Power is the ability to do something. Behavior is how a person acts towards others. Which do you think is scarier? Think about that question for a little bit while you read this essay & I’ll tell you which one is actually worse…

Ever heard this proverb: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”? Sometimes, when people get great powers, they abuse those powers & become tyrants. Tyrants are the worst kind of enemies to have because they have some authority over you! As their slaves, you often have no choice but to obey their commands, no matter how much they oppress you. What a miserable way to live!

We should be careful who we give great powers to! Powerful things, like weapons, shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. When bad guys possess weapons, they use them to hurt/kill innocent people! Then, it might take a good guy with a powerful-enough weapon to stop the bad guys! That is why we need cops. Sure, there are some rotten apples in police forces, but cops get punished for breaking the law, too, eventually!

Bad cops get fired. Presidents & monarchs get impeached for breaking the law. Rulers aren’t above the law either! Besides, great powers must be used responsibly. Rules are there for the good of the people. Rules should make sense, too.

Speaking of presidents, we also have to be careful what we vote for. (And who we elect as the president!) The night before Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, I had a dream that people went to vote blindfolded! I’m sure that dream had a very important message & moral! Below, you can see a comic I drew related to this subject:

The 1st 44 Presidents of the United States are all men. It’s a coincidence that none of them are female; however, at least Hillary Clinton got a chance to run for U.S. President, right? Therefore, it’s NOT a “men only” club! That makes it fair, but for some hidden reason, she lost at the last possible moment. She won the popular votes, but Donald Trump won the electoral votes; the electoral votes have more quality than the popular votes & quality beats quantity!

But according to probability, I know this: If both choosable candidates were female, then getting a 1st female president would be certain. With only 1 of the 2 choices female, it was a 50% possibility. Usually in the past, neither choice for the next U.S. President was female, so getting a female president was improbable!

Anyway however, there’s more to being the president(of any specific country) than just your gender. You must have some savvy about the political issues, too, more importantly. We need more energetic, trailblazing women in this world. If women got more involved in politics, maybe the U.S. would have at least 7 female presidents already! (And surely, the U.S. will get at least 1 female president if women keep trying…) I’m telling you, ladies, it pays to do your part in time-worthy activities. Finally, some advice for the next woman or women who run for the U.S. Presidency: Don’t make the same mistakes that Hillary Clinton made!

People who spitefully take advantage of innocent people who are weaker than they are are called bullies. Just because someone is more powerful doesn’t mean that he/she has to lambaste anyone weaker! Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t always mean that you should do it. Think about the consequences of your actions 1st before you do them. That’s how you use your powers responsibly. Using your powers responsibly is NOT weakness! Bullies using their powers to do reckless actions to their victims is NOT strength!

How do you show bullies that you’re not weak?

You can try showing them how powerful you are, as a warning, instead of actually attacking them. 1 thing I know about bullies is that they’re afraid of someone being more powerful than they are; however, they hypocritically abuse their power against innocent people that they are more powerful than! There is already someone who is more powerful than the bullies; in fact, this someone is the most powerful being in the universe since He created it: God Jehovah!

God has infinite power; He’s omnipotent. Omnipotence is reserved for God; His 1st 2 commandments say so. By the way, you REALLY DON’T want to mess with infinite power!

Understandably, bullies have a reason to fear someone being more powerful than they are, but behavior is worse than power. Let me explain why: Although someone is more powerful than you, if that powerful person/being loves you, then he/she will use that power to take care of you; on the other hand, if that powerful person/being hates you, then he/she could & probably would use that power to destroy you! (Nobody wants to be destroyed, right?)

In conclusion, good people, at least, normally fear God because He’s the most powerful & therefore has the most control over everything. But fortunately, God is a loving, forgiving god; He knows & always knew that we humans make terrible mistakes. Evil people, however, are too proud to admit that they were wrong in the 1st place; such pride can lead to damnation! Whether you believe in Him or not, He will still take care of you if you’re generally good!

Not only should we not bully weaker people, but we must also have some respect for stronger people! Always have some respect for people who are stronger than you, too. According to this cartoon, size itself is also a power(in some situations). The mustached cockroach interrupted the conversation between the Lipstick Sisters & her aunt Isabelle. So Isabelle stomped on him for being so disrespectful!
Notice how Derek Cyannus Jr., Dr. John Von Foolish & Brain wear graduate hats!

Humans are supposed to be the smartest species on Earth, yet there are still human idiots, people who act like problem-solving is that simple! It’s NOT! There are consequences to actions that you do. The one who does an action has to pay for it if it wasn’t a NICE action.

Stupidity is dangerous! Even geniuses suffer from the stupidity of idiots!

As Brain says in the image above, stupid people are actually meaner than smart people because stupid people can be very inconsiderate about other people! Their feelings, their property, their conditions, etc. are almost never considered by stupid people! A smart person would think twice before doing an action that could affect somebody else, especially in a negative way. Even a king, queen, prince or princess can’t do whatever he/she wants; like I printed in another one of my WordPress essays, even rulers themselves must obey the rules. Being royal doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. (I also printed that 2nd statement in the same essay! There’s a hyperlink to it just below:)

As a genius, how do you know that someone else is stupid? Well here are 8 yes-or-no questions to answer, considering another person’s intelligence or lack of intelligence:

  1. Does the person care if what he/she is doing is wrong?
  2. Does the person feel any remorse if he/she hurts another innocent person?
  3. Does the person think that problem-solving is that simple?
  4. Does the person want to obey the law?
  5. Does the person ignore your advice, no matter how important it is?
  6. Does the person always reject your extraordinary ideas?
  7. Does the person willingly break any of God’s 10 Commandments?
  8. Is the person willing to learn?

If the answer to Questions 1, 2, 4 & 8 is NO & the answer to Questions 3, 5, 6 & 7 is YES, then the other person is an idiot! On the other hand, there are also people of average intelligence levels… However, even average-thinkers know right-from-wrong! And I’m sure at least some of them are remorseful. Also, a smart person may not always do smart things, but that’s just part of being imperfect: making mistakes. Fortunately, you can learn from mistakes.

Another stupid thing that idiots do is make assumptions! Like for example, they assume that a simple-minded solution will solve a complicated problem! No, you have to think harder than that to solve a more complex problem. Besides, if you consider math, miscalculations will never give you the correct answer to a math problem. So never assume; it makes an “ass” out of “u” & “me”!

Goldilocks is right. Always remember the word pictured in this image! Why? Because manners matter & respect matters!

In conclusion, it pays to learn; in fact, learning is part of life. You need to learn to live longer. If children don’t learn that poison kills people who consume it, then the children themselves might consume poison & then die an untimely death. No loving parents want that to happen to their children! Anyway, don’t be an idiot; that’s the main message of this essay.

An ignoramus is a type of idiot who refuses to learn or accept advice from others, especially geniuses. That makes the idiot even stupider! And by “Stay in school”, my principal character means: “Keep learning”!

My main motto about ignorance is: “Those who don’t listen to advice will feel pain”

(It’s about how idiots usually have to learn the hard way!)

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic started, I was looking forward to the nice Springtime weather during late February & early March of 2020, when I seen a news report saying that this novel virus that originated in China was certainly on its way to the United States. It was already too late to stop it from coming since returning travelers got infected. As they returned to their home countries, the coronavirus started spreading over to those countries, infecting other people, until it caused this global pandemic. Before we knew it, the entire world got into this panicked condition! Because of the great threat to the public health, the governments of the world went into complete lockdown! The U.S.A. no longer felt like the land of liberty!

I capitalized the pronoun her because I’m referring to the Statue of Liberty. Liberty is another word for freedom, but during the pandemic of the year 2020, businesses all over the U.S. were forced to shut down their stores, restaurants & so on; however, only grocery stores remained open so people could get food & other important supplies for their homes. Americans had to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which created such a great big kerfuffle!

We didn’t have the world in this panicked condition with Ebola; maybe because somebody did something correctly to stop Ebola from spreading out of control worldwide! But with this newly discovered disease – Covid-19 – the world is in a panicked state! I believe that this whole event could have been prevented somehow to save everyone in the world from all this trouble; but since it happened, now we have to do all this ridiculous stuff just to stop the spread of this novel virus, like social distancing & wearing masks in public places! At the beginning of the pandemic, before the vaccines were in the market, the governments of the world told everyone to stay home to save more lives. However, if you had to leave home for some essential reason, then that was a problem…

Before the vaccines were available, people weren’t even allowed to visit their family members or friends either! The coronavirus was like a bond destroyer in that case & bond destruction is 1 of the worst kinds of evil!

The sextuplets in the 2nd panel are standing exactly 2 yards apart, the minimum required distance in social distancing. But the sextuplets in the 1st panel are not standing the exact same distance apart due to Triangle #1. A right isosceles triangle always has a hypotenuse that has the length equal to the square root of 2 multiplied by the length of each of the 2 equal sides! Also notice that the sextuplets are wearing masks!

So how did the world get into this panicked state & the coronavirus caught almost every innocent person off-guard? It started back in November or December of 2019, when the Communist Party of China hired these scientists to engineer a virus from bats. The communists fibbed about this secret virus of theirs. They even threatened the citizens of China to not tell the truth to the rest of the world, otherwise they would be disappeared & killed! Eventually, this virus that the scientists engineered got outside the lab in Wuhan, China after infecting someone who was inside the lab; the infected person must have went outside the lab, then another person must have got infected as the coronavirus spread to a next person, and then a next one, and then a next one after that!

So, the truth was revealed. Plus, the Chinese Communist Party considers the U.S.A. as the enemy. Those evil communists decided to be deceptive instead of simply telling the truth. They sold out the entire human species to a virus; that’s inexcusable! It was part of their evil plan to usurp America’s rightfully-owned power to make their country China the most powerful! When people usurp & covet the things that you own, bad things happen! Because of the crap that the communists did, just about everyone in the world has suffered from it. Not only has the coronavirus killed millions of people worldwide, but it has also tortured the survivors since the governments of the world demanded people to stay home, social distance & wear these ninja masks to stop its spread. Everyday life became abnormal. At least the vaccines are in the market now, so that we have a fighting chance against Covid-19.

I made Maryanne’s mask transparent so you can see her mouth & know that she’s smiling!

Before the coronavirus pandemic happened, it was: “No shirt, no shoes, no service!”, but now it’s: “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service!” Notice how masks were added.

The American government has been using its rightfully-owned power to lead the world to prosperity. Since that power got usurped away, the world fell into social suffering. Now if you go to specific public places, they’ll deny you service if you’re not wearing a mask! Also, people stopped shaking hands. No more handshakes! Handshakes were a type of respectful body language that suggests trust & newly formed companionship. Now because of the coronavirus, that’s not recommended anymore!

Since the coronavirus pandemic happened, people don’t shake each other’s hands anymore because germs could spread from 1 person’s hand to the other! But maybe they’ll shake hands again after the pandemic ends…
The 2 characters pictured are Sally Brittany Martin of the Photonese Martins & Burger Meat Food. These 2 used to be enemies.

Since the coronavirus pandemic happened, going mask-less in public has apparently become indecent self-exposure! You might as well be complaining about having to wear clothes! (Well, that’s what a nudist would do!) Until we finally reach herd immunity, even the vaccinated will still have to wear these masks for protection in public. I liked it when these masks were just a ninja style; but having to wear one because of a stupid virus? THAT I DON’T LIKE!

Ever since this pandemic began, everyday felt like Halloween to me! It was like a Halloween time loop with people wearing these ninja masks all the time in public! All that’s missing is the trick-or-treating! A holiday coming once a year was enough if you ask me, but this pandemic takes the whole cake! It continued thru 2021 since some people hesitated to get vaccinated; furthermore, people are still hesitating to get vaccinated, which is slowing down our progress to reaching herd immunity. When herd immunity is reached, then the coronavirus will be contained since enough people will be immunized from the disease that it causes. The virus will still exist, but it will lose its fatality once we reach herd immunity. According to the scientists, the population must be at least 70% fully vaccinated for us to reach herd immunity.

I looked up the causes of extinction somewhere on the Internet & according to the list, diseases CAN cause a species to go extinct! In fact, some amphibian species went extinct because of specific diseases! Those amphibians failed to reach herd immunity before it was too late!

Finally, to conclude my commentary about this tragic event known as the Coronavirus Pandemic, what were the communists thinking, unleashing this secret virus of theirs upon humankind? The coronavirus would kill the communists, too, just like any other human! If these evil communists ever get arrested & the jury finds them guilty, then I wouldn’t blame the judge for giving them the death penalty! Viruses don’t care about human issues; they just infect people & cause deadly diseases! If the communists at least told the truth but the coronavirus still spreads out of control anyway, then at least they wouldn’t be at fault for telling the truth in the 1st place.

I’m telling you, these intergovernmental disputes need to end once & for all if you want to live in world peace. We can’t have world peace if these intergovernmental disputes keep happening! Furthermore, if these disputes between governments of different countries keep happening, then innocent people will have keep worrying about terrorist attacks, all because some terrorist group wants to attack some country to get some kind of historical revenge! (Remember the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001? Well this event is worse than that & you don’t even have to board an airliner to be a victim!) In war, innocent people often get hurt or killed! Also, living in a pandemic is NOT equal to living in world peace! (You’re practically at war with a virus during a pandemic!)



On Thursday, May 12th, 2022, the coronavirus killed at least 1 million Americans; that’s a megadeath! Surely, it has caused several megadeaths worldwide. (The prefix “mega-” means “million”, in case you didn’t know.) If we want everyday life to completely return back to normal, then we need to cooperate as humans to defeat this horrible virus once & for all!

A cartoonist like me can find humor in any situation, even rather grim ones; you just have to look deep down into them!

When listeners laugh about the words that you say about any situation, that’s comedy! If you print text in a cartoon that makes readers laugh, that’s also comedy! It’s not so difficult to be humorous; just say or print something witty about a situation & as long as the joke makes some sense, it’ll make listeners or readers laugh! (Hopefully… Not everyone has a very good sense of humor…) Being educated about things mentioned in a joke can help you understand the joke so that you can laugh about it. Otherwise, without the education, you won’t get it. Anyway, there are several types of gags in funny shows such as cartoons & sitcoms that put humor into the characters’ situation(s) that can make the audience laugh!

Here are some examples of gag types & their descriptions:

  • Size Relation – When something or someone(like 1 or some of the characters) is barely able to fit into something else like a room but takes up most of the space inside!
  • Overstatement/Understatement – When a quality or quantity is relatively great or lousy but still good or bad enough to make an effective impact in the character(s)’ situation! (For example: Having many or few objects & the speaking character makes a comment about the quantity.)
  • Unknown or Unseen Element – When a specific character or group of characters doesn’t/don’t know an important but useful fact about his/her/their situation! This type of gag can either be visual or verbal.
  • Slapstick – This type of gag tends to be physical! It’s usually the kind of violence that is somehow humorous to the audience!
  • Irony – According to the dictionary, an irony is the expression of a word’s or phrase’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite! (For example: A vegetarian eats some animal cookies, but everyone knows that vegetarians won’t eat meat from real animals!)
  • Pun(s) – This type of gag is playful with words! Either the words rhyme with commonly used phrases or word connections; better yet, they could be longer word connections or funny words that the character(s) made up to rhyme with commonly used phrases! (For example: Square root beer, Boot beer, Square boot, Toss-word puzzle, Crossword muzzle, Kick or treat, Trick or feet!)
  • Turnover – When a routine is suddenly reversed or when things switch roles!
  • Sassiness – This type of gag is when a character makes a witty remark about any specific situation; in other words, the character uses words in a clever way & what the words mean or tell the readers/listeners is part of the humor! (For example: “I used my scissors to make a shortcut to the goal!”, “No food allowed on the bus unless it’s already inside your stomach!”, “Instead of hating geniuses, why don’t more people just think like them?”, “I know that I don’t know how long I’ll live!”)

Below are 3 chosen pocket joke cartoons that have at least 1 type of gag from the list above. Can you find the humor in my cartoons below? Good luck & I hope you enjoy them!

This pocket joke cartoon has the pun gag that was mentioned in the list!
Burger finally understood the old Chicken-Crossing-A-Road Joke after Derek C. Jr. explained it to him!
Normally, people grab things with their hands but Lady Fingersandtoes grabbed a pizza slice with her feet! (Notice how she grips it between her toes!) You know why you should always wash your hands before eating food, don’t you? However, people wash their feet, too, when they shower at least; Lady Fingersandtoes used her feet like hands & her hands like feet! This type of gag is a turnover!

P.S.: Humor can minimize the depression from rather grim situations & that’s how it helps you enjoy yourself! But seriously, know the difference between tragedy & comedy. That way, other people won’t think that you’re insensitive about their feelings or emotions.

P.P.S: Here are a few tips to help you become a better comedian:

  1. Know Your Audience: If you make up jokes that might seem offensive to a specific group of people, then you shouldn’t tell those jokes to people who belong in that specific group. People can & quite often do take things too seriously if they find them insulting, especially if the insulting thing is about them.
  2. Keep Your Jokes Fresh & Original To Show Your Creativity: Unfortunately, as jokes get old, they lose their punch. People eventually get tired of hearing the same jokes over & over; besides, repetition tends to bore people! If you repeat a gag for some reason in your comedic stories, represent the gag in a fresh, new way so your audience will laugh about it again! But if it’s represented in an old, tedious way, then your audience will start to get tired of it & not find it so funny anymore.
  3. Never Ever Renounce Your Sense of Humor for Any Reason!: Even though not everyone will like your jokes, that doesn’t mean that you should give up your sense of humor. And if you give up your sense of humor, then you won’t enjoy yourself & ultimately fail to enjoy your life overall. You don’t want that! Referring back to the 1st tip however, always remember to be considerate about the feelings of anybody in your positive audience. Your oppositional audience may boycott you, but if you mistreat anybody in your positive audience, then he/she/they could become part of your oppositional audience; those are the ones who are against you & apparently hate your jokes! Never forget that mistreating your friends will turn them into your enemies!

Any color can have a special effect in any image. It depends on which one you use. Do you want to know which color tends to make images much more attracting & attention-grabbing?

It’s Yellow!

Yellow things are likely to get a lot more attention by viewers in images! Orange, Peach & Amber are a close 2nd place. Pink, a tint of Red is just below them. But out of all colors, Red is the one that hits the eye 1st; it’s the danger-alert color. Yet, Yellow is still the most attention-grabbing color. It’s the most noticeable!

Note: Some tones of Pink are actually tints of Magenta. Magenta is a purplish, reddish color; this text is in that color.

Out of all 5 of these ladies, which one grabs your attention the most according to color? Their 1st names from left-to-right respectfully are: Sabrina, Penny, Lady(Yes, that’s actually her 1st name!), Michelle & Chantelle. How about their lipstick marks scattered all over the picture? Which marks do you notice the most according to color?

It’s no wonder that blondes seem to get lots of attention because their hair is yellowish in color! A blonde can get even more attention by wearing yellow clothes to match! However, specific colors might not look right on specific things. Apples, for example, come in these colors: Red, Green, Yellow or Pink; but not Purple. If an apple happens to be purple, then maybe you shouldn’t & wouldn’t want to eat it! Somebody must have put purple paint on it!

As you know, paint is that special liquid that’s used to change the color of something, in Art especially. Colors help represent moods & themes in a picture. Warm colors represent heat or energy while cool colors represent cold or calmness. Warm colors tend to grab more attention than cool colors. I already mentioned the warm colors in the previous 2 paragraphs. Blue, Green, Purple, Indigo, Violet, & Grayish-Brown are examples of cool colors.

I decided to show cartoon images of mine with only female characters in this essay since femininity is more ostentatious than masculinity. Warm colors tend to look more feminine while cool colors tend to look more masculine. However, there are also colors that tend to be more temperature-neutral, like Regular Brown; Golden Brown is a rather warm color.

Which of these sextuplets grabs your attention the most? I bet it’s Princess; she’s the one wearing yellow! The one in red is Annie, the one in purple is Queenie, the one in teal is Scarlet, the one in pink is Quinn & the one in black is Quella.

Specific colors are more attractive on specific things; however, the color yellow mayn’t look so attractive on teeth! Yellow teeth tend to make grins look disgusting! Teeth look better in White. Although, golden teeth will make a grin look shinier; at least 1 gold tooth is enough. Gold is a shade of Yellow, too. That color (Gold) even has a metal named after it! (Golden versions of warm colors are attention-grabbing as well!) If there’s a color that can make Yellow less attention-grabbing, it’s White; because bright yellow text would be very difficult to notice on a white background. Look just below to see I mean:

Did you notice the text printed right here?

How about here?

The yellow text is more difficult to see due to the white background on this page behind it. But the purple text is more noticeable & easier to see. So you got to be careful about which color combinations you pick, especially if you want something in your pictures to be more noticeable, like text.

Which color combinations would suit your image the best, you ask? Well it depends on whatever you’re drawing!

Complementary colors make excellent color combinations, especially when your characters are opponents! You can tell right away that several characters are in which of opposing teams if they wear colors that complement each other! Each team’s color complements the other! How do you find complementary colors? Well, it has to do with the color wheel or color sphere if you think in 3 dimensions. Complementary colors are 180 degrees away from each other in the wheel or sphere. By the way, the 3 dimensions of color are Hue, Brightness & Saturation.

  • Hue: The most obvious difference between colors! To give you an idea of hue, red, yellow, blue, green & so on are all different hues. Differences in hue are measured in degrees. (Or radians if you consider the formula for circumference)
  • Brightness: How bright a color is; Black is the color of minimum brightness & white is the color of maximum brightness.
  • Saturation: How grayish a color is; Gray is the color of minimum saturation. When a hue is not grayish at all, it’s at its maximum saturation level. Also, black, white & gray don’t count as hues.

P.S.: There’s perhaps an extra 4th dimension called Transparency or Opacity, which is about whether you can see thru an object or not; however, something such as a drinking glass or a window can technically be colorless! A transparent object can still have a color so that everything you see behind it looks purplish. (To mention a specific color)

Furthermore, there are 2 coloring systems: the Projective System & the Reflective System.

RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue”; that’s the projective coloring system. This coloring system is based on light & the colors of lights. HSV stands for “Hue, Saturation, Value”. HSV is used to measure the hue angle of a color, saturation (or amount of grayness) & brightness (or value, in respect of the chosen word).
For example, the hue angle of Magenta is 300 degrees. (Red is the color chosen to be 0 degrees.) Gray is always 0% saturation. White is the maximum amount of brightness & Black is the minimum. Pictured below is a color wheel.

This color wheel focuses on the projective system. Cyan(Greenish Blue) complements Red since the hue angle of Cyan is 180 degrees. Consider going clockwise when you go from Red to Yellow. Outside the circle are White, Black & the many shades or tints of Gray since they’re not hues.

CMYK stands for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK”; that’s the reflective coloring system. (K is used to represent Black instead of B to prevent confusion with B for Blue.) This coloring system is based on pigments, such as paints or inks, the colors they are & what colors you get when you mix 2 paints or inks of different colors. In the RGB system, [red + blue = magenta], but in the CMYK system, [red + blue = purple or violet].

The image on the right is the negative of the one on the left because every color’s projective complement appears in place to the original image. (For example, Black substitutes White & Dark Blue substitutes Yellow in the negative.) The characters pictured are Lady Fingersandtoes & Maryanne Maidenson. If you own a MAC, then you can use this keyboard code to invert the colors on your screen! Watch how the colors switch back-&-forth! The code is Control-Option-Command-8 pressed at the same time!

Finally, what is the most common color that humans see?

I think it’s Brown. Brown is a very common color because it’s easy to make brown paint! Most of the time, when you mix 2 paints of different colors, you’re likely to get Brown! (Unless you’re considering the 3 basic colors of paint: Red, Yellow & Blue. CMYK actually focuses more on inks.) You can mix any 2 of the secondary colors of paint to get Brown! Believe me, I did the experiment one night. You can see the photograph on my Quora account.

You know that the secondary colors of paint are Green(Blue + Yellow), Orange(Yellow + Red) & Purple(Red + Blue). However:

Green + Orange = Brown
• Orange + Purple = Brown
• Purple + Green = Brown

When I mixed any 2 of the 3 paints of those secondary colors, Brown was the same resulting color every time! I didn’t think of mixing all 3 together but I’m sure that mixing them all would certainly give you Black! Depending on how much you mix complementary colors, you’ll get Brown most of the time, but if you mix them equally, you should get Neutral Gray. Mixing a bunch of colors of paint will give you Black, which will eat any of the hues up! You would have to add enough white paint to counterbalance the black to the color Gray.

Maybe Gray is the least noticeable color because it’s so neutral. Images in grayscale(black & white) tend to be less attention-grabbing; plus, kids don’t enjoy seeing cartoons as much in grayscale. But at least some pictures don’t look too bad in grayscale. However, a colorful picture is likely to be more attractive & attention-grabbing!

Alice Pleasance Liddell, Goldilocks & Patience Muffet talk about how to attract more viewers to these cartoons of mine! Which of the 3 ladies grabs your attention the most according to their hair colors or the colors of their clothes?
Here’s a grayscale copy of the image above! Do you find the 3 ladies equally attractive or attention-grabbing without the hues or is the same one still your favorite to look at?

When you create images, you want them to be pleasing to look at. However, since everyone’s a critic, there will still be some viewers who won’t find your art so pleasing to look at; but you can’t please EVERY viewer!

Some people have good eyes for Art, some don’t. Sometimes, somebody mayn’t like how something(or somebody else) looks! In other words, the appearance bothers the person when he/she looks at it. Maybe its appearance is just too gross for that viewer to handle. On the other hand, another viewer may think it’s cute! (An old proverb says: “Beauty is how you see it.”) Anyway, as a successful & experienced artist, you should know what common people find cute(pleasing to look at) or gross(displeasing to look at). The cuter your drawing style, the greater the amount of viewers that you’re likely to please. But also, the stories of your artwork need to make enough sense to be understandable.

If you study things related to Art, like color, lines, shapes, texture & so on, then you can figure out how to make your art more attractive & attention-grabbing! I’ll discuss how color will help you with that in my next WordPress essay: “Color-Mania”! When lines are drawn in the correct places, they form shapes. When shapes combine correctly, they form a texture. Texture, perhaps, determines an image’s neatness overall! If the texture is too grotesque, then the image could look overworked. An overworked appearance can spoil some of the beauty of your images, so be careful with texture! Grotesqueness is the extreme point of grossness & that’ll surely repel potential viewers, which could make your art less popular; so tilt your images more towards cuteness!

Dr. John Von Foolish introduces his invention – the Beautificloud – to the citizens of Insectville. These images are recycled panels from an epic comic strip of my cartoon series. The episode is entitled: “Miss Muffet’s Moral Confusion”.
The dragonflies just used the Beautificloud!
The Beautificloud beautified the dragonflies so Miss Patience Muffet could look at them without sore eyes!

Is the saying “no one is ugly” really true?

Well I don’t believe in ugliness, but I do believe that appearance can repel someone who senses it somehow. Notice how I used the word “senses”. Something can only bother someone who senses it somehow.

Usually, the word “ugly” means that something’s appearance is so repulsive-looking that even blind people or inanimate objects are repelled from it, but that makes no sense to me! (Blind people literally cannot see; that goes double for inanimate objects since they’re non-living things.) Forces can also either repel or attract something or someone. I prefer to use the term “repulsive” instead of “ugly”; “gross”, “disgusting” or “nasty” are more accurate adjectives in my opinion, too, since all 3 kind of mean the same thing, as in when the danger of dirtiness or diseases is visually present.

I mayn’t be blind, but yeah, I want whatever I see to be pleasing to look at! Don’t you?

The opposite of “ugly” or “repulsive” is “pretty”, “cute”, “attractive” or in artistic consideration, “beautiful”. Visual attraction is what beauty is all about. Also, here’s my addition formula about Art: Gross + Cute = Sexy!

Speaking of sexiness, that’s what can make an image very entertaining to see! Cuteness attracts, but grossness repels; however, if you balance grossness & cuteness out, then you get the medium range, which is sexiness! A femme fatale wears sexy clothing, accessories & cosmetics to attract potential boyfriends. Or she could be wearing it just to make herself feel good! Either way, sexiness sells!

Is there such thing as being too cute?

Well, extremely cute things would get more attention. They would practically mesmerize any viewer that sees them! Their appearance would just be much more attention-grabbing because they look so attractive. The word “pretty” can also mean: “more noticeable or charming”. Prettiness is visually charming indeed!

It’s still worth it to make yourself pleasing to look at, but sometimes, you don’t want too much attention or to give someone else too much attention. Just be careful about remarks or behavior related to appearance. It offends people when they’re called “ugly” or even if they’re called “pretty” sometimes! (Some guys got accused of sexual harassment just for calling specific girls in their workplaces “pretty”!) But they’ll definitely be offended if they’re called “ugly”; that’s the more negative term!

Of course artists get upset when some mean critic calls their art “ugly”, because that word means it’s not pleasing to look at or repulsive! That’s what makes the remark upsetting! The artist works hard to create a masterpiece of art. So when the artist’s work is called “ugly”, it’s like saying that he/she is not a good artist; that makes it an insult! Besides, the artist wants his/her art to attract potential viewers. The attraction & amusement of the viewers makes the artwork worthwhile! Conclusively, that makes the time & energy spent on the artwork meaningful.

Remember: “Ugly” is like a curse word in Art!

Kids, do you love to play? Well it turns out that playing is actually 1 of life’s 4 main activities, according to my cartoon just below! Playing is more important than you think! Playing games is good for you! In fact, sport games keep you active & allow you to exercise. Exercise is good for you, too! Body, mind & spirit can all be exercised in game-play.

All 4 of these activities must be done everyday in your life to keep you healthy & happy. In the “Working” Panel, Burger lifts up a 1-ton anvil (He has super strength!); in the “Learning” Panel, you can see a bunch of math formulae & facts about numbers, with Brain hovering around them; in the “Playing” Panel, Derek C. Jr. watches as Patience plays with a joker card, shaking it with her prehensile foot (She just finished a game of Poker Solitaire with her feet!); and finally in the “Consumption” Panel, Sabrina eats a piece of apple pie & Tina eats a piece of orange chicken.

When you play games with other people, always remember to be sporty. Seriously, sportsmanship is that important, as the title of this essay says. I explain why below:

Sportsmanship is playing games with others so that they can enjoy playing with you. A person who spoils the fun of the game somehow is either called a spoilsport or a killjoy. If the person breaks the rules of the game, then he/she becomes a cheater.

I once played with a woman who suddenly became a spoilsport/killjoy, causing me to outgrow her since she spoiled the fun of our final game together. She was too business-like, even for our past relationship. I won’t print her name, but she made such a big fuss about having to use her feet! Oh, and since she broke the game’s rules, that also makes her a cheater! Since she cheated, she lost the game by default. If I was her, I would just enjoy playing with my feet & behave myself, besides, it was just a silly game that she took too seriously!

But imagine this if you will:

What if all of the athletes of a soccer game just stood still on the field? When you watch soccer tournaments of the World Cup on T.V., you never hear any of the athletes say: “You know what? I refuse to kick the ball!” You never see that in a professional soccer game of the World Cup! Unlike someone I could mention, professional soccer players simply just use their feet to play the game, to run after the soccer ball, kick it or even lift it up with their feet whenever necessary! Besides, if all of the athletes just stood still on the field & refused to kick the ball, then it wouldn’t be much of a game; there would be no action to see, then the people of the audience would get bored & start booing because they paid good money to see a professional soccer game! If the athletes don’t play, then the audience gets ripped off!

Just another cartoon of mine showing the difference between footballs & soccer balls, as well as their respective sport games.

Being sporty allows your playmates to enjoy playing with you! It keeps them happy & happiness is that necessary to have! Extreme unhappiness can actually be deadly! In fact, extreme unhappiness is complete misery & that has actually made some people suicidal!

In conclusion, it’s never fun to play with spoilsports/killjoys or cheaters. If you don’t like a game, then you don’t like it; but if you already agreed to play it with someone, just keep your word & after the game is over, you don’t have to play it ever again if you dislike it for some reason. Finally, according to some of the previous paragraphs, sportsmanship is that important!

The title of this essay asks an excellent question! However, we may never know the exact number of lives that our planet Earth(or any other Earth-like planet) can support due to organisms being mortal. But do consider the question below & my answer to it:

Is the world overpopulated?

No, I do not think that the world is overpopulated. In fact, if it was, then the entire surface area of the planet would have collapsed by now under everybody’s weight! Besides, if we ever find another planet that can support life, then some people can move there to prevent this planet from getting overloaded; and I’m sure that the universe itself is infinite in size!

(Here’s a fact I just remembered about the universe: It gradually increases in size; it is larger today than it was yesterday!)

Everyday, at least 1 death happens somewhere in the world for some reason. But also, at least 1 birth happens each day to prevent world underpopulation. So tell murderers not to pull B.S. saying “the world’s overpopulated”! Birth & death can & do counterbalance each other! To describe it mathematically, xy + y = x, no matter what the 2 values are!

I disagree with anyone who says that the world is overpopulated, because x + y – y = x; x could be equal to the number of currently living people in the world; +y = the number of births & -y = the number of deaths. (You mathematicians know how addition & subtraction work with positive numbers.) Like I printed in the previous paragraph, birth & death counterbalance each other; plus, they both happen everyday! Most importantly, God said: “Do not murder”, so murder is wrong! Exclamation point!

My principal character Derek Cyannus Jr.(the blue one) told his former friend Al to shut up, because Al apparently thinks that murder should be legalized to prevent world overpopulation; however, murder is NOT the solution to that! It would just cause a lot more misery.

A planet’s density should also be considered. The higher the density, the stronger the surface. I seen tiny marbles that are strong enough to handle the weight of people who are at least 100 times bigger & heavier than the marbles! The planet could be dense enough to handle the weight of a whole googol of people per square megameter! (10^100 or 10 duotrigintillion over 1 million (10^6) meters! That’s a ratio of 10^94 or 10 trigintillion!) I’m not saying that it is, but it could be! (Maybe a googol is an overstatement…)

At the opposite extreme, if the world was underpopulated, then it would be an even lonelier place! The world is lonely enough with all of the violence, distrust & crimes! Furthermore, more babies would have to be born to repopulate the Earth! Sure, people would have much more breathing space, but with fewer people around, that also means fewer friends! (On the upside, it would also mean fewer enemies, but people mayn’t stay your enemies forever…) Also, when a species goes extinct, it has a dramatic impact on the world somehow!

In reference to Star Trek(TM), a planet that can support life is called a Type-M planet. The number of lives that gas planets, like Saturn & Jupiter, can support is zero(0)! Such planets have poisonous, dangerous atmospheres that are too hostile for supporting life, unlike Earth.

In conclusion, the number of living organisms in the world, non-humans included, should be just fine. Besides, species come in different sizes & weights. As long as the planet’s surface can handle the weight of every organism living on it & species keep reproducing sufficiently, then the world should neither be overpopulated nor underpopulated.

If you want to see exactly how many people are living in the world right now, click here: www.worldometers.info/world-population/

P.S.: The next alien world we find somewhere in space might not be a planet at all; in fact, it could also be a moon! There are moons out there that can support life, too! Scientists have determined that some of Jupiter’s & Saturn’s moons could possibly be places to live!

Scroll thru these 10 frame-by-frame images of my Silly Snake cartoon character. Can you guess what he is doing? He’s rotating like a tire!

Silly Snake rotates 40 degrees per panel since he finishes making 1 full rotation(360 degrees) in the 10th/final panel. Because 360 ÷ 9 = 40. (You must subtract 1 from 10 because in the 1st panel, Silly Snake has rotated 0 degrees so far!)

Somebody I stopped following on Quora told people that complex numbers don’t rotate. Correction: Anything can rotate, including numbers!

Rotation is a curvy motion. It technically happens everywhere all the time! Even the planet Earth itself is rotating; it rotates 15 degrees each hour, bringing everything on its surface with it. Why do you think we have day & night? The entire solar system is rotating, too; the planets revolve around the Sun & even spin on their own axes. (Spinning counts as rotation, too! So does revolution!) As an artist & a mathematician, I always knew that images can rotate. Image-wise, you can rotate anything you examine by changing your point of view, even if the rotation is not physical! Being on the planet Earth, you may not feel like you’re rotating & it mayn’t seem like your house is rotating, but actually, the planet’s forces are rotating you & your house along with it!

It was kind of unimaginative for that guy to conclude that complex numbers don’t rotate. (I won’t use his name publicly!) Who says that complex numbers can’t rotate? If complex numbers don’t or can’t rotate, then what do you call THIS?:

All complex numbers have angles in respect to the origin. (The origin is the point marked (0,0) or 0 + 0i) Each complex number is a specific point on the complex plane. The angle of a complex number is measured by starting to the right of the origin on the real number line. Positive angles go counter-clockwise & negative angles go clockwise.

When you multiply or divide complex numbers, you’ll either change the magnitude(also known as absolute value) or the angle of your reference point. As long as you changed the angle, you rotated something; angle change is rotation! For example, if you multiply the complex number 1 + i by i, then you get -1 + i. The angle of 1 + i is 45º; The angle of -1 + i is 135º; since you multiplied by i, you rotated your reference point 90º counter-clockwise! (Division rotates clockwise; multiplication rotates counter-clockwise) Any complex number in the unit circle causes a rotation without changing the magnitude!

Pictured below is a graph of 12 complex numbers; these are the same 12 that are tagged in the animation above. (Although, only the names of 3 are printed in it.) Points in the same color have the exact same magnitude, but their angles are different in respect to the origin:

Even the calculations themselves count as rotation because you technically change the number(s) of degrees(or radians) of an angle or several angles!

45º + 30º = 75º

You can also multiply an angle by a number of your choice to change the angle! For example:

45° × 5 = 225°

If you convert to radians:

π/4 r × 5 = 5π/4 r

Initially, the angle was 45 degrees, but if you add 30 degrees to it, then it becomes 75 degrees. You changed the angle & like I typed just now, angle change is rotation! Finally, 1 last thing as I conclude this essay: If the number of degrees(or radians) of an angle is positive, then the rotation is counter-clockwise; if the number of degrees(or radians) is negative, then the rotation is clockwise. Mathematicians just decided that it should normally be that way, although you could switch that around if you want to!

If you have seen enough religious stuff, then you should be very familiar with the 10 Commandments. However, some verses in the Holy Bible aren’t meant to be taken too literally… There’s 1 specific verse that says that if your eyes cause you to sin(or do something bad), then poke them out; but you won’t just go ahead & poke your eyes out immediately, would you? Then you would be blind! Obviously! But that specific verse means that it’s better to be in Heaven with an incomplete body than in Hell with a complete body! (Heaven is eternal paradise; Hell is eternal misery) But surely, God can repair your body parts for you while you’re in Heaven, right?

Anyway, here are the 10 Commandments in easy-to-understand English:

Dr. John Von Foolish wearing his “Do Not Murder”
  1. Put God 1st in everything you do
  2. No false gods (Also known as idols)
  3. Don’t misuse God’s name (Be positive & respectful, not negative or disrespectful)
  4. Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy (Take vacations whenever necessary; even God Himself says that vacations are important!)
  5. Honor your parents (This commandment specifically mentions your parents, but it also means that all members of a family should respect each other)
  6. Don’t murder
  7. Don’t commit adultery (You’re allowed to have only 1 spouse at a time)
  8. Don’t steal
  9. Don’t fib; in other words, tell the truth
  10. Don’t covet (When others own neat things that you don’t own, don’t let that be a source of your bad feelings or seek to take what they have without their permission)

Considering these 10 commandments, 2 or more of them can be combined into other moral commands. For example:

  • #6 & #8 can be combined to say: “Don’t destroy your neighbor’s property”
  • #1 & #4 can be combined to say: “You always need to know what time it is & today’s date; don’t forget that” (Sometimes, #2 can be included in this sum!)
  • #7 & #8 can be combined to say: “Don’t kidnap people; specifically, their spouses”
  • #1 & #2 are very related to each other! Together, they mean: “Don’t create or worship false gods”
  • #6 & #7 can be combined to say: “Don’t rape”
  • #5, #7 & #8 can all be combined to say: “Don’t kidnap people; specifically, their children or their parents” (Children are more likely to be kidnapped by crooks however!)
  • #3 & #10 can be combined to say: “Don’t tease people with your property”
  • The last 5 together (#6, #7, #8, #9 & #10) are all about how you treat other people
Maryanne Maidenson, the White Rabbit’s maid, reminds her supervisor that the current date in this cartoon is a Saturday while she was mopping his kitchen!
God Himself invented weekends so we could have a day to rest from work. Saturday is called the Sabbath in the Christian Religion since it’s the 7th & final day of the week. God created the world in 6 days & rested on the 7th, which is why we have 7 days in a week.
Where does Sunday fit into this? Why do we rest on Sundays, too? Well, some other religions believe that Sunday is the Sabbath. The arguments about Saturday or Sunday being the Sabbath led to both days of the week being weekly holidays! So it’s actually like we get 2 Sabbaths per week! But who’s complaining?

Are we allowed to pick a favorite commandment? Well, even if you pick a favorite, you still have to obey all 10!

I decided that my favorite commandment is #3: Don’t misuse God’s name. It’s my favorite because names are technically words, which have some power & meaning. It does matter how use someone else’s name. (Especially God’s) The way you use a word (especially a vulgar one) can & will get you criticized by whoever is in your audience.

When I was in middle school, this music-hating jerk excessively called out my name without respect, over every petty, little action I did around him! (Whether the action was important or just for fun) Even during free-time, he whined out my name about whatever I did! It was extremely disruptive & very annoying because when somebody calls out your name for you to hear, you can’t ignore it; you can’t ignore your own name; you must respond to the caller somehow!

I used grawlixes to censor Zoe Badloose’s foul mouth when she misused God’s name, because even as the cartoonist, I wanted to make sure that I don’t print(and therefore use) God’s name in vain. Grawlixes are the name of those random symbols that are used to censor vulgar language & cursing in comic strips. Derek points his finger at God’s name in the 2nd panel, plus it’s in bold letters. Misusing God’s name coincides with cursing, by the way. You can click on this image for a better view.

I filed a complaint about it but the staff of the school ignored my complaint. Now that I think about it, my complaint really shouldn’t have been ignored because something had to be done about that jerk’s constant whining & misuse of my name. In fact, he was stupid enough to commit disorderly conduct! Maybe he’s in jail right now for committing that crime in a theater somewhere. If my complaint wasn’t ignored, then I could have got an opportunity to warn my whiny foe about the consequences of committing disorderly conduct & find a consensus to solve his problem, then maybe he would stop whining about everything I do! (My complaint was about his misbehavior, too. Not just about him using my name!)

What if that music-hating jerk misused God’s name instead of mine? Then it could bring great misfortune to the entire school! That’s what happens when God’s name is misused: great misfortune! The Titanic sank because its builders said that God couldn’t sink it, so He proved them wrong! They dared Him, the almighty creator of the universe, to sink their ship, so guess what happened. It’s questionable that the ship hitting the iceberg caused the tragedy, but still, the builders shouldn’t have mocked God; that cursed the ship!

Seriously, respect matters & that’s what God’s 3rd commandment is all about: respect!

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” – Exodus 20:7

Don’t you think it was rude of Zoe Badloose to mock God like that in my cartoon? After she got magically zapped, the principal of the school that she worked in fired her for practicing witchcraft on school grounds!

When people sin or commit crimes, it somehow turns people into miserable slaves. And God hates slavery! Furthermore, evil brings nothing but trouble, even to the troublemakers! Believe me, I know that for sure because quite often when I got too revengeful in elementary school & retaliated against my school bullies, I was punished, too, for offending them! My elementary school teachers thought that I was a troublemaker, when actually, I was just a lonely schoolboy who was defending myself! Almost no person would help me with my bullies at the time, so I had to rely on supernatural help. God is supernatural. I prayed for His help & He helped me!

What if God gave an 11th commandment, what would it be?

I think God would say, as His 11th commandment: “You may rephrase the previous 10 commandments in your own words, but your words must coincide with mine.”

Or maybe all 10 of the commandments can be combined to form an 11th compound commandment, that says: “Communicate carefully & morally with people who receive your messages.” (And you’re always communicating, whether you know it or not!) But anyway, that’s just my theory. In conclusion, God’s 10 commandments tell you what you must do to be a morally good person.

The villainess of this cartoon – Shirley Locks – lied about killing her own husband; she thought that she could fool the lie detector but to her surprise, it worked after all! After her confession, the heroes of the cartoon brought her to justice. Dottie Doll even suggested that they send her to the planet Misandristica since Shirley was so misandristic! You can click on this image for a better view.