Walking in NYC As a Woman) – from Red Pill Philosophy [This video no longer exists on the Internet, but I got to see it before it was deleted. (I knew YouTube would delete that guy’s account!)]

Men and the Power of the Visual – from PragerU

When it comes to searching for romance, there are 2 “pills” you can take:

If you take the blue pill, then you’ll have to deal with the consequences of the risks that come with looking for a date-mate.

If you take the red pill, then you go your own way, realize that loneliness isn’t so bad & avoid the sexist nonsense that makes dating dangerous!

I’m sure that women have some problems & dangers to face in the dating world, too, (considering rape & intentional sexual harassment) but generalized gynocentrism in society is what makes it even more dangerous for men! And then there’s hatred of either gender! After a lot of bad experiences with people of their opposite gender, some people start hating their opposite gender in general! And that’s not good for our species in the long run, if you think about it.

The infamous Elliot Rodger went on a misogynistic shooting rampage because he kept getting rejected by every woman he met & couldn’t handle his loneliness anymore, according to a video the gunman posted before he committed suicide in the end. Maybe he would have finally gotten a devoted girlfriend if he met a very nice girl & learned from his dating mistakes. On the other hand, if he was so mean & disrespectful to them in the 1st place, then he’s the one at fault. And there’s no excuse for his extremely violent rampage!


Pictured here are the Meters of Sexism(or Hatred of a Gender) Check out the terms for the rating levels! Avoid those who rate up to the higher, more dangerous levels of misandry or misogyny. You can click on these 2 images for a better view.

Plenty of people seem think that the female gender is more important than the male gender since it’s the females that give birth! Males can at least help the females give birth, which makes the male gender important, too; but why do people keep forgetting that? There are even people who hate their own gender!

Below is a cartoon of one of my characters – Burger Meat Food – telling his friend Derek Cyannus Jr. how he defeated his imaginary enemy – Mr. Chivalry:


Have you noticed how Mr. Chivalry hated his own gender? He even tried to convince Burger that he is expendable just because he’s male! You can click on this comic for a better view if you’re having trouble reading some of the word balloons.

What if it was vice versa which gender gives birth? In fact, did you know that it’s the male seahorse that gives birth instead of the female? I don’t think seahorses treat their female members like disposable beings just because of that!

Returning to the paragraph before the previous cartoon, I hate NEITHER gender because both of them are necessary & important in reproduction! It’s just the way biological nature works! Plenty of people make dating mistakes that frustrate them a whole lot! Then, if they’re crazy enough, they might just go on violent rampages because they’re so tired of being so lonely without someone else to date! Maybe there are rather good reasons why someone gets rejected… Furthermore, maybe it’s for the better because some people are just mentally incompatible with each other; they just think too differently & have opposite opinions that prevent them from being good companions! Searching for romance is a risk & these are the kinds of situations you have to go thru sometimes just to be sexually active.

Sexual activity is very risky & dangerous perhaps most of the time; hence, God’s 7th commandment!

What are my views on dating? Well, it is seemingly pointless…most of the time. I don’t make myself available for dating; besides, I’m an introvert because being an extrovert doesn’t suit me! Extroversion is for popular, more attractive people.

I’m decisively sexually inactive. There are several reasons why:

  • Love triangles sting!
  • Hypocritical women dress up themselves to look attractive to men, then when they DO attract a man successfully, they complain about it, which gets the man in trouble!
  • Some females are too business-like with the male sex! You date ’em & give ’em a ride in your car, then they repay you with misandristic bullcrap! Dating is for pleasure, not business!
  • There are deadly double standards against men when they have female opponents.
  • It’s usually more difficult for men to attract women to them than vice versa.
  • Since gay marriage has been legalized, your opponent in a love triangle might be in your opposite sex!
  • “The female of the species is deadlier than the male”, according to that old saying.
  • According to the rules, you can only have 1 mate at a time, otherwise, you’re “cheating”.
  • Bad company is worse than no company at all. It’s better to be alone than with someone who makes you unhappy.

{Smart guys don’t want to waste their time with stupid mind games of boy-bashing bullcrap!}

Also, male heterosexuality works in a funny but natural way; unfortunately however, girls often find guys’ sexual attraction to them annoying instead of complimenting! You could be polite & completely harmless about it…and still, girls will dislike you! Understandably, a girl will get angry if a guy uses the wrong approach on her, but seriously, don’t hate your opposite gender & assume that all guys just want to sexually objectify girls. (A gentleman would never just take away a lady’s free will.)

Long-term relationships require cooperation from both partners. And average girls commonly make the mistake of being lazy & expecting their potential boyfriends to do ALL THE WORK in the relationship! Then their boyfriends have a reason to dump them! Also, having a friend of the other gender doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re “cheating”; as long as you aren’t having an affair, your date mate shouldn’t be jealous… Yet plenty of people get jealous anyway because they see a potential threat to the relationship!

Unromantic mindsets are a BIG turnoff especially for smart guys like me! It can make a guy feel bad about his sexuality when a girl gives him an attitude of insecurity! I know sexuality works differently for each gender, but punishing someone for harmlessness is injustice!


Since his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend didn’t work out, Buck Hastee goes on a dating strike. Observe what his sign says.

Men & women think differently. What a woman thinks is offensive, a man may not think is so offensive. And because of that fact, dating & relationships with those of your opposite gender can sometimes be even more frustrating! However, please don’t be hate-filled towards your opposite gender or even your own birth gender. Some people are homosexual probably because they enjoy their own gender more than their opposite gender, although they may not necessarily resent their opposite gender! (They may be born that way or not) But heterosexuality is heterosexuality; and if a man is at least harmless about it, then women shouldn’t punish him for it.

And finally, about specific statements describing people of either gender(in this case, women), is the statement “some women are gold diggers” misogynistic? No, it’s not misogynistic at all. The statement is describing some women, not all women as gold diggers. Insulting statements that have the word “all” in them are obviously hateful because they generalize every member of the mentioned group, although at least 1 member could be different from the others somehow.

The more romance there is, the fewer disputes there will be between people of opposite genders.


Here are 2 striped connecto sapiens who swapped genders before Burger’s eyes, as they tell him that both genders are equally great!


These images are from the epic comic strip of my cartoon series entitled: “Inversion of the Sexes 2: Gender Bender Mender Galaxy”.

Here’s an interesting question to answer:

“What would you do if you had more than 1 life to live?”

Do you have an answer for it? Well I have an answer for my own question!

If I had more than 1 life to live, I would surely feel more confident about facing danger because after dying once, I could come back from the dead if I had another life left! Depending on how many extra lives I have left, if I had a large number of lives left, then I would take more deadly risks because I would have a lot of backup extra lives to use! If I had a small number of lives left, then I would be more careful about taking deadly risks. And of course, if I had only 1 single life left, then I wouldn’t take any chances with danger. I would try to get what I need to have more extra lives first before facing more danger. (Like those green “1up mushrooms” from the Universe of Super Mario(TM) or a bottle of “mortonium” from my cartoon series: “Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond”)


Archy Ant is holding a bottle of mortonium in this image. This special liquid gives my characters extra lives. It takes a quarter of a liter to revive a common character.

Having more than 1 life to live shall be called multi-mortality. Since we don’t have that superpower in reality, we must be extremely careful about danger, whether it’s from nature or violently crazy people(human or non-human). Unfortunately, no person is multi-mortal or immortal(which means they can’t be killed so they can live forever), so we must protect these only lives we have because once they’re broken, they can’t be fixed to ever work again! Life may sometimes feel like a video game, but it’s not!

In fact, an early fraction of my life can relate to my subject:

For me, standing up against my bullies was like going to war…I felt like I was in a violent video game! I was usually the lonely main character of the video game I imagined myself in, where I had to fight for my life against monsters! (I considered my bullies the video game monsters) Now in video games, if your character gets caught by the monsters, your character loses a life; video game characters have what you can call multi-mortality(Having more than 1 life to live), but in reality, people get only 1 life to live, just 1 single life for each person.


They were called Game Boys(tm) by the way! This image is used on 1 of my greeting cards, which you can find at my cartoon Website. Look for the greeting cards in the Extra Section: “More Stuff” hyperlink on the Index Page.

Some of my bullies had the nerve to threaten my life over bullcrap & that’s why I felt like I was in a violent video game! Because of that, I wished that I had more than 1 life to live. Now 1 life is enough to make your dreams come true, but it’s not enough when you happen to get murdered!(Not to mention that danger itself naturally exists…) 1 of my bullies who used to be a friend actually said this to me: “I always wanted a friend who plays video games, not one who wants to BE in video games!” I think it would be great to have more than 1 life to live so that if any of my bullies killed me, then I would have an extra life as backup & another chance to pursue my dream goals! Unfortunately, reality is NOT that flexible; multi-mortality is a fantasy, my favorite fantasy!


T.V. Man’s screen in the 1st panel shows that same video-game-themed image with Derek C. Jr. in color!(Instead of just many shades of green) The blonde fairy Sabrina Pixie mentions those hand-held devices known as Game Boys(tm).

Why did these school bullies of mine threaten my life or bullied me in the 1st place? Because of all sorts of bullcrap! Bullcrap, in which mortality itself didn’t even have to be brought into! My disputes with my bullies weren’t so serious that mortality or death had to be brought into the situation! But the bullies made it that serious; and because of how overly aggressive they were, I had to defend myself!

By the way, bullies HATE smart people, the kind of people who can be counted on to solve tough problems & puzzles most of all! (Without geniuses, how would we have all of this convenient technology today?) Furthermore, intelligence itself is NOT really appreciated in schools!

Students should be made to realize that schools DON’T teach intelligence exactly, but rather obedience. If you’re very clever, smart & knowledgeable…and you show it in school, your teachers & classmates WON’T care, unless they’re truly your friends. By the way, true brilliance can’t be taught in a classroom…

Usually in school, teachers teach you how to be obedient instead of how to be intelligent!

• This is teaching obedience: “Don’t do this; don’t do that; if you do this or that, then you’ll be punished!”

• This is teaching intelligence: “You have a very good idea! That will solve the problem! Water douses fire, so you should use water to put out the flame on your shirt!”

See the differences?

You know you’re intelligent when you can think for yourself & use your knowledge to get important tasks done! But unfortunately, most of the people you will meet in school will be narrow-minded, genius-hating nitwits! In other words, idiots outnumber geniuses. Plus, they won’t care how many facts you know; they won’t even appreciate it, no matter how much you learn. (Bullies are unreasonable!) Beware, because often whenever I showed my intelligence in school, especially elementary school, some jerk(s) lambasted me for it! For example, it’s like when a brute punishes or attacks someone just for saying a fact like “1 + 3 = 4”! Being bad at math is NO excuse for hurting someone else who is good at math!

Before I return to the topic about multi-mortality, teachers/staff members don’t always punish the right person. If they think you’re the troublemaker & you look guilty to them somehow, then prepare to be unfairly punished; but hopefully, your innocence will be proven eventually. If fair trails were given in schools, then fewer innocent students would be unfairly punished… Or better yet, NONE at all!

Both intelligence & obedience should be taught in school, but nowadays, they’re focusing more on obedience! In order for people to be really educated & think for themselves, intelligence needs to be taught more! (Although obedience is necessary in right-from-wrong) And the knowledge that they get from the lessons should be put to good, time-worthy, constructive use; besides, what good is knowledge if you don’t get to use it?

Since plenty of my school bullies had the nerve to threaten my life over bullcrap, I have an imperative sentence for them: “Join the Army!” (Or the Navy, or the Air Force, or any other branch of the Military!) because apparently, these specific school bullies of mine have the right kind of mentality to be soldiers! Then if they get drafted & have to go to war, then they’ll have lots of enemies to kill; and legally during wartime, a soldier can kill an enemy soldier! However, soldiers do that to serve their home countries, to fight for the freedom of civilians; or contrary-wise, they could be on the wrong side…

Anyway, that’s how bullies turn schools into war zones: By mortifying their innocent targets!

Returning to multi-mortality, speaking of soldiers, if they each had some extra lives before getting killed at least once, they could come back from the dead to try conquering an obstacle or an enemy again. But if the enemies had extra lives, too, they could do the same thing! When 1 army runs out of extra lives, the enemy of that army would officially win the war.


Lady Fingersandtoes is right: It is more fun to play a video game than to fight for survival in a video game, despite how many lives you have. She’s the character playing the video game on T.V. Man’s screen. Candy Stripes(the blonde) observes how her video game clone appears & makes a comment about it. The difference between reality vs. video games is that when people die in reality, there are no extra lives for the exact same people! But video games give the characters in them several chances to survive a challenge! (1 chance for each extra life) You can click on this image for a better view.

But the most important fact to remember about mortality is that death itself picks no favorites. The Grim Reaper doesn’t have a favorite person; he favors nobody! Even if multi-mortality was real, once you run out of extra lives, you’ll stay dead most likely forever. (GAME OVER!) But like I typed at the end of the 2nd paragraph, life itself ISN’T really a game! Sometimes, it’s a challenge; okay, maybe often, it’s challenging but it’s also a gift to us from God. It’s the Devil that creates all the drama from evil; in fact, the Devil is the main source of evil! (Have you noticed that the word “evil” is part of the word “devil”? Delete the D & you’ll see it!) If it weren’t for the existence of evil, life would be paradise. But since evil exists, we must find ways to deal with it; although, people don’t always get what they deserve. With evil came death. Fortunately though, our loving God always has a backup plan for when things don’t work out for humankind! Besides, as the creator of the universe, He cares about His creation!

In the meantime, until people can live forever in eternal paradise, just remember to take care of yourself & protect your only life. Do defend yourself against aggressors. Don’t let yourself get murdered. Also, whenever possible, avoid hazards that you might face in any of your trips. However though, if you were multi-mortal & had a few extra backup lives, you would have less to lose; but with only 1 single life, you have much more to lose…TOO MUCH MORE!


Grover Ravel AKA Groundman wanted Smokey the Genie to undo his wish of immortality because he was tired of feeling “itchy footsteps”. Unfortunately, Grover’s wish to cancel the previous one couldn’t be granted. Smokey turned Grover into a ground-like being with specific weaknesses, just in case Grover uses his wish of immortality for personal gain. Perhaps there are some reasons why death itself just can’t & doesn’t choose favorites… If you were immortal but miserable, that would be worse than being dead!


Finally, readers, to end this essay, remember this old proverb: “Don’t take life or death too seriously”